ELEFANT TANK DESTROYER HiLL CLIMB in SNOW 1:6 κλίμακα – 240 lbs All Metal Armortek | RC ΠΕΡΙΠΈΤΕΙΕΣ

Snow, Ice & COLD. How will the 240lb Tank Destroyer do in its first "real test"? Through the snow, and up the steepest hill I have around me.. will this big beast power its way up, or fail and catch on fire?

This is an "Elefant", made by a company named Armortek, in England. I built this kit with my friends. We filmed it here: I did not want the "classic" historic WW2 tank destroyer, ratherbring it into this century as a Policed State Intimidator.. but first, I must test the power of the motors.. and the batteriesand have a little fun!

This machine runs on 24v, (Dual 12's in series) and has a run time of about 20 λεπτά.. It is all aluminum, and quite a work of art to see in person.

My cannon does not shoot anything.. I just completed this build, and at the moment do not have a plan for any projectiles.. Αλλά, this doesn't mean never! I live in Canada, so a firearm will not happen, but a Tank Definitely NEEDS TO SHOOT! For now, it will have to be CGI..

The truck you see in the video is a 1948 Ford F135 Dually..

If you are interested in checking out this Tank Destroer model, or other models of tanks that are made.. check them out at the famous website

Ευχαριστώ για το δεις!

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