I was with you all the time you may not realize you’ll be keeping me all right, so this next part of the video is i’m going to show you what the interface is inside these goggles when you’re flying this drone in normal mode sport mode, sport mode Cruise and acro mode, which is m mode manual mode or holy crap mode. So what i’m going to do is use the dji virtual app, so i’ll show you that flying over this little city and you’ll see how everything works and how i use the controls. Now, if you are a beginner, if you are a beginner, do not do what i have done. I am not a beginner but watch this check out. My joystick see, on my controller, how my left joystick just flops to the bottom or flops to the top or stays wherever i leave it. That is only what you do when you know what you’re doing as a beginner do not do that. Leave your joystick as it comes out of the box. It’Ll sit right in the center. When you get good at flying in n mode or s mode, then, when you get really good at it, then change your joystick. So it falls to the bottom and then try to fly in n mode and s mode again, and when you get really good at that, then you can switch to m mode alright. So here we go alright. So using the sim we’re gon na go into free flight and i’m gon na go over here to enter and we’re gon na use.

This one right here come on. This is the one we want now i’m gon na put it in n mode. Look over on the bottom left, you see, it says m now: it’s gon na switch to end and my camera dropped. I’Ll explain that in a second. I just want to show you what you see on the screen so ignore the stuff at the top that’s. Just for me, as i’m flying the sim, but have a look at the stuff over on the left. This is what you would see in these goggles when truly flying. So you see the letter n that tells you the mode you’re in then you’re, going to see stuff about your height and your distance and your speed. You know the slash s is going to tell you how fast you’re going per second in meters per second, and then you won’t see the controller in front of you like that and then over on the right you’re not going to see any of that in the Goggles, what you’re going to see on the right in the goggles when you fly this for real, is how much battery time you have left and it’s going to be in minutes and seconds, and it will change. You know the more used power it might go up or down and you’ll see your communication. How well the communication is, and as well you’re going to see how much battery power is left in your goggles as well as your drone and that’s it that’s all you’re, going to see on the screen.

It’S that simple! What i’m going to do is i’m going to show you a picture of the drone i’m just going to switch the display there we go so now. We can see the drone as well so now i’m going to pull the two joysticks down and inward, and then the motors will start and then i’m going to use the left joystick see i’m moving. It here, i’m going to crank it up. So i take off because normally your joystick will sit in the center like this, but mine is flopped down like that. So let me just see if i put it in the center i’m, going to bring them in inward and then bring it above center and it takes off there we go. Our drone is going to go up. It has gps everything so it’s, not gon na crash it’s, just gon na go straight up in the air. As long as you don’t touch the joysticks, you can control how high it goes. You see your height is over on the left. All that information to fly forward. You have your right joystick, you see. If i move it all the way forward, we’re flying forward it’s that simple and if i pull it all the way, back i’m flying backwards and to the left i’m flying to the left and to the right i’m flying to the right. So let’s go forward and let’s go check out. The lovely scenery over here now you’re, probably wondering that doesn’t look very fast, i’m going full blast.

This is normal mode. Let me switch and show you a video of me flying this at full speed in normal mode. Watch this right, i want to show you what full speed looks like in normal mode head to the fish there. We go see mr fishy up ahead i’m coming out at full speed and that’s it there. We go that’s as fast as we go and i’ll stop at the fish. In my display you see that h over on the side. That shows me where i took off, so i always know where home is see the h as i’m moving around it just stays in the goggles. As i come around, the h will just keep showing me which direction home is so you can never get lost now as a beginner flying this drone you’re only going to use one joystick at a time. So if you want to go forward push the right joystick forward, if you want to turn, then you can let go of the right joystick and just take the left joystick and push it to the left and you will yaw to the left and then you can Fly forward again pushing the right joystick if you want to do the bin combination, so i have the right joystick forward and say i want to turn a little bit to the left. Just push the left joystick to the left, it’s that simple! If you want to go in and around and through objects, you can you just have to make sure you keep everything very stable and don’t panic.

