Τώρα, if you haven't seen our other channel reboot I'll leave a link in the video about section down below, so you can cuz you've missed out on tons of great content, but I got to tell you: this truck was used in a penalty just a few weeks Ago, or should I say a few episodes ago now, one of the things that made the penalty extra fun is that we only had one of these axles working now. The issue with the axle has still yet to be discovered. This inside axle is spinning and working properly, but it's almost like we're missing some sort of gear on the inside of this one. So we do have the drive shaft spinning what looks like to be a pinion shaft, but not actually spinning anything at all. Τώρα, in an upgrade for this B series Mac, which is a beautiful handcrafted front, this was all done out of styrene by semi Joe he's, a fellow that's been building semi trucks and sculpting. These kind of radio control amazing works of art. Since the 80s I'll leave a link to his website in the About section as well in case you want to check out more. Of course I painted it and did the trim and stuff, but really he was the master behind crafting this all together. Now look at these beauties. This is something else that you can pick up with semi joe, these are all aluminum axles. Now these I got from my buddy Wyatt in a trade.

This is actually, you can see here, remote locking, diff this one as well a remote locking diff both of these. This one's gon na have the throughput straight for the drive shafts I'm, not going to be hooking up the remote locking differentials today, although that is a very nice thing to have when you're in the winter or, if you're, hauling a heavy load. And you want to make sure you have both differentials locked. You can pull on a cable to have those small arms into a lock because ition or unlocked, Φυσικά, so one way or the other. This is going to be a heck of an upgrade over what's. There already let's get started so first thing I got to do is take out all the screws and remove that hub cover and then the wheel nut, and this is going to be on all four of the wheels now. This is the neat part about these Dooley's. Maybe this we're going to remove this aluminum tire, and then we have a separate inside aluminum, where it's really a two piece set. Όπως μπορείτε να δείτε, it does take an inside hex adaptor, which I like very much, but there's a difference between the old Tamiya or Tamiya Tamiya Tamiya, whatever you want to call it. The company they've run these splined adapters, but these axles here this is actually going to run a pin system. So I do have some extra pins and twelve mill adapters, because these are gon na be useless, so I'll keep them with these older axles in case anyone needs them okay, so I did the other side.

Βασικά, you know like one that I showed you and I took the other one off, but I wanted to do this in real time, because I have a lot of people that comment and they've done this with me over the years. In the comments section, when I've done different types of RC, where folks say to me that they're intimidated by the style of RC that I'm working on, they don't feel confident enough to undertake a build of such grandeur. Ξέρεις, and I think I think, a lot of people make it out to be more than what it is just like a lot of things in life like it can seem very overwhelming when you're first thinking of doing something and you don't really have a plan And you haven't done it before and it's different. I mean humans inherently have a difficult time with change as a whole, as as we've heard, you know as we've seen with history, but something just like an RC truck or a semi truck. Although the construction both may look confusing as long as you take it step by step and try to use common sense when you're, you know confused, it comes together and the other thing you know, there's a huge online support community back in the olden days. You know like let's, say olden days was ten years ago there was forums you could go to and there still are, but the Facebook support groups and all the people that gather hobby enthusiasts lots of places to get answers and the forums that are still out there.

Now these wheels are way more complicated than what would come with a stock kit. These are aftermarket wheels that look more complicated because, just like anything with any hobby, you can always get things that are more complicated depending on your skill level. But really these are just undoing. A few bolts now take off these hex adapters that's. How easy it is now this suspension might be like. Oh my gosh. They look so so complicated, but it's, not if you've ever put together a trail truck or any kind of leaf spring suspension. This is just a hanger with three Leafs in there right all in succession from shortest to longest in there, with a couple of u bolts and a couple of swing, hangers that hold the two axles, it's, actually really simple, don't, be intimidated by this. Thousands of these trucks have been built before you and thousands of them will be built after I'm done this one probably by me now I've never installed these axles before, but I know this one's going to be the rear one. Obviously cuz it only has one output drive or drive shaft assembly or whatever you want to call it the end of the pinion so I'm going to assume that that's going to be up, because this is how the differed be unlocked and locked I'm going to notice That there's two holes in here, which are going to coincide with the two holes on the original axle that's going to be.

