This is not a TINY DRONE

Υπερ-σύνδεση του προϊόντος- HTTPS:// The AirSelfie2 flying digital camera is the following technology of tiny flying cameras. It’s a tiny pocket drone designed with solely “Σας” …


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  1. I'm not into "Selfie" stuff although I probably would be if I were better lookingbut that little drone has some amazing tech inside. Oh and by the wayYour term "Narcissist Wand" is scarefully accurate lol

  2. This would be great for some fun videos, maybe even music videos and stuff. Πολύ δροσερό

  3. Wow, I don't like the selfie generation but this thing is insanely cool! Το αγαπώ, awesome shots in the hanger!

  4. Im instantly thinking of the song LET ME TAKE A SELFIE! Lol

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