Here it is guys the emacs tiny, hawk 2 freestyle ready to fly kit everything you need here in this box to get started. If you are the ultimate beginner to someone advanced. This is a great kit and everybody was asking for it, something that they could just bind up and have a transmitter and some goggles charger batteries. Everything you need is in this box for, under the 200 price point, emacs wants to make this competitive for all the other rtf kits out there. You guys have seen the beta fpv kit, but this one is different than the most recent rtfs out there, because well this one will go zero to hero, meaning that you could start out as the ultimate beginner with this quad. It has a special rate profile plugged into the pids on here, for you and you know complicated for the beginner to pid tune. Don'T have to worry about that. Emacs has done it for you and the rates on this one in the profile number one are set to beginner mode. So what does that mean? Well, it has everything softened down for you, and this transmitter flies way different with that pid profile for the beginner. If you are just starting an fpv, this slows down all the flip and roll rates for you and smooths everything out so it's kind of like the ultimate acro trainer it's, not super fast on the flips and it's going to flip you into the ground like you've, Had other problems with faster, more nimble, if they're under 100 millimeter around that size, this one is, i believe, it's around 130 millimeter with two and a half inch of on props and 1103 7000 kv motors with an f4 flight controller on here.

This can be an extreme beast on 2s. If you want to run to s1 here or 1s, i believe it'll run 1s as well, but today we're going to run it 2s during this testing – and we have one of my favorite cameras on here – is the run. Cam nano 2.: this is my camera of choice when you guys watch this channel almost two years ago now, when the original freestyle came out, i did an upgrade video and we upgraded everything on here to a 400 milliwatt vtx. Now they have a 200 milliwatt vtx on here they have the camera that i originally chose for my upgrade video and they have brought this one full circle and they've done it again, because here we are again with the rtf version now what's also cool about this Is not only is it beginner to expert friendly, you have a ton of room to grow so start out flying in stability mode fly. It straight ahead. Work on learning your orientations for your stick, throttle control. All that throttle management is very important and then flip into horizon mode and acro mode. This is already set up. There is no beta flight or computer setup needed on this quad. All you have to do is charge up your batteries with the six in one charger that came along with it. This will charge up to six of those 1s 450 milliamp batteries that you're going to put right on top of this quad.

It makes the perfect cg when you put two of those batteries up on the very top. No velcro needed just a strap to hold those two in place and the ph 2.0 connectors are on the back right there and you have an xm plus style receiver. I believe this one will bind up to a taranis radio so later on. When you graduate from the beginner controller that comes along with it, you can move up to something else. You can also solder on a dsmx, 2 or x style receiver to this flight controller. It also supports 3.3 volt, which is great for spectrum radio guys now. This is great because we do have the same style frame on here. Nothing has changed. We have awesome graphics. These are the new, updated graphics on the freestyle 2 versus the freestyle. One had a little different look: this one's a little more skateboarder. Looking, i kind of like this frame because so far i haven't busted one of these frames and i haven't broke them. It'S, also big enough to be able to carry the insta 360 go on there. So i'll put a link down to one of these. Then you can have 1080p video stabilized 1080p video, while you're doing your freestyle flights and while you're learning, acro and speaking of macro it's like the ultimate acro trainer, because this has an emax tuned rate profile number. One is set for beginners, so it softens everything out.

The rolls are pretty pretty slow, so you want to have some height when you're doing those rolls with this beginner rate mode. Now, when you switch rate modes, you can go to a more expert mode. I also have pids available i'll try to put those in the link down below for you, the original pids you guys can plug those into your freestyle and make it more of an expert freestyle ripper. So this has everything in the box that you would need for. I believe, under the 200 price point, we're getting an awesome case along with this we're, getting a new style transmitter that also has an 18650 battery in it that you can recharge from the micro, usb cable, that's included. You get the six in one charger as well. That'S, a usb port and you get an extra set of those avon emax 2.5 inch props in there and i've talked about these props before they're kind of like skateboard wheels they're a super ultra durable. So these are like the perfect props for the ultimate beginner or somebody like me, who's really thrashing stuff around. Also inside the box, you get a 1s 1800 milliamp lipo battery pack. It says lipo battery pack on it, but inside there is actually a 18650 battery. It has a usb port on the side for charging this up once it charges up, it'll show a green light on the side. It'S got a little led, and this is the battery that goes inside it nice, because you can get these off amazon for a couple dollars.