Just go through objects, it’s very simple! Now quickly, what i’m going to do is i’m going to change the display. So you don’t see the drone anymore and i’m in camera mode. So you see the camera and you have a dial on your controller. You can control the camera to look down and to look back up and you use that when you’re flying forward, you keep it about zero. You will see the little item on the right hand. Side tells you what degree your camera is say. You’Re flying forward. You may wish to follow or track an object as you’re moving so you’re going over this house, and you may wish to track it as you go over like that, so that you’re capturing the footage as you go over and then bring it back up. Nice and slow to make it somewhat cinematic there we go in end mode as well. I cannot flip the drone. I can move the joystick in all these directions. You see next to nothing happens. It’S, just like flying a normal camera drone everything is stable, uh. The only thing you’ll notice is you don’t have a three axis gimbal. So when you turn see how my everything tilts i’m tilting right and left, you get that, because the camera will tilt with the orientation of the drone all right, let me show you the next mode: s mode is just like n mode except much faster, it’s sport Mode, so here we go down to the center and let’s go way up.

There we go. We are going to go much faster and let’s go forward. You can see the drone will move much more quickly and this is not good for beginners, because you will possibly, if you’re, flying too low crash your drone. So you can see we’re already over the city, pretty quick, i’m gon na change. The point of view watch this: there we go now i’m in camera mode and the great thing about sport mode is. You can go quite fast best if you’re a beginner to do like i’m doing right here, i’m flying quite high in the air for your first while so now, i’m, bringing it down all right there we go so how fast this s mode! Well, here watch this video of me flying in s mode check this out. Here we go just going to take it up a bit in case a car tries to run under me, and this will be sport mode we’ll be going over the fish much faster. Okay. Mr fishy ramming speed ramming speed there we go and break so now with s mode. It gets quite difficult to get cinematic in footage. You want to obtain well that’s because you’re moving so quickly that you just can’t catch everything. So what you want to do in s mode, is you probably want to use cruise control? Now? Sport mode comes with cruise control and cruise control you’re going to use it. If you want to film, so you just tap the lower right button once on your screen.

It’S going to say cruise control enabled, as you move the right joystick forward, that is the speed as soon as you let go of the joystick. The speed remains and if you pull the joystick backwards, you’ll slow down, if you push it farther forward, you’ll go faster. The whole idea with cruise control is that you really do not have to operate the speed anymore and you can just play with the camera. So i can move the camera down looking at this building as i’m flying over, and i can move it back up to look over at the tree down there and the mountainside the great thing with cruise control. Is you really don’t even have to use the right? Joystick, you can use the left one, so i can just yaw as i’m flying around and just keep flying everywhere. I wish, and the only thing you have to remember if you’re in cruise control is keep your button on the top left right up here, because watch this i’m coming in to crash into this house. I’Ve lost my orientation press that button once and the drone will just stop. Let me show you a quick example of cruise control. Cruise control is enabled so now, whatever speed, i push this forward at just like in a car it will carry on, and then i can use my camera gimbal here to look at objects up and down to trace them. So i’m gon na go back to mr fishy over here and uh.

Here we go i’m just gon na. Take it up a bit more uh, because i want a better perspective when i go over him. So let’s see i’m gon na go about this fast in cruise control. There we go now the cool thing with cruise control. Is you just let go of all the joysticks you’ll keep on going at that speed? If i push the right joystick forward, i’ll go faster. Push it back, i’ll go to the rear, i’ll go slower. So now we have mr fishy i’m, not even steering the drone. Nothing we’re coming up to mr fishy and i’m going to have the camera track him as we go over him there we go. Let me just move the drone a little bit this way there we go and there we are so that’s the cool thing with cruise control: hey, snowman, cool all right, take a look at the left hand, corner you’ll, see where it’s still in sport mode watch. What happens when i put it in manual mode watch the camera? What happened now we’re looking way up underneath the pad for takeoff that’s, because the camera on the dji fpv drone in manual mode automatically jumps up to about 20 degrees, 25 degrees that’s, because the drone is going to tilt so far forward that you need the camera. Looking up in order for it to look straight forward, so you’ll see what i mean when i take off so to start the motors in this method.

