CANADA Kills Drone Hobby? New restrictive Laws governing Recreational Drone Hobby

Did the Canadian Authorities simply kill the drone passion for leisure flyers? Restrictions are obligatory, however did the federal government go too far? This video comprises my opinions solely. I might welcome your feedback on this subject. ALSO: Try a video from the US discussing these new Legal guidelines: DRONE VALLEY

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  1. In Spain the law is pretty forgiving, 120 meters max altitude, the basic no night/bad weather, 8km for airports. You shouldnt fly directly on top of people or animals but no specific lateral distance is given, so basically its a common sense thing like no beaches or public gatherings.
    The good thing, the bigger restrictions are for drones over 25kg, thats when you need a license and permissions and so on. So the hobby is pretty alive in Spain! That is, until some douche hurts the daughter of some politican and fuckks everything up for everybody.

  2. Canada didn't kill no drone even with the laws I went to Canada and I am a real estate developer and I see bunch of people using aerial footage of all real estate photography real estate commercial photography and anything to do with real estate drone is used everywhere even in there magazine and the advertisement ad doesn't stop people from flying drones


  4. I'm so glad they threw out many of the drone restrictions here in USA

  5. Wondering if you have received a fine or jail time yet for openly admitting that you knowingly break these laws. If yeswhat was the dollar value of the fine? O- term length of your jail time?

  6. Now drone hits plane. you guys better find this guy and turn his ass in so the ministries you serious about rules

  7. The VLOS alone kills all the fun, for all categories. Flying a racer in VLOS is impossible, for bigger drones it becomes boring pretty quickly. And why do they impose specific rules based on the weight (especially for weight under 25Kg)? Why TC does not impose specific rules for cars and SUV's on the road based on their size, weight and engine power? A Nissan Micra does not have the same consequence as a Cadillac Escalade in a crash with another car….

  8. Actually when I fly a drone under 500g it should not be called a drone or an UAV, it should actually be called RC toy!

  9. Heliport in hopital is also considered by the law.

  10. Maybe we should have the man with the red flag walking ahead of cars to warn people that one is coming. Our gov is shit. Canada was ahead of their time with drone laws in the beginning and the US were anal, now it seems to be the other way around.

  11. Highly think the loss of drones, is their worry. Wont be much longer till they're judged by sharia law

  12. I have my pilots licence, if your respecting the 300' max height rule with your drone then 9km from the nearest airport is a joke, if any aircraft is less the 300' within a kilometre of the airport, that aircraft has an serious issue and the last thing that pilot is concerned about is a dronehow about 3km, that's common sense

  13. Well seeing as we're getting the same laws here in the UK soon it's really looking like it's time to move seriously your going to need a licence to fart soon it's a joke

  14. I live in the USA. It's gotten to the point where we can't fly anywhere. We've been labeled as pseudo-terrorists.

  15. What makes drone users think that the exist RC aircraft laws don't apply to them? You even post a nice picture of a sign pointing out that drones are not permitted within 8km of the an airport (CYWH), well DUH.

  16. Over here in the UK they are similarly restrictive, but not quite so bad as Canada. We are allowed 400 ft of altitude AGL and to go 150 ft close to buildings and (regular) people if they are not in a congested area, which is OK, and reasonably sensible (although I am not aware of a single UAV that provides AGL altitude telemetry that isn't measured from the take-off point, so how are we supposed to know ?!). But we have to be just 1 km away from airports, and that's way too close IMO. 3 o 4 KM seems more appropriate there.

    On a local level it's a bit better, and my local town council have given me written permission to fly in several park type locations they govern. Gran, but of course you can't keep making videos of the same thing, so ultimately we are always looking for somewhere new to fly, and usually find ourselves encountering a barrage of opposition or uncertainty whenever we try and fly anywhere remotely interesting

    So the real thing that kills it for us over here is that all the historical sites of interest and most beautiful areas of country are run by organizations that just ban all drones without a second thought, and the rules about congested areas relegate us to mostly empty fields in the middle of nowhere, where it is a real challenge to find interesting things to film. We've got the great scenery, it's just nobody wants to let us film it ! I understand that we needed them badly, and these laws are relatively new and that the message should get out to all people thinking of flying of things, but at the moment, with such restrictive rules, and endless press sensationalism, is it hard not to feel persecuted if you want to do any sort interesting aerial video. It's a great shamelet's hope things improve as the public slowly get used to the idea and perhaps stop viewing every UAV pilot as a potential voyeur / threat to their precious privacy, which a lot of them seem to imagine is sacred even when they are out in public !

  17. De acuerdo, one thing that you missed is the by-laws. Currently there are lots of by-laws in the city restricting drone operations. I fly under SFOC. Filming a private property is simple, but flying over a park and conservation area takes good number of approvals. In southern Ontario most of the conservation areas don't allow recreational flights and you can fly ONLY under SFOC.
    The most ridiculous part of the law is that, drone are more restricted under SFOC exempt than recreational.

