Companys model e called the model e for everybody, because its the most accessible and affordable bike in the companys lineup lets check it out. I had the chance to test out the model e. While i was touring electric bike companies, local, southern california, based factories, the company builds its model es and well all of its models of e bikes right here in newport beach, using local american workers earning a living wage that local production gives the company some of the Best oversight when it comes to quality control, and it really shows even here on the model e, which is technically the brands entry level model. Everything is above and beyond what youd expect on an entry level e bike, starting with the design, its a nice and laid back upright cruiser with comfortable touch points from the wide saddle to the leather bar ends. Theres no suspension on this model, and yet it rides like a dream. With nice big tires and a nice comfy saddle, the step through frame makes it easy to mount and its even good for short riders. My wife joined me and mostly had fun riding the model y that i had previously featured, but the model e actually seems to drop the seat even lower, and so her short frame fit great on it, though it can also go up high for taller riders. The adjustable handlebars make it easy to dial in the best comfortable position for different rider sizes and even those big platform pedals are part of what gives the cruiser e bike here.

Its cruiser feel if it wasnt such a chilly few winter days. During my visit, i might have liked to ride the bike barefoot just for that ultimate california cruiser feel, but even as laid back as the bike is, the model e has got performance. That will surprise you. The rear motor puts out a thousand watts of peak power and blasts the bike up to 25 miles per hour of top speed, theres, both a throttle and pedal assist and the bike. Im testing is a single speed, but they also offer it in a 7 speed version. If you like to have your choice of gears to shift through the base, battery is 576 watt hours, which they quote is getting you up to 50 miles of range. On pedal. Assist or you can upgrade to the larger watt hour battery for up to 70 miles on pedal assist, of course, if youre riding on throttle only youll get less range, but the bike is pretty fun to pedal, so i think youre going to enjoy the pedal assist. Then there are a ton of accessories. You can outfit the bike with the one im testing here, has both front and rear basket options installed, which turns this thing into the ultimate hauling e bike or you can go without baskets and retain the minimalist look of the bike and you can get all fancy With the paint colors too, selecting all sorts of interesting color combinations that they can paint up locally to make a truly one of a kind e bike.

Now, at this point, youre – probably thinking alright, so its a fast and powerful american built e bike, its probably going to cost me an arm and a leg. Well, you might be surprised because at just seventeen hundred and ninety nine dollars its certainly not a low cost bike compared to imported, cheaper e bikes, but its absolutely fairly priced for what you get. The price puts it in line with other major e bikes, like those from companies like rad or juiced, and you get nicer parts like the comfy saddle, the hydraulic disc brakes, color screen, etc. There are even other benefits like the bike. Shipping completely assembled, so you just roll them out of the box in your driveway and you can ride off no final assembly by the end user required so for an everyones e bike at a fair price youre, getting a lot to love here, its a comfortable high Performance e bike with quality parts, but that is priced more equivalent to many imported e bikes that cant even pretend to touch its quality control or customization options, thats a pretty sweet deal in my opinion, thanks for watching everyone, we hope you enjoyed that review of the Model e from electric bike company – if you did why dont you give this video a thumbs up and dont forget to subscribe, so you wont miss any of our future electric vehicle.