Aha, there is a screw right there, gon na be another one under here, so I'm, just gon na disassemble. This whole suspension, arm and I'll have access to remove this whole axle, the most common tool in the RC world, the hex or cross ranch. I call it whatever you want to call it there's, so many names and different jargons out there, but cross ranch works. Για μένα, get rid of a suspension arm and I've got access to those bolts. Now they do have a nut on the other side. Do they? Όχι, they don't they're, just self threaded isn't that convenient one just going to take the assembly that I removed from there put it right in to where it's supposed to go on the other side. Με αυτόν τον τρόπο, when I get the bottom plate to thread it in, it will be equal same to the other side. Then I'm gon na remember to remove the drive cup off of the old axle perfect. Then you can bring this one in basically drop it straight down. Put those two screws in and secure it to the top leaf spring plate and then the two suspension arms come down. I'Ll just move this axle a little bit back. Put the two pins in on either side get everything anchored up and easier to put back into place. Εντάξει, like any modification, you know you're gon na run into some issues here and there. One of the things I didn't expect was that this dog bone is, you can see why it would be called a dog bone.

This driveshaft actually is too short in between the two drive cups, so those drive cups that I was actually replacing on there I'm going to be removing those completely because that way, what I can do is hook up a driveshaft directly to the pinion output drive as It has a flat spot on one side now that brings another problem then, whereas if this particular second axle is longer, that means this driveshaft here is definitely going to be too long, and it is, you can see it's just over so I'm gon na have to Get a different driveshaft in there, but that's okay. This definitely could take a normal mi, Pete style, metal driveshaft like that all metal, so that's gon na be very strong and then what I'm gon na have to do is custom cut a plastic driveshaft. What I'll do is I'll take this three piece: πλαστικό, driveshaft and I'll actually cut the outside sleeve by about a centimeter on either side. I'Ll have to do the proper measurements and shorten this up to see. If I can even get one, I wonder if I can. Even get one that small in there lotsa innuendo today, Λαοί, oh man, talk about innuendo, look at this off camera, I chopped and chopped it's, the smallest driveshaft I have ever seen. This has like maybe like a centimeter of spline there. It doesn't really need to articulate and spread apart too far. It just needs to be able to turn and man.

Ω άνθρωπος, I am thankful that I have a powerful rock 412 εκεί, ένα 3100 kV, because that is going to be able to take tons of punishment. It looks like the driveshaft angles off, but the only way to test it is to go, but everything is rolling and then once the axles are installed and the drive shafts are in time to do the tires and I'll just stick a drive pin in on this Side with the adapter make sure it's centered and the adapter drops down inside tire, and then I line up the outside tire and secure it. Εντάξει, with all that said and done, the drivetrain is reassembled and good to test so I'll hook up a battery mount up. The cab and see, if those wheels turn I still have to source proper trim for this truck, probably make some myself but it's coming together fairly. Καλά, μέχρι στιγμής, does it work let's, put a trailer on it and see if it can pull ok, this dozer alone weighs 63 Λίρες. It is incredibly heavy. Στην πραγματικότητα, if 63 pounds is heavy to carry around let alone on a trailer that weighs even more well, it's got a hinky fifth wheel, plate that's for sure it's manual. Καλά, aren't they all, but it's old let's, see it. Look at that guy's penalty for going over the tape hey easily pulling that weight around, but can I do the sharp turn? Yes look at that guys, so there it is those drive axles, all fixed up now.

Ελπίζω, you've enjoyed today's video. It gives you a little bit of confidence to try out the RC Hobby. Try out the different areas of the RC Hobby. Really you know. If what does you know, what does it for one guy may not do it for the next? If I may be so bold and you'll find just over time that, even like me, my interest in the Hobby have changed over time, even though I love it as a whole. You can definitely definitely see the different phases that I go through, so guys drop a like click drop. A comment show some support. What do you think of this B? Σειρά? Mac I'm gon na be doing some more work on it in the future and, Φυσικά, you're gon na see it on upcoming episodes of loading Kings. More information about loading Kings on our other channel go check it out right now.