You can also fly in on a 1s configuration indoors if you want, if you are a new guy. The good news is that you could start out with this quad. It has no prop guards on there, but it actually doesn't need it. These are Vaughn blurr, props, they're kind of like skateboard wheels. I'Ve talked about these before they are ultra ultra durable I've, crashed them off of lampposts off of tree trunks, all kinds of things aving solid. This quad seem to be attracted to during this review, so we're gon na do a extreme durability test with this. Today, as always on my channel, I like to punish things and kind of push things around, but with all the nostalgia with Emacs today and how far they've come as a company, I've also got to show you guys. My original baby hawk now I've been thinking a lot about this quad. Lately I really enjoyed this quad. I did a lot of cool stuff with this and some fun videos some freestyle with it, but this is the quad that I wanted. The baby Hawk to be – and I just got to say that this has come full circle, so I'm really happy to see something like this come around to something as aggressive, but also as smooth flying. Is this tiny Hawk, 2 races and it is kind of like the full circle here and 2020 we're gon na see some nice releases from Emacs, so I'm excited to start off this year with something really good from them that a good price again Emacs, always coming In at a good price, ever since the Nighthawk series getting people into F to be a multi GP racing way back four years ago, now or more so here we are again with another nice release and a very, very durable and fun release.

So let's go ahead. Now and check out the two non 2's we'll. Take it outside do a little bit of flying and I'll. Show you this one cameo two one here as well: much better camera Emacs much better! There we go here. We go with the fpv flight test. Let'S, just do some crazy dives to start out with. Why not mainly because i wanted to test the power to weight ratio with Squad, and this is making me happy because it is super nimble and this backyard spot right here is kind of treacherous. There is not a lot of space, but it has plenty of control. The tune is nice and it feels soft. So the Emax team did a good job on the tune. There'S not a lot of vibrations or shudder around the really hard maneuvers that you're, seeing here and I'm able to get back on the throttle with the 1103 s and make adjustments as I need plenty of power, which is good. So there's two punch out straight up to show you guys and again I got to say that I'm really happy about this quad, because it is everything I wanted the baby Hawk to be. It has the runcam nano 2 on here: 200 milli, watt, VTX and a really nice f4 fly controller that it's performing quite well on this Emax race team tune. So bottom doubt on the end of that power, loop and let's see if turtle mode works works like a charm, especially with those particular props.

You can use these props for weeks and weeks of flying and really beat the crap out of my Bentham back there's, a nice low power loop with that goalpost and these props will go on forever. They'Re just super durable, I've scratched them. I broken them I've. You know, like I said, I've bent them back and they just still keep going, and these are really great props they're, not prettiest props. In the world there are quite beasty and a little bit ugly in my opinion, but they hold up really well and they're great for beginners they're super thick, really thick I'm gon na try to skirt through that fence right there, and I had an idea. I need to try to I want to power loop that fence. What do you guys think? Should we try to do that? Probably loop, that low fence like that? I think this little quad can handle it because it it also has that feeling like it is it's a cross between like a whoop – and you know, like a 5 inch race quad, because it can do anything that a 5 inch race quad can do. But at the same time you can slow it way down like and find the smallest gaps. So you have a kind of again you have kind of a duality here. Even I can go a step further and say that for a multigp guys, if you're racing the micro league, this will be super fast on the course and you can change a camera tilt make this quad go even faster, but the 1103 are performing really well.

I have tons of control on this particular tune here and I can actually see where I'm going with this camera versus some of the older East. You know Emacs cameras, not the greatest in the world. People complain about it. Emacs, listened and actually put a good camera on here, and this is the one that we talked about on the channel and here we go Emacs, listen to you guys, so that's, really cool and plenty of power down low the bottom of some of those loops and Dives I had to get used to the throttle because you actually do need a little bit more throttle than you would on something a little bit bigger like 1104 s or 1105. Obviously, but 1103 I've talked about this before this kind of the the micro brushless sweet spot, because they're quiet people don't really notice that you're flying them and they perform well and they don't sag out your batteries. So it gives you a nice long flight time, which is great so that's why 1103 s have been favorite of mine for man four years or so or more, and you can slow it again way down instability mode if you're a beginner. This is a great quad, because you don't need prop guards honestly to start out flying fpv. If you fly a quad like this, it might it'll get your attention if it hits you but it's, not gon na, send it to the ER. I love that low flying that it does it does some nice fast flying the top speed on this quad is actually around fifty miles an hour, and there goes that low power loop see if we can pull that off.

Oh, my god, under the fence, let's go let's go. That was crazy. I want to try that game. I don't want to get through the hole this time. Oh no durability test, and there we go turtle mode works again. Let'S! Try that again, let's just go for it again: let's let's let's do this. This is this is an instance in my reviews, where I can break stuff – and I generally do crazy stuff like this, in my reviews so and back through the whole let's go. That was crazy. That was freaking awesome, that is some good performance, so freestyle racing or beginners. I think this quad has a little bit of everything and it's actually fun to fly through the tree canopies in stability mode now. We'Ll comment on one thing about this quad: if you're going to do some kind of close in proximity like this it's a little bit fast on the throttle so right here, I just boost it up and out. Luckily, I made it out, it does have quite a bit of authority for the throttle, so keep that in mind, if you're, trying to slow way down, you're gon na have to use hairlike movements coming up through the trees like this, you need a lot of control On the throttle to keep a straight line without punching out in those tree canopies with this quad, but plenty of power, great power to weight ratio good to very versatile one to two s configurations and just a lot to offer.

