SG 900-S GPS Drone for less than the price of a Tello?

The SG 900-S is your GPS drone with a 300 meter vary, Return To Residence, Observe Me, Orbit Mode, Waypoint Mode, Headless Mode and 720p or 1080p digicam. It additionally comes with a chargeable controller.

Listed below are all of the hyperlinks that Banggood requested me to incorporate:
SG900-S: HTTPS://
RC Quadcopter Black Friday Revealed: HTTPS://
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10%off for RC Robotic: Robotic10
11% off coupon code for brand new buyerToysho

If you would like a Captain Drone Hoodie (the one I used to be sporting on this video), you’ll find it right here: HTTPS://ιστοσελίδα = 1

GoPro καπέλο: HTTPS://AMZN.To/2OFz5Hu

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  1. Hi mate do you know any about the swellpro splash drone 3 ?

  2. The camera quality is like these from mobile phones in year 2005

  3. Keep your battery’s in your pocket before flying, it makes a difference, when cold 👍🏻

  4. Μεγάλη λίγο κηφήνας,Do not have to worry about New uk drone laws coming out in feb 2019 as its under 250g , weight at 199.8g

  5. Better than a simtoo fairy drone and it's half the price cheers captain drone,any news. When will you test flight the simtoo drone again since the first one was quite short.

  6. The bad thing is camera can not be moved or controlled from the transmitter

  7. Nice video brother
    Μου αρέσει αυτό το drone
    I order 1080p drone… 😊👍

  8. and now once again, only with translation into Russian 💯

  9. Hello I bought one of these drones and I have very had very different results. Some days it flies and other days the propellers spin round and it wont go anywhere, very frustrating. I have trouble with the unlocking on the phone app and the remote often does nothing at all but just flashes the lights on the front. Have you had these problems and if so is there a fix.

  10. The video quality not same as tello it's very low quality and it seems battery not as good as the tello either. And the stability of video not nearly as good as tello, for this price I'd stick to hubsan 502e which has GPS too

  11. Did you change the settings on how high it can fly?

  12. i bought SG 900-S 1080
    and still cant fly
    cant take off

  13. Thank you for being intelligent. Lol, everyone making drone videos aren't….

  14. Καλό απόγευμα, I do not know if you can help me I have the drone sg 900 s I connect it with the remote and with the program LW-FPW which is what the manual says, I give the turns to calibrate (but the green lights never stay fixed) I have tried to calibrate many times, in order that all correct wifi signal, I give to turn on the engines and turn off and correct, but when I take off it does not take off, I do not know what can happen, if you can help me u Another friend who has this drone and the same thing happened to him, in advance thank you very much. Tell you that I have two and one of them does not link with the command.

  15. Sorry for the English, but I'm from Spain and I use the Google translator

  16. Γεια σου, how often do you need to calibrate your dron? Every time you replace the battery?

  17. I have same drone but when battery 40% λιγότερο ( remain) after that i can't control left or right so try again control again or not again so i haven't flying hmmm if do you know what happened please advice me.

  18. the problem about this drone is video not stable compare to tellothe problem of tello video is about bit rate got some lag.. like lost key frames
    (oh my english)

  19. because i order sg106 .and the sg 106 is easy to return or not..???

  20. k i see your video in sg 106 why the follow is not function

  21. the motor of sg 106 is good..

    plss make another video on sg 106 κηφήνας

  22. plss make another video on sg 106.plsss.. and shout out me if you want

  23. Purchased the SG-900 with optical positioning, not the GPS version. Found that at times the drone wouldn't respond to the controller. Had to quickly switch over to my phone in order to retrieve control of the drone. Follow me doesn't work all that well but the battery life is a good 20min of flying time. Maybe the GPS version is better but wouldn't recommend the SG-900 version. Also very clunky to fly.

  24. i have the drone but couldnt link it up with the app. how do you hook up the app so youd be able to see out of the camera?

  25. flies really nice though. its one of my best drones.

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