Este tiene varias adiciones hechas a ella. Quieres hablarnos de esos Jason seguro, so we've got the leg extenders, and these cool lights from polar Pro the leg extenders are to me. I feel like a must, because I've actually had mine flip over twice now with the regular ones. I think what happens is at least what I've appears to have happened is the gimbal will get stuck in a piece of grass and I've noticed when you actually use the fly button to take off instead of using the throttle, it gives it a lot of gas. Really quickly, Muy bien, you probably notice that with yours too, so much to the point where I take off manually now. But what has happened is this thing has gotten stuck in a little bit of grass? You hit the fly button. It tries to take off super fast and it's just flipped over, so how much? How much distance those guess this gives you. It looks like a little bit more than an inch probably than the stock legs. The stock legs just kind of came down. Maybe a few millimeters, and so it makes all the difference in the world plus it looks pretty cool and where did those come from? These came from? I came from the exact place. We'Ll have to find like a lot of people, are offering these now they're just 3d printed. So I actually believe I got these off the eBay and yes we're going for one, but I've seen them offered several places now.

I think even the made for solo store. These and how do you install them slide? They just yeah. They just slide right on it'll, just peel them off and it literally just front of clips over it, que es un poco agradable. The downside is it won't fit in the Starbucks anymore, so you have to find a new way to transport it, but these guys are from polar Pro yeah, actually yeah. You can actually get them it's part of the made for solo program. So when you go to 3 yard store there's a whole specific section for accessories for the solo, so it's pretty nice. Actually it hooks into the accessory bay here and then they're printed in such a way that they just basically clip into the to the legs and that's how they stay. So you don't have to do any soldering or anything soldering. It goes on the accessory babe clips on there. The only thing is like I'llprobably do something to kind of you know put these cables out of the way, maybe tape them down or something to that regard. I have seen some folks that have actually soldered them on to where the ESC s are, but that requires, like I saw a guy, you had to drill a hole in any route of the wires inside there. Claro, I don't want to go to that length. The downside that is, Claro, if you wind up with a different accessory, you know you can only plug in one accessory at a time unless they come out with some sort of splitter or adapter or something, but in the meantime they are pretty nice.

You know even add a light, they're pretty bright, but there's on an overcast day or in the evening yeah it's very bright out today, and you can see those white LEDs and clip and round let's see the Reds makes a huge difference. Gives you a little bit more confidence as far as your orientation, if you're just out flying line of sight, so yeah for 40 Bucks? I think these little extenders were like I mean the 3d printed. I think I probably paid like 12 bucks form or something like that. It wasn't bad at all, nice so and then the last thing on your on your remote, las antenas, Venga, sí, Sí, the Alpha antennas, which these are pretty common. These you see the guys talking a lot about in the forums. They are standards, tierra, Antenas, they're actually designed for like Wi Fi routers, but I can't remember the DB I gained on these it's more than the stock antennas, but these are the ones folks have recommended and it will. En realidad, there was a big press shot of Colin from 3dr in Singapore, I think recently and they did a whole video of a bunch of three solo promo stuff and he had these antennas on and people who are like really, these are super cheap. I think I got them on Amazon for less than 20 bucks and people have been getting anywhere from 3 Para 4000. Some folks have claimed even a remoter have gotten over a mile with these, which generation today to screw right in yeah.

They just contagious. So for that price, what haven't you know, the other things people do is they'll change up the Wi Fi carts themselves or put on the whole. You know amped and kit and all that kind of stuffand you know if you don't, really feel like going throw all that hassle. This is a good cheap way to boost your signal and those are those are Wi. Fi router antennas, it's called alpha a LFA. Alright super cheap way to extend your range a little bit, so you want to take it up in the air yeah yeah. The other thing I did is there's a little GPS mod. They claim. Básicamente, what the deal is. The GPS is located underneath here and you can take that cover simply off and what they claimed. The problem is the GPS. Module itself is sitting on a point where it touches like some metal contacts below it, and supposedly people have been claiming that that affects GPS reception. So what the mod was was to take that assembly off and put a little piece of cardboard under it, which seems weird, but it separates the module itself from touching the metal and copper contacts below that, and I have noticed quite a difference like I turned it On and within a minute, Tuve 13 satellites take longer yeah, Claro, it's a beautiful clear day as well, but I haven't done any actual scientific tests to see what it really does, but people have done it claims.

It seems to help quite a bit and it was a kind of an oversight and how they put it together, so basically just taking your GPS module and separating it from some metal yeah yeah yeah.