I was not paid by anybody. I do have amazon affiliate links below if you wanted to purchase, it helps the channel the emacs tiny hot 2.. This is how its supposed to look like, and this is how it looks like now after my 10 day, training session. In drl simulator, i really wanted to get my very first real drone. I was looking for something that would meet the following requirement. I just wanted to have something that i can fly in my backyard: small, discreet, puff and crashable. What is this tiny hop? 2 race drone about its from the line of the tiny hawk series theres three variations of this theres, the tiny hop 2, which is a tiny one, the tiny hot to freestyle – and this is the tiny hawk 2 race i picked it up for 114 – comes with A nice carrying case – you can put this in here, but you have to remove the foam insert one set of props. These are the emax avon blur props. These are 1103. 7 500 kv. You get two batteries which are high voltage, and then you get one emax charger which charges to hv and the standard volt you can charge up to six batteries at one time. This runs on two ph two connectors. The basic construction is that it has a two millimeter carbon fiber plate on the bottom, its about the size of a baseball. These motors are, i think, its like proprietary, its direct soldered onto the board theres, a plastic canopy up here, as well as it runs a run, cam 902.

This is a all in one board, theres a d8 receiver. It has a vtx that can go 25, 100 and 200 milliwatts on the stock configuration i get about 100 meters, so thats about a football field. You get relatively clear footage and uh and good penetration. If youre cruising around, you get about five minutes, and but if youre punching it you get about three, so yeah enough talking uh lets do some flights, so my very first flight here was on 1s kind of putters along youll, see a lot of vibrations happening been Known that this has to run on two less batteries, it comes with this jumper cable, which turns this into a 1s, and it flies. Okay, you wont be doing flips its a good way to get your bearings straight with this quad. I went to the park next. Nice open area just to see test the range i was getting about 100 yards or so i would get breakup at the fringes at the outside and then yeah. I did my very first flip so which resulted in a crash. Luckily, this thing has a beeper or it has the esc that beeps so or the motors that beep i dont know how that works, but really good controllability straight out the box. I was flying relatively high because i didnt want to hit my kids or anything like that, and just so i could see what this thing can do, and this thing is quick goes zero to lost in no time it does have those characteristics as a race drone.

So you have to be on your game if youre flying in the house, but because its small and uh light, this only weighs like 70 grams, when you crash its, not bad youre, not gon na break anything unlike if you had a five inch drone youre gon Na definitely damage something either prop or worse. Ive hit this on the wall. The trees even landed on concrete and this thing lasted, as you can see, theres some, a bunch of grass stains on here, theres a slight lip on the camera, so it does offer some camera protection. I did notice when you hit something this. The screws get loose. This is really easy to move up and down the minute you hit something this you might be at like a 45 degree angle, you might not be used to the angle trying to fly back pros. Im going to be talking about. Is it comes with everything to get started next, its small it fits in the palm of your hand. Carrying case is relatively small too really discreet. You can take this almost anywhere its not intimidating, like a five inch quad or anything like that. This is fast and powerful enough to get you out of trouble. Theres gon na be a tree in the way you can easily either punch up or maneuver. Around top speed says 50 miles an hour. I believe it youre able to do freestyle. Nick byrne said it best. Dont worry about having a freestyle.

Quad fly your drone, the best way you can – and i was happy that this can keep up with bigger drones. Surprisingly, this has good range. Actually, i can fly around my house with minimal breakup, but i would recommend putting the receiver and the vtx in this kind of position to maximize the range that youre gon na get and finally good flight time on stock batteries. Its not great but its good enough to get started its really relatively punchy. You can even put larger batteries. I float on these 600s five minutes with these batteries. The cons i have about this drone. While it came with everything to fly, it doesnt necessarily come with everything to fly it doesnt come with any spare props or batteries. You wont get the best range right off the bat until you secure your antennas in place. Also, if you do pull these off theres no connectors here so theyre direct solders uh for both the receiver and the vtx, and i have a video later of what i did, because i did pull these two off accidentally its not for the faint of heart. The solder pads are really small. Definitely do make the conversion to xc30, because this thing is already a 2s quad and recommended to be a 2s quad. It should have came with a xt 30. You have to buy and solder it yourself, but these batteries are. I can see why they went with these because lets say youre coming from a beta fpv or another 1s quad.

You have a bunch of these and dont want to waste them, because these are ph2 connectors. It does get kind of cumbersome to put the two on at the same time, especially if you strap them in place. The cord is relatively small. You may be fumbling around for a while to attach the two. At the same time, the camera angle does get loose after a crash. Maybe you might want to put some rubber grommets in between the camera, and the frame also have a screwdriver on hand. So you can make that tight. What ive learned is everything about. Emacs is very proprietary: minus the camera theres two sizes here, and that means the frame is odd as well yeah. The motor layout is very proprietary. I feel its smaller than the standard 9×9 format, if you guys are thinking that this is the ultimate backyard basher. Yes, it is but its not for beginners. This is really fast. You can grow with it, but definitely do take your time. Uh recommendations, more batteries get definitely get more props start off in the field. Dont be like me, start off in the backyard get used to the speed and then slowly ramp yourself up start with 1s. Just to get your bearings then move up to a 2s when first starting off, you notice that this thing is really twitchy so lower the rates. A lot of add lots of expo ill put my rates here. This is what i currently use.

I use an expo of 0.6 and then also because this thing has a lot of punch. I definitely look at modifying your throttle. Settings change this so mid. Stick is not at 50 itll be at 85, so you get more low. End resolution definitely secure these antennas. In place um because they will get chopped off, take some precautions, so heat shrink them in place with zip ties to the standard practice. Have a screwdriver set on you. Wherever you go, clip the ph2 connector and then actually put on a xd30. It is recommended, even if you move up to a 2s stick with the the 450 milliamp, while it can fly with the 600 itll, be just kind of sluggish. When you move to these two ss you get with the xt30 connection, you get improved battery life cruising around about six ive hit about six minutes and then, if i rip it around, i get about almost four minutes. When you get a little bit more advanced. Put a longer coaxial, which help with the range look into putting right hand, polarizers antenna. Those lollipops final conclusion. Would i recommend this as a starter drone? This is definitely a good starter drone. To start with, i learned just with all the like using betaflight internals having to repair things is relatively robust. After some time with this ive been getting into tinkering, ive actually put an insta360 gold, two camera on here, and it does carry it.

It is heavier its relatively stable uh. Hopefully you liked it as i progress on as a fpv pilot ill, be talking more about this kind of stuff. Theres things you guys want to know about my journey so far leave a comment below. Thank you guys for tuning.