FOTOGRAFÍA DRONE – Ottawa Confederation Line (EAST) – Light Rail Transit

Aerial images filmed with a DJI Phantom three Superior. The Confederation Line is a light-weight rail transit (LRT) line beneath building in Ottawa, Ontario, Canadá.

The Confederation Line is a transportation system worthy of one of many world’s main capital cities. El 12.5 kilometre line from Blair Station to Tunney’s Pasture features a 2.5 kilometre tunnel by way of the downtown core, 13 stations, a Upkeep and Storage Facility and the acquisition of 34 Alstom CITADIS Gentle Rail Automobiles.

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  1. That was spectacular. A video for the history archive. You'll have to fly again in 2020 to compare.

  2. are all the stops going to be in the middle of nowhere or is the town built like that.

  3. Thanks Cap D. I've been waiting for something like this, the Official website is nothing compared to this, granted they have tunnel access. Are you working on another video for the "West" LRT stations?

  4. Thanks for this awesome vid! The view of the old neighbourhood is making me homesick. Born and raised in the east end and can't wait to ride these rails. I've been living in Banff, AB. para 21 years but will making a special trip home in 2018 just so I can experience this.

  5. Fantástico Video. Please come to Toronto and film one along the new Eglinton Cross Town Line.

  6. Impresionante video! Could you make another video of the east side and the west portion of the track? It would be cool to see the changes.

    También: I am a giant fan of your work, keep on doing what you do

  7. Can you make another video of the entire or at least the eastern portion of the line before winter?

  8. you should do another flyby. They are much further along

  9. Great shots of the new line going up! Any plans for an updated video this spring?

  10. I thought Blair station got wrecked so they could do new construction?

  11. Nice to see same when it's completed !

  12. This is fascinating. So much of this construction is underway behind fences, or below ground level. Even on the bus we see little. There is some grumbling now about the projected completion date being later than originally estimated. If people saw how much work is going into this I think there would be more appreciation for the effort that has been involved.

  13. Please do another update of this!

  14. I would love more flybys in 2018

  15. Holy Crap, was an OC driver from 75 til o6, Where did my familiar transitway go, So DifferentLooking forward to hoping on new LRT from one end to the other gr8 nvideo

  16. Should have done this 40 hace años!

  17. Well put video. Please come to Phoenix, AZ and demonstrate how transit should be ran to increase ridership. We're losing ridership from month to month during a extension phase. The public in this county (Maricopa) is not happy with the system.

  18. I was wondering if you are going to make another video in the futre, showing the progress as of April 2019 or later

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