DJI Phantom 4 Professional Plus (P4P+) – Display Brightness

Are you able to see the brand new controller show on the Phantom four Skilled+ in shiny solar mild? Amazingly you possibly can!

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  1. can you do a full review of the screan please

  2. I would love your opinion on this vs the Mavicis it worth the extra $? Gracias!

  3. Difficult to say from the video. Is it really much better than an Iphone – iPad?

  4. i have a p4p plus and i find the screen is still hard to see in direct sunlight. looked everywhere for a brightness dimmer in case it's just on a low setting but no luck. do you know if there is brightness control for the dji display?

  5. It's not bad but don't get the built in screen if ya wanna upload it too 3rd party apps and also there's no bluetooth option and ya can't trasfer photos from the screen to other devices I don't recommend it

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