You do not pull the joysticks in, because you need full control of this drone. There are no brains, nothing controlling this drone. Everything is you, so you double tap the right bottom button twice motors start and you take off and it’s extremely fast. So there we go see how the drone is tilted like at a weird angle, and you can do different things in manual mode now. I can do all these things like that. Oh no, i’m flying sideways, it’s perfectly fine. You can do flips, slow flips, like this. Just make sure you know where the horizon is, when you come back same as, if you want to flip backwards, you can go backwards like that. You have full control. There is nothing going on with the drone to keep it under any sort of stable control. That will keep you out of crashing in something you will definitely crash in manual mode if you don’t know what you’re doing so, if you’re a beginner, let me just say, fly high way up. It’S got tons of power, go above everything in your area and try to keep it going forward like this watch this i’m just going to take it out of that view, put it in there. We go so now i’m, just flying forward and look at the camera. The camera’s already at 24 degrees, normally if we were flying in n or s mode 24 degrees, would be looking at the clouds, but in m mode you’re looking forward.

So most people in the fpv hobby fly at about 25 degrees, so i’m, just gon na put a 25 there we go and you use both joysticks. When you fly in manual mode it’s, not one joystick and one other joystick you use both. So when you turn to the right, you use both you just tilt them turn to the left. You tilt them and your left joystick is your throttle for your speed, so i’m moving up and down here. If i pull it all the way to the bottom, the drone will still fly, because the dji drone has something called air mode, which is what we use in the fpv hobby. It keeps the motor spinning at a slow speed. They do not shut off. So now you just lift up your throttle and you point the nose at whatever you want to go through or go in and out of, and it will do it it’s that simple, so here see that little building up top i’m going to come up to it. Really fast and i’ll just go through this little thing here. As long as you keep the center of your screen. Looking through the hole you can fly through, whatever you want and you can fly close to objects, come down really low to the ground as i’m. Coming down this mountain side just monitor your throttle and life is really good, so that’s, basically m mode. So, just to reiterate, when you fly this drone for the first time in n motor s mode, do not adjust the throttle.

Stick on the left leave it. So it sits in the center when you get really good at flying in end mode in s mode, then adjust the throttle stick and have it so it falls to the bottom and then try to fly in n mode and s mode again and you’ll see it’s. Very difficult, but once you get good at flying with the throttle, stick falling to the bottom. Well, then, now you could go and attempt m mode, and the only thing i suggest in mode is when you fly an mode fly above everything. Everything in your path fly up. You can go right to the top of stuff and then you can do cool little things like this that’s. What i wanted and then go down the side there. We are and then pull up a little curl and there we go and when you’re flying in m mode, you do have the button to cause the drone to just sit and hover in place, and it goes back into end mode. It’S that same one, and if you want you can just uh land where you are i’m, just gon na look down what’s below me now there’s a barrel down there i’ll land beside it, so let’s pull the left joystick down and bring the camera up and we’re Gon na land right here there we go all right now, we’re in manual mode, the holy mode going to the fishy. There we go there, we go let’s dive down to it.

No, i don’t want to buzz these guys over here, but uh. There we go you’re. Probably wondering what the heck was that that is crazy up in the air nice little flippity flip flop, now for everyone watching this, who is thinking of buying this drone you’re, probably wondering what comes in the box, this box back here so i’m, going to show you What comes in the box plus i’m going to show you some really cool accessories? You really want to get for this baby, so check this out all right. So here we go. This would be the box it comes in and if you look at the side of the box, you can see, i have the north american version as you open the box. The first thing you’re going to spot would be the drone plus the fpv goggles, removing the upper level of the box you’re, going to see the controller and all the accessories that are included, let’s go through them. So for accessories you get two sets of props. You get the charger for the battery usb cables and, of course, you get. The six cell battery now note that the props are designed to be dji idiot proof props, which means that any beginner in the world using this drone, will put the right prop on the right motor just by matching the colors. However, if you’re outside and you wear sunglasses, you might not see the colors depending on your sunglasses, and you may put the wrong prop on the wrong motor and the drone, will let you do it and it will just flip over.

