DRONE QUICK TIP #9 – 2017 Yuneec Typhoon H Firmware Update – Πώς να

Αυτό “Πώς να” video covers YUNEEC TYPHOON H Firmware Updates. The subject of Over The Air (OTA) updating just isn’t proven with the intention to maintain the replace course of simplified.

Please calibrate your COMPASS & IMU after this replace. Demonstration proven right here: HTTPS://youtu.be/hzG30SlDhes

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  1. Έτσι, how is it lugging around that beast of a drone? Do you have a Toyota pick-up to get it from spot to spot?
    I complain about my phantom being to damn big and it's half the size of the typhoon!!

  2. Very good! My apologies to trouble Captain and you had to remove and correct the text.

  3. I gave new links to resources to this new link to your video.
    Once again I apologize for interfering in your work.

  4. Be carefull, you must change the flight mode to your desired flight mode!!!!
    Flight mode as returned to the standard flight that is may be not yours!!!!

  5. Ok so I finally pulled the pin and bought one of these. http://m.ebay.com.au/itm/172158805191
    Will let you know how it goes.

  6. Glad to see that your following is growing……Thanks to you….this is the first time I have installed an update that worked correctly the first time…….KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! And stay warm up there………

  7. so if I downloaded both via Wi-Fi seemed to install perfectly. did not delete the old flight data, could that cause a problem? am having a problem with the compass calibration messing up while flying. should I go back in and delete that now? Ευχαριστώ

  8. Just got the Typhoon H yesterday and completed the controller and aircraft updates successfully by following your instructions. Now to calibrate the compass, accelerometer and then fly it for the first time. Σας ευχαριστούμε για το βίντεο σας. It helped a lot,

  9. I confirmed that the previous owner of my Typhoon H did the latest firmware upgrade and the ST16 and the H. But he reset the Flight Data as you suggested in the video. Been flying it for a few days now. Is it safe to just go into the controller now and clear the flight data?

  10. anybody know what might happen if the gimble is not disconnected when the sd card is was inserted.

  11. Excellent video Captain Drone. Update went perfectly following your instruction. Your videos rock Sir!

  12. Καπετάνιος, have you tried MS Explorer to download the update files? Explorer wil change the extension of the file from .bin to .zip and the update will fail because the Typhoon H cannot read the file. A lot of people are having issues with this. I have already informed Jeff about it: HTTPS://www.YouTube.com/watch?v=nlcccfP7TPs&lc=z22ndlriaq3durjzn04t1aokghsy54ylak1xafhpncm1rk0h00410.1490635105392053

  13. Μεγάλη vid,αλλά στο 3.06 you say make sure the camera Gimbal is removed before powering on the typhoon? i'm a little confused does this mean completely remove the camera after inserting micro card,or do you mean the cover over the camera? sorry if this sounds a little stupid but could you clear this up for me please.Thanks

  14. Nice guide! i'll follow it step by step later today! bought mine when it came out and i only got one flight with it due to sickness til now! cant wait to test it out propperly 🙂 keep up the good vids!

  15. Ένα άλλο μεγάλο βίντεο, it helped me alot THANKS!

  16. very helpful guide updating our drones and controller.. lol just got my bitch (mydrone) this week..

  17. I was following the video until we got to the actual upgrading of the Typhoon. At that point I came to the conclusion that updating firmware on DJI is less time consuming so i gave up on buying this machine.

  18. Holy Shiti thought i was in a fuck'n nightclub!, certainly not doing anything serious like installing Firmware Updates!. I'm sure most of these video up-loaders were sleeping when the brains were being handed out!!!

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