How fast it is the controls, how the camera is so here it is it’s the a10 and yeah. So now we have the drone unfolded and out of this box, here’s the battery here’s, the charger, and you need a charger box for this battery to charge. And this is the drone here’s, the remote it flips up with a little slot that you can put your phone in, and this is the drone and there’s protectors for the propellers and here’s the yeah camera. I can see it’s got like some lights, you could um it’s just got lights so then you could see it up in the air. If you look, if you lose it, and here it is turned on, you can see that there’s lights and this is the button to turn it on it’s kind of loud out and yeah. So we got the drone here and the remote and and now we’re gon na go outside and give it a little test room. You see guys. I set up the drone right there and now we’re ready to test fly it so we’re just going to be testing. How fast it is and how it handles okay. So far, so oh good, so yeah handle’s, pretty good. As you can see. So we turn on the camera. Are you kidding? We got ta switch the camera so and we’re coming in to the landing and we’re coming in for the landing, so i got um in from outside and the maneuverability was really well the speed of outstanding and the quality was amazing on the camera.

I don’t know what happened i felt like there was a glitch. Let me see it says caution. This product is for users in the military and something about munitions. So, overall, this was an amazing product. I give it a 7.9 out of 10.