I decided you just have to see it hello, my friends, and welcome to the channel on the electric viking great to see you here im coming to you from melbourne, australia. Thank you for your emails. All your support supporting us on patreon, supporting us by watching the channel and commenting means a lot really appreciate. It hope all you, 64 000 of you, are having a great day today. So tesla obviously has now officially opened their factory in berlin and ive got to say its exciting to see it finally officially happen, maybe its not very exciting for volkswagen or mercedes or bmw, its probably more scary. I mean europes smartest ceo himself. Herbert d says admit it as much, but it is certainly a watershed moment for the entire automotive industry. Now the main event in the electric industry last week, of course, was the grand opening of teslas gigafactory. So what actually happened at this event, while elon handed over the first 30 model y electric crossovers to customers – and he showed the audience some of his dance moves in the process. Ive got to say hes about as good of a dancer as i am hes. Not great at one point in one of the videos of musk dancing, we saw him step forward and stretch out his hand as he wanted to catch a small drone that was flying in front of him. I you know ive got to say on the drone front.

Tesla is pretty cool about how they treat people who fly their drones over their factory and into their factory and its really kind of nice for them to do that. To allow us to see whats going on, i think its smart marketing by the company to allow those kind of teaser shots that weve been seeing at the cyber truck of the production of the giga press and all that kind of stuff. Now this video well comes from that drone. Now this particular drone was there to capture footage actually for tesla, and it provides a stunning video that came out on social media. It was shared by gf for tesla and ill put a link in the description below to their twitter handle, as the footage is actually official footage. Now i dont know what drone they used, but whatever it was, i want one. The thing was amazing. Now it first starts in car park, and then it goes to where the parts are stored are waiting to be taken to the assembly line with the drone then moving to the stamping area flying around and between the presses and robots, as they were doing their job. The drone then visits the area where robots are attaching and welding bodywork parts together, followed by the famed gigafactory berlin paint shop. Now, apparently, this new paint shop is meant to be the most advanced paint shop on the face of the planet. I dont know if thats, true or not, but honestly it doesnt excite me all that much having the most advanced paint shop other than the fact that it should eliminate some of teslas paint issues that theyve had in the past and also apparently its going to have Some new colors thats kind of cool to give people more choice for colors i mean, for example, all 30 vehicle deliveries of the model y on that day were black.

I think theres, some actually some red ones in the parking lot now, but its going to be interesting to see which new colors they come out with now. Finally, you can see the area where the employees are fitting exterior accessories and interior parts of the model y, and then it shows the final inspection sector and the drone even goes into one of the vehicles before heading out of the factory building to offer viewers an Aerial view of the entire facility whoevers flying that drone is damn good at their job and hes a super skilled pilot. I mean the drone even flies through the stamping line, but unfortunately it doesnt actually show the clamping system thats used in manufacturing the body and how they join the die. Casted parts to the rear of the body that would have been awesome to see, but well probably see that at some time at some point in the future. Now, personally, what im most excited to see is when tesla are manufacturing 4680 battery cells at the factory when those cells start to go into their giga castings in the tesla model wire vehicles. Now we havent seen an official date for that happening yet, but im excited to see that happen. I really think thats going to give people in europe access to some of the best electric cars on the face of the planet. Now, in other news, at tesla, tesla are doing a stock split their current price.

At the time of this, video is 1 100 us dollars theyre talking about having a stock split. It has to be voted on by shareholders as well, of course, but i think thats a foregone conclusion that that will happen as currently tesla is worth more yes, more than the second third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth most valuable car companies on the Face of the planet now those include toyota, byd, volkswagen, ford, general motors, bmw, mercedes and honda, so yeah. That could be a good move now, in other news that i thought was important. Tesla is planning a huge mega pack project at their gigafactory in texas. To avoid an unreliable electricity grid, which also in conjunction with solar, should give them a significant amount of renewable energy. I thought that was really cool news other than that have a great day. Thanks for watching, tell me what you think of the drone video below tell me what you think of the factory. I think its pretty freaking amazing. Do you agree disagree. Thank you.