You don't have to buy a whole new battery that's in case this is just the case with a barrel connector on the side for plugging into your goggles and speaking of the goggles guys, we have the same style that came along with the tiny hawk. I was hoping that they might upgrade these to a dvr version, but i was able to adjust the screen in and out to be able to see everything in focus and normally i don't fly with these type of goggles, because i need a little bit better diopter Or ipd adjustment so that's just my eyes: it it's probably better for people that have really good eyesight to younger folks. So you can upgrade these goggles later and skyzone is my brand of choice. You guys know about that, but let's go ahead now outside let's. Do a little bit of ripping with the tiny hog 2 freestyle. This is a beast or mild to wild, i mean you can go all the way to expert acro style. Freestyle with this quad is absolute ripper. For now for ready to fly, bundle super awesome for the new guys just bind it up. Go fly no computer needed here we go let's, do some flying after that. We'Ll, come back in and i'll give you my final thoughts on the tiny hawk 2 freestyle ready to fly. Okay, guys let's go ahead and do the fpv flight test we're, going to start out using the transmitter and i'm going to wear the goggles that came in the rtf kit to start out with i'm also going to use a teranus transmitter later on in this review And we're going to test out my skyzone goggles, just just see the difference.

This recording is done with my skyzone 030 sitting over there on the bench so right away in stability mode it's, very soft. It feels like almost like the original tiny hawk too or the tiny hawk, very predictable flying, so, if you're brand new to fpv start out in that mode, the switch is all the way away from you when you switch all the way toward you. This is called acro mode. This enables full flips no stabilization help. It also does not have altitude hold so don't confuse that with stability mode. You'Ll still have to use your throttle to maintain your altitude and it will go up and down depending on where the throttle is at, but it will do flips and rolls that's about the roll rate. That is the beginner freestyle mode. The pits are plugged into this from the emax team, and this is what this is as as about as wild as it gets with. This quad almost messed up right there on that little touch and go it's, always fun to do touch and goes with a quadcopter it's kind of hilarious. But the bottom of this frame is completely flat, so you can kind of do that on flat surfaces – and there goes my friend with the cub very nice cub. I believe that was a great planes cub i used to have a nice quarter scale, one myself with a sato 100 on it beautiful airplanes, and that is built up from a kit.

Very nice now inside is where you can have a lot of fun with this one as well. Like i mentioned before, the props are kind of like skateboard wheels. They are very durable, so, even though this quad doesn't have prop guards, i don't really worry about hitting solid objects with these props they're they can take a hit. I mean even hitting one of those wooden posts right there on that guard rail. I believe this would just bounce off and i probably have almost zero damage, but nice control around the house in stability mode and in this situation, i'm, actually using my own transmitter. So you can bind this up to any type of effort: sky, tyranis, radios and we're. Going to get realistically with this quad around four minutes flight time, so 1s 450 milliamp in parallel on the top of the squad, get you about four minutes and you can really get in some small places with it now we're going to show you some freestyle, and This was from my original tiny, hawk 2 freestyle test, and this is out on my friend's organic farm. Just kind of some bonus footage for you guys to see what this quad can actually do. It'S capable of a lot so very smooth, acro pid profile rate on here it'll do big air maneuvers it'll do tree dives it'll do power loops. This quad will pretty much do what most five inch quads will do. That'S the amazing thing about the tiny, hawk 2 freestyle series from emacs, i think, is that it feels like you're flying a 5 inch quad, even though it has a really small profile, super lightweight under 250 grams and it's pretty quiet for what it is.