  18. Well stated and expressed no misunderstanding about how you feel. I agree with you on everything except the airports. Just geolocation what the government feels should be important. You may disagree but that’s the fun in life we all have our views. Who knows what will happen now in the states with theFAA being given Thor’s Hammer. I absolutely will not EVER put my name and address on my drone. If there’s a fine, well fine just tell me where to send the check, No hay problema. I believe lots of this is going to open a Pandora’s Box for both the pilots and law enforcement. How do you police and enforce these future laws? I really think law enforcers have enough to do already, this is just going to create more chaos for the hobby and police except for Officer Friendly who may have an attitude problem when it comes to drones. Does he or she go to drone adjustment school for retraining?

    I’m just going to stay on my present course and get my Part 107 and be done with it. Gracias capitán abejón.

  19. In Croatia you have to register a drone,bit to me its kind od stupid because every time you go fly you have to let them know when,where and for how long are you gonna fly

  20. SLOVENIAEurope
    briefly.. dont quote me🙂 similarfor hopbbyst, visual line FPV actualy comes with that out of the question. Spotter should be also there, but not so important or not so important rule. as always evrywhere, no fly above people, with distance to people (group of 12 personas) por lo menos 150 m and max distance of flight 500m, only daytime flights. the comercial flights are forbidden, without flight licence. forbiden flights above roads, or or class 3 o 4 objects ( houses, town centres, buildings, y así sucesivamente)
    so brieflyalso quite similar as many places. lucky that we dont have sofar forbidden the all possible natural parksor national parks

  21. I’m from a small town in NJ and there law says you have to be a “person “with a head,at least two not more arms and you must not fly with a baseball cap on backwards!

  22. I just purchased a droneI'm from Grimsby ON. Thanks for answering all the questions about flight I had.

  23. It is very clear our present government of IMBECILES need to be voted out as soon as possible! A DRUNKEN PIG FARMER could probably write more sensible legislation!

  24. I don't know if this is true or not but I had heard that all drone operators have to take an online course and pass a written test to get a permit to fly one in Canada. ¿Es esto cierto?? Also what really gets me riled up is when I get approached by someone walking their dog and they see me flying way up there and they think that I'm watching them. I mean really what kind of camera do they think I have on this drone anyway? These people think I have NASA quality space telescope optics on this thing and that I am able to see them in perfect clarity as though they were standing a meter away from me. I show them on my display screen that from the altitude I'm at they look like small ants on the ground. There is no real detail to see but tying to convince an uneducated ignorant person like this is not possible and some end up calling the police on me because they feel violated even though they are not.

  25. Hey guys can't you see that these rules are just the beginning of much larger restrictions that will be added later. The whole idea is to kill off this hobby to make way for the delivery multi-rotors used by the big companies (Amazon, Google, ect.) because they will have to pay for the air space used (lots of big big money for the government to collect).😍. UK flyer.

  26. @Captain Drone you’re awesome
    And you have common sense. Loved the vid and your style, sigue asi!

  27. The rule makers in Canada sure know how to inflict restriction after epic restriction. Sounds like an awful lot of lawyersnot rc practitioners of any sort.

    No sense to it by placing so many stifling restrictions in a country that is rich with so much aerial photography potential that one can be hard pressed to come to any other conclusion that they've designed this to literally starve off any possibilities towards forward progress whether it be commercially or for recreational enjoyment.

    Things look like they will be loosening up soon down here in the United States in terms of flights conducted over people as well as at night.

    Good luck in getting any of this turned around, Canadá….sounds like you folks are going to need it.

  28. Can we take-off a drone within 10 metres of an Ant ?

  29. I ALSO have my pilots licence i have a 1947 j3 and flying rc planes only for 60 years drone have ruined the hobby

  30. Police state Canada…Muy triste.

  31. These rules and the penalties go way over the top in many instances. How on earth does my flying a small rc heli in my back yard affect the grass strip located halfway to the next town, which just like you said is owned by a farmer who never flies??? These rules are also stopping a generation of youth from entering the hobby in any meaningful way, with the age limitation.
    Marc Garneau seems to know nothing about model aviation.

  32. I think you're way too okay with these laws.

    There's a huge problem with the "spirit of the law" view on things. It's entirely open to interpretation.

    When some killjoy calls the police to say that they saw you filming, and you're breaking the law, You tell the cop that shows up that you're flying safe, and following the spirit of the law, and see what they say.

    También, the people who would follow even the "spirit" of the law, are already the ones who are flying safe. I break several of these rules every time I fly. (There's lots of airports around, probably buildings/people/objects within 30m at times, etcetera) But I fly safely. I'll find an empty park, sports field, school yard, etcetera, and fly relatively low, where I'm not likely to hit anything i could damage. If my spotter tells me that there's someone coming towards the area I'm flying, I'll move away or land if I can do it safely or just cut throttle and drop it into the dirt, if that's what it takes.

