You have experience with racing one tenth scale, uh short course: camiones. Have you ever raced a one sixth scale? I have not. This will be the first time the super baja ray2 is exactly your type of truck i'm, te lo voy a contar ahora mismo, it's it's, smaller than the fifth scales that are out there, and it is larger than the 10 scales. I know that seems so elementary insane, but i think you're going to have a good time ripping this on 8s. Are you ready? I am ready larry. Este es el controlador. This has the new smart batteries in here and it's. Going to in a moment tell us the battery level when i turn the truck on so turning it on is simply up through the back. Disculpa, Sir: there we go back light on eight times there we go let's see. Do you have any throttle, Sir? You have plenty of throttle. Sí, i thought you'd be forewarned with that here. Why don't you drive it to the tractor. Look at this beautiful track at blackfoot. Up on the driver, stand getting our first look at the losi baja ray 2. The super baja ray 2.. There is a green and yellow one as well: oh nice lawn dart just getting his feelings for the track. It'S been a long time since larry's been driving. Anything like this, especially with the camera on him right out of nowhere lucky enough to have a fellow community member look at that offer to drive the truck.

Oh nice saves it good speed out of the corner all right into the fence. Nice job half throttle that's right now. Everything has been left stock, beautiful wow. Can he still do it? Venga, sí, yeah yeah right down on this side, give you guys some track. Uh viewing yeah electric has taken over the world the power, the torque, simply the speed. These are five milliamp uh batteries, 4s, each so hard soil surface. Look at how much how many divots there are in the soil like this and as it's trying to soak up these as we go around. Let me see with these shocks. Everything is still working 100. Let me soften them up in the back and firm them up in the back in the front okay. So what i just did off camera is give him more sprung suspension in the front and lowered the back, because i noticed that it's kicking up and then lawn darting quite a bit and i think that's because of the back. You ready good luck, nice trying to get some speed going! Oh that's, Mucho mejor! That sailed much better, Bien! Todavía, a little bit nose! Pesado, oh he's, out of sight into the corner. Always a roll problem right in that corner needs to slow down a little bit there, but it's good to see this going straight out and seeing what it performs in the hands of anybody. Mira eso. Oh, i just love when it launches how it how it sounds i'm, going to leave a link to this in the video description box down below.

I know a lot of people ask me: where do i get my stuff look at that that's why they ask from horizon hobby uh for the losi super baja ray 2. Look at this fella, just amazing dialing it in yes, learning that corner dude, watching a race like this. Normally i tell myself shut up you're talking too much, but i love to see the improvements. Mira esto. Venga, sí, that was awesome still off track. Just tons of power with 8x, i am loving the show that he's putting on for us here today. Oh it's, one of my favorite things to watch is that jump right there Applause! Sí, let me know what what you've been driving trucks for a long time. Let the viewer know what would they would expect, because when was the last time, you drove a short course truck uh, probably two three years now, two or three years ago, so it's been a while. So you did absolutely fantastic on the track by the way. For that that much time let the viewer know what they can expect from a vehicle like this just kind of out of the gate, i would definitely say: you'll notice, you'll, feel it in the power, but you'll feel the weight of the vehicle believe it or not. When you're standing up there, you can feel that there's a lot of weight. Yes yeah and your big bricks yeah you got to be on the brakes constantly.

Por lo tanto, Bien, so we know you do have that switch on there. That allows you to change your throttle limit to 50 Para 75, so you could do that right on the controller. If you want to turn down the power now another way was we could have just put two three s's in there right and had 6s. Do you think that would have been better weight ratio? I i think so. It'S just like, He dicho, there's a lot of weight in that vehicle, and so when you're coming into corners, it's pushing it so yeah. We noticed in the corner, and especially if it was like, eaten out or like very bumpy, you could catch and roll quick, but you slowed down in this last corner here, Sí, sí, you had to almost three quarters of the way down. It was starting to go off, though it's about learning the car it's about learning, where you're at and also inertia momentum, all those things that are key right. Exactly thank you larry for driving our super baja 2 today uh and beating the crap out of it until next time. Chicos, thanks for watching rc adventures, see you guys see ya, bye larry did we break anything today? I don't think so.