Ask me how i know this now. If you want to customize your fpv drone, you can remove the top cover and replace it with the green one that comes in the box or any other one that’s on the market, it’s very easy to install just remove the screws. Take the cover off put the new cover on put the screws back on now. If you win the lottery, you might want to also order the fly more kit, that’s really good, because you get two extra six cell batteries, plus a multi charger that allows you to charge up to three batteries, one after another, very convenient. And if you win two lotteries you might want to consider also getting the motion controller. I really like the motion. Controller it’s, pretty cool i’ll, show you some video of that coming up, so the motion controller comes in a box and basically that’s all you get plus some documentation. As you can see here, you can also get prop guards in case. You want to fly indoors or you want to fly around buildings or trees if you’re a beginner and you’re you’re kind of worried you’re going to crash into something you can also buy arm reinforcements that are going to strengthen your arms in the event of a crash. You can see them here all right. The next item i want to show you is something to carry your fpv drone around, and this is what i’ve been using for the last two weeks to carry my dji fpv drone from location, the location and go flight.

This is the pgytek one mode, backpack yeah. It is pronounced kind of funny like that one mobile, backpack and it’s a weatherproof backpack, and it fits the drone perfectly. Let me just unzipper the back and show you how it fits inside all right. So let me just tilt it here: watch everything go flying out, but there it is so what i’m going to show you now is some video of me actually using this backpack outdoors, because i knew a lot of people might want to get it it’s, not very Expensive so check this out all right, so let’s toss this bag down all right, let’s open up the bag, quickly spin it around. So you can see it get the sun to shine on it. Watch this there’s everything. Can you see it all right, let’s go through the bag really quickly. Here we have the fpv drone back here we have the props for the drone and the spare props over. Here we have the pgy tech nd filters over here we have the goggles, and over here you can see there’s little spots for the batteries for the goggles. You have one two and three spots for the batteries and then back here you have the controller and then over here you have a lens pen cleaner in case you get your lens all dirty and then back here. If i take that off, this is where your pgy tech landing pad goes. So, yes, all of this was sent to me by pgy tech.

Let me just open it up here, so you have orange or you have blue this thing’s, so new it won’t even open open there we go so you have blue and you have orange now just to show you the boxes. Everything comes in. So if you get the landing pad, it looks like this i’ll put links to all the stuff below. If you get the filters, i should mention that the filters were used in all the videos you have watched already where the sun was out. I put the nd16 and the nd8 filter when i was flying around, and these are the filters i use. They just slide right over the lens. So if you want to film on a sunny day, get yourself some filters, that’s what the box looks like the lens pen comes in this box here. I use that all the time because landing in snow, you know, with the props spinning little droplets of snow, go on to the uh, the lens of the camera, and then you get the water stain. So i take this little pen and basically you have one in a little squeegee thing on the the camera lens and then the other end is just blow the dust off. We’Ve got a nice little brush here. So lens pen is really good and i think it’s made out of aluminum it’s got a really aluminum sound to it. Doesn’T seem cheap plastic, so that’s pretty decent all right next product to show you would be a hard case for the fpv drone.

Now i will tell you right now from experience if i had a choice between a hard case and a backpack for taking the drone to the field. Take the backpack trust me. These things are solid and you got to hold it in one hand. So you’ve got one hand in use and you only have one left, but with a backpack over the back, i have two free hands to do other stuff and when you’re hiking someplace backpack is better. But if you’re going to throw this in the back of your car or travel across the country, then you probably want a hard case and if you’re, like me, you’ve seen in my videos, i throw everything in the back of my jeep in the bed that’s, where The hard cases go so gpc makes a hard case for the dji fpv drone, and i will show you it is pretty freaking awesome uh this one here i bought myself and you can see everything fits in there. The cool thing is, is that uh? Well, you can only fit three batteries, so one here in the drone itself and then two extra batteries. So if you have more batteries, you’re gon na have to squish them someplace else. The charging unit is supposed to go back here, but i have it on the floor over there not using, but what i like is that my motion controller right over here. It fits in nicely so i’ve got a spot for that.

