So on your screen now, on the left hand, side is a list of all the features regarding this drone and on the right. I’Ve just put a small list of what comes in the box. So what is the eachine e520s drone, so it’s a gps drone which comes with brushed cordless motors? It has an advertised flight time of around 14 για να 16 minutes charging time for the battery is around 120 λεπτά. The radio control distance for this drone is up to 300 μέτρα. The drone comes in a number of different specifications, so the cameras for this drone are optional. You can either go on the lowest end spec, which is a 720p. Oh you’ve got a 1080p version and a 4k hd version. This is the one i’m going to be looking at today. This drone is a foldable drone and has a number of features. So this drone comes with follow me. It also comes with waypoint flight mode, λειτουργία άμεσου ελέγχου, Ταχύτητα, control orbit mode and also has a one key takeoff and landing system. As i said, i’ve listed the main features on the screen, so that’s it for me. Talking let’s, go and find a suitable location to fly. This drone and i’ll be back with you shortly afternoon. Everyone. This is rd drones and welcome to this eachine e520s drone review the weather at the moment, isn’t great it’s, either hammering it down with rain or we have nice sunshine. So at the moment the sun is out so hopefully that stay that wayand i can complete this uh drone review today, all right start by having a quick look at the drone.

Έτσι, όπως μπορείτε να δείτε, this is a folding drone, so legs just come out and click in place, camera at the front, um it’s, not a stabilized camera, and you cannot manually move it via your control. So you have to move this by hand. So when you set the camera up, just set it slightly pointing downwards, because if you set it too high you’ll have the props showing in the video two led lights on the front. Two landing legs on the front as well. Power on button is on the top of the drone. Here your battery is at the back to remove it, it’s quite simple, but out so this is a 7.4 βολτ, 1200 milliamp battery so i’m not expecting too much flight time with this battery. But i do have a few of these batteries on me. So if we do run out, i can just insert a new one that just clicks in place like that um, the good thing of this drone. It does have a micro sd card slot, which is here so if you lose your fpv signal, the drone will carry on recording to the card. Very light. Drone so definitely fly this on calm days. Don’T, take this up in gale force winds because you will lose it so let’s. Take you through the control, so at the top here is the gps on and off button to the right of that is the return to home and below.

That is the headless mode button over to the right. Is your automatic takeoff and automatic landing buttons? So right here is the emergency. Stop button only use this if you’ve crashed into trees or landed in long grass. Προφανώς, your joysticks power on button is in the middle uh top of the control you have the video camera button and the photo button for taking pictures over to the other side is the speed control. This drone has three different speed modes, which is really good and then above that is the orbit mode. The antennas on this control are not real there’s, no transmitter running through them, so they’re just used for show so i’m, not expecting a massive fpv range. With this drone just turn around to the back, so this control takes um, it doesn’t say on the back here, but i believe it’s, four double a batteries. This drone takes yeah four double a’s. This bottom bit pulls out here. So you’ve got a nice space for a phone Music to sit in there, so you can use the app so let’s just set this drone up now then. So what i’m going to do first is power. The drone on so to do that. You just hold the power on button for about two seconds and then i power on the controller so now they’re both switched on both the controller and drone will now bind. So you have to wait around 30 seconds and you’ll hear a beep that be means that the controller and drone are now linked together.

So we should hear that there is there’s the beep, so that means they’re now connected. So next thing is to connect to the drone’s wi fi and the app so bear with me: i’ll be back in a sec right so i’m, now connected to the app and the drone’s wi fi, the app i’m. Using for this drone is the eachine tech app which is used on a iphone x. I do recommend going into the manual, Αν και, and checking which app is required for your phone, because they do differ between the iphone and android phones. So when you open up the app and you select the drone that you’re looking to fly, you get a prompt that comes up and it says: has a drone been calibrated, so we’re going to hit no so we’re going to do the calibration now and to do That you just rotate the drone horizontally, so you hear the beep and then rotate again vertically Music, so the gps is now connected. So we can see here that i have 14 satellites locked in need a minimum of eight, so we’re pretty much ready to go now. So i’m just going to turn off these joysticks on the app. So the next thing is to calibrate the gyros. Έτσι, to do this, you need to put the drone on a flat surface which it is and then just move the control sticks down and right and you’ll hear a beep and the light does flash on top of the drone and once that stops flashing.

That means the gyros have been calibrated and that’s. It we’re ready to fly now. So what i’m going to do is hit the video button, so we start recording to arm the motors you push both sticks down and out. Let’S take the drone up manually. So the first thing, i’m checking is the gps stabilization and, όπως μπορείτε να δείτε, this drone is very stable and it’s hovering right over the landing pad. So the wind’s picking up slightly, but the drone is fighting that wind and staying close to where it taken off. Οπότε είμαι., going to test the fpv range and to do this as it’s not too much of a windy day i’m going to take the drone up to about 40 μέτρα. So let’s just turn the drone around slightly here and we’re, going to go up to 40 meters and see how much range we can get with this drone before signal is lost i’m, not expecting any more than 80 για να 100 μέτρα, but we’ll see right so that’s At 40 μέτρα, i’m gon na head out now, currently at 20 meters out everything seems okay. It really is a perfect day for testing a drone like this um very little wind. If there was quite a bit of wind, you would see that in the video footage, because every as there’s no stabilize as there’s no stabilized gimbal every movement. The drone makes you pick up in the video footage. Γι' αυτό τώρα., 72 meters let’s just stop there.

