So in this video i will be compiling the videos that i took flying this drone compiled from the unboxing videos unboxing today, um um, Music, Music. Right so i hope enjoy you guys: Music, so Music, so Music, Music, so Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, um um can handle uh, strong winds and also guys in a very cold temperature, guys better minus 15 or 10 temperature. It can still handle the temperature Music um. Video Music me Music, is Music, Music Applause, Music, so Music Applause, baby, three, Music, Music. Thank you, Music! Thank you, Music! So, Music, Music, me thank you, Music, so Music Applause, Music, Applause, Music, r2s. So before i come back and guys um, i would like to give a shout out to my viewers, um Music, philam adventures, um johnson, win love, sell vlogs, ofw life in africa. Also um shout out to lilly 2015 wala. Stick ding root: largemouth angler dj, barry volcano a little guys, um im knocking solid uh watchers, a viewers pala see where to next dad uh, philip advan uh philan brothers, glory and shine tl, and also to bring the tino mark. Lester tv jios creations, uh atleast, live in usa. Gen pal is my silent viewers. Then thank you for watching all right, guys see you in my next vlog and yeah kitakista done guys uh. I will be creating more content. Alright, guys see you next time.