So i’ve got pretty much everything. I need, except for extra batteries, props all the accessories are in this thing, really good, so i’ll put links below to where you can get this gpc case as well. Now, here’s, a question viewers. Ask me an awful lot: there’s a lot of people out there who do not have the use of both hands or even both arms for that matter, and some of them might be in a wheelchair, and they always ask me to recommend the drone, while being in A wheelchair is not much of a problem, because the drones all come back to you if they’re a good drone, but having the use of only one hand or one arm really limits the amount of drones. I can recommend most times. I don’t even recommend anything because i there’s nothing good on the market until now. Dji with this drone and this motion controller man. Is it awesome? I really like the motion controller. I honestly don’t have a use for it, because you know i like that controller, but if you’re doing something else with this hand or you’re having a lazy day, you can fly around with this baby. Here, let me show you how this works all right. Take a look at the controller. You can see a red button that red button is your start, the motors and take off. So you tap it twice, tap tap the motor start, push it in and hold it in, and the drone will take off hold it in again and the drone will land.

You have a big black button. That’S your panic button anything goes wrong. You’Re gon na fly or crash just press that big black button that’s your holy crap button and then, if you look to the side, you have a trigger that’s your throttle, that’s, like your left joystick for throttle for acceleration. The speed you want to go. You want to push it in very slow, not full ways and on this side over here you have your camera gimbal tilt up and down, and you also have a start record and stop record button that’s pretty much all you need to know so to operate. This motion controller, a child – could do it it’s, so simple dji has really done their work on this it’s really cool. So basically, all you do is look through your goggles you’re, going to see a circle, a circle wherever you put that circle by moving this up down, left right and then pressing the trigger a little bit that’s where the drone’s going to go. So you can fly up, fly down, fly through things if you’re standing still and you can’t move because say once again you’re in a wheelchair, and you want the drone to yaw. Well, you don’t have to turn your hand like this to get a tr. You just do this. If you spin this way to the right, it will yawn to the right spin. This way to the left it yaws to the left, it’s.

That simple, perhaps simple, is the wrong word. It is simple, but being simple, people can goof this up and i’m going to show you in this video. So i took this to the field and i let two friends try it. They did a great job, they flew it around nice and slow got the hang of it no problem, then i let andre, try it and i told andre you’ll see in the video i said press the trigger to have the drone move and uh andre well. You’Ll see what he did all right so before you put those on, let me show you push push on the red, then motor start hold the red takes off. It will go to a certain height that’s, the holy button, that’s your power that’s, your camera up and down okay. If you want to do it and then the same thing, you saw how we did it like this you’ll see a circle, it’ll all make sense. So tap twice on the red real fast there you go and now hold the red in it will take off and then, wherever that circle is that’s, where you’re going yeah just look up, look up and pull the trigger whoa don’t, pull it all the way in What the hell was that just put the circle on you, it won’t crash into you. Well, at least i don’t think it will was that the coolest thing ever mr maverick is niche.

I don’t remember saying: pull the trigger all the way in all right we’re. Finally, at the end of the video, let me just power this on. Hopefully, it doesn’t mess up my microphone with interference. I just want you to hear the startup sound i’m sure you’ve heard it a million times pretty sweet all right. Let me see if i can pick this up and bring it nice and close, so you can see it so, on my controller, i can customize the lights now. I have them in a strobe pattern, i’m going to leave it like that, but by hitting the c1 button, i’ve designed it so that i can change the light color. So when i’m, flying at night you know or flying with someone else, and they have a different color on their drone just so you can identify it from far away. I kind of like the green, so i just keep it on the green color. Alright, so that’s it. I know this video is long and there’s an awful lot of information in here. You might want to re watch it a few times to get more of the hang of everything that’s going on if you don’t own this drone and are thinking of buying it. So if you fall in the categories i mentioned in this video, then you can see if the drone is for you or not, and i’ve shown you enough flight footage and enough of the features that you can also see.

If this drone is for you or not, so what i’m going to do is i’m going to put the links below to where you can find this drone. And you know it is pretty pricey, so you better win that lottery, but if you can afford it – and this is the drone – you get i’m sure you’re gon na love, it i’m sure you’re gon na love it as long as you’re, not looking for that perfect Cinematic 3 axis gimbal type camera system with all these features in it autonomous mode drone. All these other things, then you probably won’t like it, but if you’re somebody who just wants to fly by the seat of their pants and have the best time in the world possible and get that, oh, my god, the adrenaline flowing through the body. This is the drone they have alright guys hope you enjoyed this video. If you did, please give it a thumbs up and i’ll catch you in future videos with many more reviews. Take care.