Bien, so this today we’re doing a review on the dji maverick mini, and this is a lot of fun. It comes with the combo. You can either get just the normal thing or a combo okay, i would recommend getting the combo, because you get the case a nice case and you get an extra battery pack, a battery pack and you get propellant propellers propeller guards, which is a lifesaver by the Way, uh and yeah, so it says all different bits that you can get in here so uh. So first we’ll start on the train, it’s kind of tiny but that’s a good thing, because it weighs 249 grams that’s like a cake yeah. So you don’t need a license for it, so you just undo the front ones. First unclip the backs like this and then basically you’re ready to go to turn it on it’s got a weird place for turning it on you just press this beep and then you hold it and then and it goes there, you go okay, so just get those Pillow guards on there in a minute and then set the controller up, so you have to get this up i’m done like that. So let’s get my phone. So what you have to do is it comes with this little lead. You tuck it in there press it in your phone tuck it in there like that, then you’re done basically, Bien, so you’re probably wondering where are the joysticks okay, the joysticks are under there they’re just in these little holes to protect it and to keep it slim.

Sí, so you just unclip them and screw them in okay. Now these just click on like that, put them in an angle, an angle like that, so that you can point it up at the drone and then same goes with the drone. You just press it there. Te vas bien, now you’re ready to fly, you get the dji fly app and then you you’re ready. Bien, so you’ve got the batteries here. So this is the battery pack charger. Me encanta esta cosa. You can just take out your batteries, increíble, take out any batteries, and then you press there to find how charged they are. You can charge your phone off the batteries now, if you ask me that is well cool, okay and then you charge the batteries just with the leak that it comes with. Viene con. Like three leads, Creo, which is amazing as well. Bien, so we’ve got the pellets spread, pellets you’ve got an extra set of them amazing, and then you have to unclip these okay yeah uh. I just put the propeller guards on um because they take a little while ours is orange, because you’re probably wondering why the hell is it orange? Bien, this is orange because we lost it once in the woods and it was. It was really bad. So this time we put some one or some cover on it. Básicamente, y se ve muy, Qué bien, okay and thenand we put it on the controllerand i like thisthat you can put one then we’ve got the number two in there.

As you can see in there, okay now we’ve got uh. You just do get into your phone. You have to download the dji fly app and straight away, that’s on and then it says, go fly so you go fly some stuff out the way. Bien, you ready for this guys and then so you see this, you see this little turning thing. If you see the gimbal will turn up and down it’s going down now up Music Music. Now Music is Music.