Take The TestCan You Tell Which DJI Drone took this Video?

Assume you understand your DJI Drones? Are you able to inform if this video was taken by a SPARK, MAVIC ΑΈΡΑ, MAVIC PRO or PHANTOM four PRO? Touch upon how properly you probably did beneath.

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36 Παρατηρήσεις
  1. Very interesting comparison. I want to buy a Spark, excellent value for money. So I tried to detect the Spark. Let me say that I was impressed by the quality of all cameras and especially the Mavic Pro. But ok, thats another pile of cash indeed.

    I recognized the Spark because of the fact that it has 30 frames/s and the others 60 or so.

    Is what I say correct? Is it possible to see the framerate here? Or am I just dreaming?

  2. Like many others, I spotted the Phantom 4 Pro immediately (there is just nothing that compares to that videoit is sooooo smooth!), got the Spark correct, but got the Mavic Pro and the Mavic Air backward. Neat comparison.

  3. even on youtube there is a clarity difference between the momma poppa and the kids, very apparent, the spark is jittery where the others are not, the MA is pretty good, but does not match the P4P resolution in any way, and the mavic has this almost a P4P look, very close but no cigar a little washy, there is no doubt in this comparison that the P4P is a superior camera drone. Oh and btw, I do not own any of them, I fly an Inspire 1.

  4. Ιδανική σύγκριση. Ευχαριστίες για την αναθεώρηση!

  5. Was able to identify the Spark and Phantom 4 but not the Mavics!

  6. I got it all wrong, number 4 was the worst quality by far, lot of compression, so I was sure about this and I was so surprised, that it was actually mavic pro. I want to buy one, but this video gave me great doubts now. I tip 3 as a mavic because of great quality. I hope they will release mavic pro 2 soon with better camera, so I am waiting for that anyway. Hopefully they will not do it like with P4 pro II

    My guess:
    1 – φάντασμα
    2 – αέρα
    3 – Mavic
    4 – sparc

  7. I haven't read through all of the comments here, but one thing not mentioned is that the colors and values in any given scene can influence the perception of quality and this includes the lighting in scenes. Over the years and long, long, before we had UAV's available to us I shot a lot of film, then digital (since 1990). YouTube compression aside (and it is the great equalizer!) the contrast and color present or not present in a scene can influence the visual appeal in of a video or still and override technical specs if that scene is very appealing to the eye and our likes (or dislikes). First impressions are lasting ones and everything else, including sensor sizes, lenses and bit rate take the proverbial back seat

  8. 4 από 4. The Spark was obvious due to the image not being as stable. The Phantom I could tell had the better image quality, general sharpness and contrast. I must admit it was difficult between 1 και 4 but having flown the Air so much I could just tell which one was which, or maybe just a lucky guess!

  9. 1 Φάντασμα 3 Αέρα 2 Pro 4 Σπίθα?

  10. Omg I got 100% on that test, as a previous Spark owner I spotted the Spark footage right away, far lower quality than the rest, that's why I own the Mavic Air now lol

  11. The spin gave the Spark away. I prefered nr. 4 in nature but nr. 3 was very good with the houses and cars. I wonder what it would look like if you scaled them all down to 1080 instead of scaling the spark up to 4 k??

  12. Guessed all correctly, Spark is easiest, video was not smooth. Second easiest was Phantom, because it's video was best. Last two (1&4) were hardest, but if you look close enough it's easy to notice square artifacts in mavic pro vids, because of it's 60mbit record rate. Ωραίο vid.

  13. amazingly I got it correct but I do own a Air , mavic and Pro 🙂

  14. Definitely could tell the Spark was #2. I initially had #1 at the P4 but looks like that nice faster camera bitrate on the Air does a great job of compensating for the Air's smaller sensor. I was happy to see that the Mavic Pro and P4 (τουλάχιστον για μένα) looked comparable (as a Mavic owner it makes me feel better about not having a P4P), but as you noted, YouTube has a good way of taking that crisp video and wrecking it into a blur of pixels. Great comparison vid!

  15. Πήρα 2 out of the 4 δικαίωμα. Πήρα το 4 pro right and the spark right. The air and Mavic I had switched.

  16. Excellent test only picked the Spark. However with an ND filter I can make Spark as smooth as the Phantom. It's more about image processing than the drone.
    So after looking at these clips again on a large screen rather than my phone the difference was clear. Phantom stood out as the best image quality and sad to say the others were disappointing.
    Please do this again with ND filters to see if the differences are as distinct!

  17. Γεια, I really like this video, but don't you want to give soem respect to We Talk UAV?
    They did a similar video one day earlier.
    Keeep up the good work, great video 🙂

  18. Got them all right. The P4 pro was obvious and the Mavic showed pretty good as well and the spark just didn't cut it,so it eliminated itself. Καλά πράγματα. Ευχαριστώ

  19. Wow I got them all right, mind you the only one I don't have is the Phantom, great bit of fun that test, thanks 🙂

  20. P4P was clearly better than the rest (even with YT compression). Spark was definitely the poorest of the lot. It was hard to tell the difference between Mavic Pro and Mavic Air. Viewing on 4k monitor is necessary to appreciate the differences. Έτσι, Πήρα 2 από 4. Good demonstration.

  21. Πήρα το #4. I thought the Spark was numbers 1-3 but couldn’t tell.

  22. Got everyone of them rightI think I should watch less drone videos

  23. Got everyone! (I have a Spark, my bro a Mavic Air and a friend has a P4 so i knew them well!

  24. Yes i can EASILY DJI Mavic Air took the BEST ONE

  25. I was right 3 και 4 because I own Pro and very familiar but how come Spark quality was so good

  26. You should have not done all that rotations and gimbal movements with the spark because he's not that good at it. I'm not saying that the spark is the best but you put it in a "bad light" shooting those bad looking things (the pov's).

  27. Totally missed it. I was watching it in my phone though so it I couldn't pixel peep as easily.

  28. 1 δικαίωμα, 2 δικαίωμα (I have the Spark)

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