Actually. So you don't really disturb your neighbors. If someone's a house or two away, they don't even hear this thing, flying it's, very quiet and the transmitter. Thank god now we're able to crank it up to 200 milliwatt. I believe the original one might have had 25, so they listened to the fbe community and they upgraded that for you, guys, which i find really really cool now up high. There is some breakup and if you want to upgrade the transmitter antenna to some type of right hand, circular polarized micro say like the the nano you might be able to do that. If you're good at soldering, you can solder on a new connector but again very predictable lines with this quad almost hit the top of the house right there. You can get away with a lot with these small profile quads. So i feel like it has a lot of room to grow again for the ultimate beginner, just barely squeezing, through there too, the most advanced maneuvers and pilots out there. Most of my friends really like this quad, taking some more chances almost hit that fence there. That was hard to see, but with the runcam nano 2 it's, so much better of a camera than what we had on here originally was the emacs branded camera, which no one really liked now we're going to do a little bit of stability flying again for the Beginners we're also using a different radio.

This time this is my taranis radio. Just to show you how slow this quad can go. It really slows down. So if you're just learning just getting your feet, wet and fpv, i i would buy the freestyle over the original, tiny harper, the tiny hawk 2.. The freestyle is just it's, just awesome, it's everything that i want in a micro quad, because i've talked about this before on my channel 2 to 3s, with 1103 motors series and an f4 flight controller it's, the micro brushless sweet spot, but some very stable and relaxed Flying you don't have to do flips and rolls, if you just want to experience what it's like to fly fpv. This is how you do it right here you can explore, and this transmitter is doing quite well all the way down this hill i'm way up on the porch, and it is transmitting through the trees there doing pretty good. Let me get way out into this farm field and i'm able to see fences, which is also a big plus. You can see really really well with the run cam nano too there's a couple baby lambs there hi guys they have no idea what's going on right. Now but we do we're just having fun so i'm gon na come around this side of the tree and we're gon na head out of here. Let'S go ahead and boost up to the top of this tree. Let'S, do a sort of an orbit slow orbit up and around, and you can turn down your camera angle toward like a ten percent tilt and you can really have a different experience with this quad and now i'm back into acro.

For that tree, dive very satisfying again zero to hero with this quad, it's beginner to pro and so much fun, and finally, they have the rtf kit i'm, so glad they did. This let's go ahead and back into the studio and let's give some final thoughts about the tiny hawk 2 freestyle guys here we go all right, guys welcome back in from the flight test, so this rtf kit, pretty much – has everything you're, probably looking for um. If you would ask me personally, which one would i get uh the the tiny hawk, the tiny hawk 2 or the freestyle or the tiny hawk 2 freestyle rtf kit um? If you are just starting an fpv, you want to keep this one away from your face. Number one: if you see some type of fly heading toward your face, you always want to swat it away from your face, does not have prop guards. So keep that in mind, if you are buying it for say a kid or a gift, the tiny hawk or the tiny hawk 2 might be the version that you get a kid. If you are a little bit older, more experienced, fpv or rc flyer. This would be really the way to go, because it will train you in stability, then you can use it as an acro trainer and once you get really good at flying freestyle, this it's a lot of fun it's like i. I think this is probably the closest thing to street style.

Skateboarding that you can get in an fpv is is really fun lightweight and it allows you to sort of even make up new fpv tricks and maneuvers with this quad, because it is so versatile and small of a profile and the power to weight ratio is great. So the 1103 series motors, with 7000 kv on here and up to 2s we've, got around 900 milliamp on here. Getting us up to about four minute flight time. It'S pretty much has everything that you could ask for. Also, the insta 360 go option is nice as well, so there might actually be a 3d printed 360 go printed, part that you can get on If you want to go on thingiverse and check that out, there should be one that you could print at a tpu and add that on there, and maybe it would be nice to see one that had an adjustable tilt. But this one comes stock at about around 20 degrees tilt, and if you are a new guy just getting into fpv, you can always bring your camera tilt down and that will have it fly slower for you. So you get less angle and you'll fly a little bit slower and you'll be able to make nicer and smaller gaps around the house. If you're flying indoors bring the camera angle down to about 10 or less, if you're outdoors doing freestyle, bring it up to about 20 and you can play around with putting more tilt to it as you get better as a pilot, so uh we have a lot Of stuff going for this kit and i'm glad to see that emacs brought it out to the community, for you guys but that's pretty much the end of my review guys and uh keep those subscriber clicks coming.

I really appreciate you subscribing on the channel and click the notification bell for the new videos coming out. As always guys, i'm justin davis take care, be safe out there it's a crazy world. We live in check out the links down below. I appreciate it.