I think he’s beginning to lose note. We’Ve lost lost signal. I see if we go up a little bit higher if i can regain that yeah, so regain signal again so i’m going to head out tiny bit further. Τώρα 80 meters still got signal, looks like it. Ας, go a bit further lost again so i’m going to take it up to about 55 μέτρα. I guess because obviously i haven’t got screen and this control doesn’t have a digital display, so i can’t see where i’m, at with the train, once the app is frozen. Right so that’s it i don’t think we’re going to get any more, so got a distance of 85 meters until signal was lost so i’m just going to hit the return to home button and see how close we get to the landing pad so it’s on its Way back now say, the good thing is with this drone. Although i’ve lost video signal, the video footage will still be recording to the sd card, το οποίο είναι καλό. Some drones, δεν το κάνεις., get that sd card slot and the video just records to your phone and you lose that video once you lose signal. Όπως μπορείτε να δείτε, the signals come back in now again some drones, the apps, with link to the drones. Once you lose signal that’s it, you have to return the drone and reset the app, but this one seems to have come back on, which is really good.

That’S just hovering above now, i’m not going to land the drone because i’m pretty sure it’s not going to land on the pad. Hopefully it won’t be too far off, but the grass is really long here and wet because it’s been raining last night, so i’m going to stop the drone before it lands and it comes we’re at 25 μέτρα, perfect, γι' αυτό είμαι., going to stop that there so i’m Going to stop the drone there, sometimes this drone from my test flight has a tendency just to land so, and it tried doing it then, but luckily held its position so let’s stop the video i’m going to take some pictures, Εντάξει, it’s doing it again. Εντάξει, so there you go it’s, as you see the drone lost signal and just crashed landed. So what i’ve done there is. I just hit this stop button as it was coming down, so the propellers didn’t get damaged, so it’s done exactly what it done in the test flight, so let’s check see if i’ve still got wi fi, yet i’ve still got signal. Let’S go back onto the atman, so that’s something you got ta watch out with this drone. When you return to home, it does tend to um try to land, even though you’ve cut the return to home off and i’m, not sure why it’s done that it doesn’t always do that. So during the test flight, i took it up about three or four times and only done that the once so just be careful, but what i did there like, i just said: i hit the emergency stop button so as the drone got to the landing area on The grass it cut the motors out so the motors didn’t get damaged because these are brushed motors and um they’re, not as durable as the brushless ones.

So let’s just do a gyro calibration again so i’m going to do it sticks down and to the right now. Εγώ είμαι ο., going to go and test the app function so we’re going to look at the follow me first, so let’s arm the motors again take the drain up so let’s just come round here. Let’S turn the drone around just take it up hit the record button. So follow me to to start this up. You hit the button in the top left hand, corner looks like a drone hit, follow then. Εντάξει, so let’s walk back, and hopefully the drone will follow. That’S coming towards me, όπως μπορείτε να δείτε, i’ll walk over here drone seems to be following if i walk towards the drone let’s see if the drone moves back it’s a bit delayed we’re going to move back that’s moving with me as i follow the drone perfect. So that seems to be working, fine let’s come out and follow let’s. Take the drone up let’s test the orbit mode now so again go into that drone. Looking icon on the top left hit orbit, and hopefully the drone ah let’s, take the drone out a little bit so that’s a good thing. Με αυτό το drone, you can adjust the position with the orbit mode. Some drones, you can’t so, but you have to set the elbit mode off by moving the right joystick to which direction you want it to go. Έτσι, as you can see now, the drone is now orbiting.

Αυτό είναι, Πολύ καλό, it’s very stable. There we go so it’s returning to home, as we have low battery so that’s. The um follow me in orbit mode. Both of them seem to be working fine. So what i’m going to do now is land. The drone put a new battery in and we’ll test out the waypoints headless mode and get some video footage. Apologies. I had to cut the video short during the filming of the waypoints. At that time, a large black cloud come over and the heavens opened up. So i had to find shelter and put all the equipment away before anything got damaged. I managed to start back up again, but i only had around a 20 minute window because the forecast had changed and there was a lot of rain coming in. So i managed to get some video footage of the drone and look at some of the speed settings: Μουσική. Χειροκροτήματα, Μουσική, Um, Μουσική, me: Μουσική, Εεε, Μουσική, Εντάξει, so i hope you enjoyed the video footage so now i’m, just going to show you the uh speed modes with this drawing, so the speed is controlled at the top of the control here. So this is speed mode. Ένα, so you can see this isn’t that far so, where there you go so it’s, quite slow in mode one. So if we hit mode, two i’ll show you that that’s quite a bit faster, but obviously the video footage will be quite jumpy in that speed and speed mode.

Free is a lot faster, όπως μπορείτε να δείτε, let’s head it towards me: that’s speed mode, free, Εντάξει, Ας, put it back in speed mode one. So that is it for this drone um, i quite like it it’s. Definitely a beginner’s drone um. The price is pretty reasonable and i’d definitely recommend it if you’ve never flown a drone before and the great thing is with this drone, it does come with an sd card which is really handy. Εντάξει, the fpv range isn’t great, but the drone makes up for it in a lot of ways: it’s it’s below the 250 grams legal limit, which is always a bonus, it’s very easy, easy to control the apps quite basic and easy to navigate round so yeah. I definitely recommend purchasing this drone if you’ve never flown one before i did test waypoints and headless mode in a test flight before this video, and they do work perfectly well too so that’s it for this. Video please like and subscribe to rd drones.