    These laws just make the hobby ridiculously inconvenient to do legally, and will accomplish nothing.

    The guy who goes down to the local electronics superstore, and buys a phantom and flies it around somewhere dangerous isn't the type to even look at the laws, let alone trying to comply with them.
    It might help prosecute some of them after there's an incident, but I think in most cases, there's going to be enough other laws to have that well covered.

    If we actually want people to fly safer, we need to make it more accessible for people to learn safely.
    Rather than requiring me to spend a bunch of money at a "Drone school" for training, and another couple hundred bucks to have them do a "flight review" so I can get my "advanced" certificate to be allowed to allow flying near bystanders or objects, there should be piles of clubs to join which will teach me the safety aspects at a reasonable cost, and likely offer a decent place to fly.

    The thing is, most of the other RC flying community is totally willing to throw both FPV and Drones under the bus. I just looked to see if there's any clubs I could join locally. One of their websites says "No more drone memberships allowed for this year", another says "No multi-rotors allowed, except with permission for special events, or members who joined before 2016", another club is specifically gliders.

    Most of the "drone" clubs aren't particularly organized. They're just people who do meetups to fly (technically illegally in most cases).

    Another thing you should keep in mind, is that FPV could easily be seen as illegal, depending on your interpretation of the law. There's stuff about Visual LOS not relying on video feed, etcetera, with no mention of exceptions for spotters, etcetera, nor any clarity on whether it's allowed to just be a dot on the horizon, or whether you need to be able to fly it based on that view. (Is wearing goggles just plain illegal now?)

  33. You are more likely to see naked women at 300 ft

  34. The regulations discussed here are out of date and mainly no longer effective.

  35. The drone exam baked my noodle. Some of the questions are out of this world!! When I finally passed I needed to have a drink :). Encantan tus videos.

  36. A Royal Canadian paid in the ass

  37. holy crap. i just tried to go and do the test. Not only was i not able to login to the website, but when i called the support line, they told me to call a different number. So i did that. And those folk told me to call a different number. SO i did that. It was an answering machine indicating that i leave my phone number so an agent would call me back. 3 hours passed. I received the return call. The agent was barely understandable, kept talking over me. Eventually told me that i had called the wrong place. DIVERSIÓN.

    Watching videos on the matter here on youtube and just generally reading into what's changing it seems to me that it just isn't worth going through the process at all and sell off my collection.
    Quiero decir, most of my drones (i think all but 2..) are toy grade but exceed the weight limit. Especially if i decide to strap a camera (gopro or runcam..)
    Then come to find out i have to pay for the actual test and register all but only one of my drones (MJX B3 mini) which also costs money.

    Como, really waaaaaaaaaaaay too much for the average drone enthusiast. There's barely any airspace i can fly them (luckily i live in the outskirts of my city and just outside the NFZ for the airport and my hospital does not have a helipad..) Sin embargo, for a guy that flies a phantom or spark maybe twice to four times to make a short family video?

    Do i really want to go through ALL that? The answer is a resounding NO.

  38. FYI the literal definition of the law, its illegal to fly your drone ANYWHERE in canada (due to wildlife alone.)

  39. From june 1 I vow to report ANYONE that I even think is violating the new drone rules. First Ill ask for your documents and when you tell me to fuck off Ill call the RCMP, Ill video what you are doing and we will see if we can get you a 3000 dollar fine.

  40. If you fuck with TC you will be crushed. Imagine 40k in legal fees to try to thwart a lawful fine. You will obey. You will bend a knee to Justin Trudeau and his new money grab drone laws. Enjoy registering every single model plane you own at 10 dólares cada

  41. The online exam is much harder then driving knowledge test. A lot of question is not making sense, estúpido

  42. Like everything Canadian, too much red tape!

  43. Just like driving a car. Actually knowing how a "merge" works, and how a traffic circle works, and what the rules are around a four way stopthese thing don't detract from my enjoyment of driving. The Canadian Government did NOT just kill the drone hobby for recreational flyers. What they've done, is remove idiots from the mix. Learn the material, write the exams (you'll probably need to pass the much more difficult "advanced" exam to fly your drone anywhere useful), and then you're good to go. And because you actually have a clue now, you can feel better about what you're doing, and about the public's reaction to it.

  44. In New Zealand our rules are considerably less restrictive. Four kilometers from airports (within 4km if shielded). All centered around safety with strong emphasis on the pilot taking responsibility for his aircraft's position. No out of sight flying allowed. BUT.. If a pilot is fully trained and the appropriate applications are approved, anything will receive considerable by the authorities. Fly where the Kiwi can't. Grant

  45. More idiocracy courtesy of our handicapped liberal government.

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