The durability is just great on this quad and it's. You know again it's kind of a remix of the baby, hawk, which I love I'd, like to see that quad make a comeback one time in twenty twenty or twenty one would be awesome again for another dive. Close in so cool you can just get away with so much with these little micros. I love them been doing micros on my channel, for I get one over five years now or something like that, but I'm really feeling this release. I feel like this is one of those quads you can bring home and and have some fun with the Emax, listen to the community. Thank God, and now we have something nice with a nice camera, two hundred milliwatts and a decent decent tune, and it can take some hits found that tree branch it'll just kind of bounce off things and keep on your throttle and you can keep going that's. The coolest thing you find new lines all over the place with this quad, but let's go ahead now and let's check out quad itself. This is the little case you get very similar to the other cases. Emacs tiny, hawk here's your charger in there up to six batteries and you can fly HP's on this quad. I have some HV chargers that are itching ones. I'M gon na show you guys there are six and one chargers and everything fits in here, which is nice.

Both your batteries come along with it, and this is the quad itself. I love this design, it's really cool. I had no idea what I was opening when I got this box a couple weeks ago from Emacs, and I get a random box from them every once. In a while – and it has a completely new design, they're really good at keeping things a secret. We have two millimeter arms there till Tabo camera and it looks like 3k carbon fiber on the bottom. Really nice looking polished carbon fiber and I love that they used to strap this time instead, the battery cage. I don't, like the battery cages, little piece of rubber on the bottom for holding your batteries and that does a good job. You can see the finish on. There actually looks pretty good and I can see that they soldered the motors to the ESC. S, which is a nice touch, they're not plugged in 20 to 25 milli watt VTX in there, and I believe that the smart audio works. Dipole and the built in rx antenna right there, you have the runcam nano tube from the brave back. You can see that they're running on five volt only and looks like pretty good camera protection, two bolts on the side and your fan up top right there, as well as a 2.0 connector pH 2.0. This is the little dongle that comes along in your box, and you can plug this in on one side to make it 1s, which is nice I've, never seen that before that's, how that works, pretty simple, just plug in the battery in the other slot – and this Is the flight controller, and I believe this is around a 12 amp esc s, an F for flight controller.

Your dipole is right there for your V T X and we have plug and play connectors as well. If you want to plug in some different motors later, you can disorder or snip off the old ones. If you had one go out, the boot button is there and underneath here you can see all kinds of TX and rx connections. So if you want your own receiver on there, you can do that and the bond button for the built in SPI receivers on the bottom, and you can access it through the frame which is nice. They drilled a hole right here. It perfectly fits my bamboo. Stick right through there look at that they can get to the vine button and I'm gon na bind this one up in d8 mode, very nice, the run cam Nano is plugged in to the flight controller, which is nice. So if you blow that out, you can just plug in a new one and we have Emacs at vaughan blur 2 inch props. They also have two holes there, four bolts that will go through and go into the motor. I suggest using those on yours, Emacs. 1103. 7500 kV motors were the ones that I was sent on the document they sent me. It said 77000 kV so that's, maybe just a typo three bolts on the bottom there and this six battery charge up and I'm, not sure. If this one charges up to an H, feed level or not but they'll, be the standard lipo, the nice thing is that you can get the six in one charger from oisin.

I believe they're about 12 bucks and happy model also makes one, and you can put a four S battery on there and I plug a six S battery into my eachine one on accident actually and it didn't fry it. So the eachine one is probably a pretty high voltage, which is one that I prefer now 46 grams without the battery one battery, if it's one s configuration to get 59 grams and 2 s configurations going to get you up to 72 grams. Well, underneath that FAA required registration rate and check this out we're going back into time now with the baby hawk the original one there, one no sort of modified and upgraded a few times. Jst connector hold all the colors on there like a little iMac and the new version. Quite a big difference between these two versions: I'm glad that they brought us into the future. With this and there's the whole family, the free style, the free style, is often vacation somewhere. I don't know where it's at somewhere in the shop, but quite an evolution of quads, but it's really cool to see this one, because this was unexpected to me because I didn't honestly didn't know they're working on this one. It is. It is again it's like a it's like a hybrid blend between the original tiny hawk with this carbon frame on here and the strap I love it. The motors are nice and powerful. There are my motors of choice on micro, brushless, it's, a small sized airframe, and the camera looks great plenty of tilting this camera as well.

You can go way up as far back as you want, but the link is gon na be up today guys and you can check this one out in the link down below. If you decide to buy one I'll get a little kickback on it, but that's beside the point. I just had a lot of fun with this particular quad and who knows maybe we'll do a giveaway on the channel coming up for one of these or something new in the next couple days. So please do subscribe on the channel guys and grab yourself. One of these this is another winner from Emacs man. I really like it a lot, so I just want to look at this quad and keep staring at really cool. Looking quad so take care guys.