BAYANGTOYS X21 Brushless RC Quadcopter – RTF


  • Εμπορικό σήμα: Bayangtoys
  • Τύπος: Εξωτερική,Τετράγωνο ελικόπτερο
  • Μοντέλο: X21
  • Χαρακτηριστικά: Έκδοση χωρίς ψήκτρες
  • Τύπος κινητήρα: Χωρίς ψήκτρες
  • Λειτουργίες: Auto Hover,Αυτόματη επιστροφή,Αυτόματα, μετά από,Fail-Safe,Εμπρός/πίσω,Λειτουργία άμεσου ελέγχου,Ύψος εκμετάλλευση,Προστασία χαμηλής τάσης,Σημείο ενδιαφέροντος,Λοξή πτήσης,Στρίψτε αριστερά ή δεξιά,Πάνω/κάτω,Με το φως
  • Μέγεθος: Μεγάλο
  • Δορυφορικό σύστημα: GPS
  • Ενσωματωμένο γυροσκόπιο: 6 Άξονα γυροσκόπιο
  • Υλικό: ABS/PS,Ηλεκτρονικά εξαρτήματα
  • Τύποι κιτ: RTF
  • Επίπεδο: Ενδιάμεσο επίπεδο
  • Τηλεχειριστήριο: 2.4GHz ασύρματο τηλεχειριστήριο
  • Κανάλι: 4-Κανάλια
  • Λειτουργία ραδιοφώνου: Λειτουργία 2 (Αριστερή γκαζιού),Wi-Fi APP
  • Εξ αποστάσεως ελέγχου: 300-800m
  • Λεπτομερή έλεγχο εξ αποστάσεως: 400 - 450m
  • Συμβατό με πρόσθετα Gimbal: Ναι
  • Απόσταση FPV: 250 - 300m
  • Πομπό ισχύος: 6 x 1.5V AA μπαταρία(δεν περιλαμβάνονται)
  • Πρότυπο δύναμη: Ενσωματωμένη επαναφορτιζόμενη μπαταρία
  • Μπαταρία: 2200mAh 11.1V LiPo
  • Διάρκεια πτήσης: 16 - 18λεπτά
  • Χρόνος φόρτισης.: 210 - 260λεπτά
  • Εικονοκύτταρα φωτογραφικών μηχανών: 8MP ( 1920 x 1080P )
  • Ανάλυση βίντεο: 1080P Full HD, 720P HD
  • Βάρος προϊόντος: 1.7000 kg
  • Βάρος συσκευασίας: 1.8400 kg
  • Μέγεθος του προϊόντος (L x W x H): 25.00 x 25.00 x 22.00 cm / 9.84 x 9.84 x 8.66 ίντσες
  • Μέγεθος πακέτου (L x W x H): 35.10 x 32.40 x 23.60 cm / 13.82 x 12.76 x 9.29 ίντσες
  • Περιεχόμενα συσκευασίας: 1 x Aircraft Body ( Περιλαμβάνεται μπαταρία ), 1 x Gimbal ( με την κάμερα ), 1 x πομπός, 1 x Mobile Phone Holder, 1 x φορτιστής ισορροπίας, 1 x Power Adapter, 8 x έλικα, 1 x Toolkit, 1 x αγγλικό εγχειρίδιο


Περιγραφή:BAYANGTOYS X21, based on X16, has been significantly improved. The RC quadcopter equipped with two global positioning systems - GPS, so it can hover automatically and stay wherever you want steadily. You can use the 8MP camera to take 1080P 30fps videos and transfer 720P 60fps FPV to...

Σχόλια χρηστών

1. I chose bayangtoys x21 because it is a well-evaluated and recommended drone in social networks (YouTube), indicated for those who are starting. 2. I really enjoyed the quality of the equipment's construction material, design, motors and the ability to withstand various accessories and adaptations, including getting parts from other drones. Supports the installation of gimbal. 3. The advantages were mentioned in the previous item. 4. Despite some aspects against, the aspects in favor weigh much more. I would definitely recommend it to my friends and to all people who are interested in piloting a drone. 1. I see as disadvantage the flight range only reasonable for average, could improve. 2. Another thing I did not like about the x21 was the battery compartment: very rudimentary for that drone that has a good structure. 3. The battery could be docked and with energy level signaling as in the phantom. 4. I also did not like the way the propellers were locked. The pins can be easily lost if they are not tightened before the flight.
un buongiorno per chi già ha manualità con droni non ad uso professionale ma ad uso l'ho completamente modificato installando una Gym Ball della Walkera G2-D Edo un trasmettitore a 5,8 Gigahertz e facendo la movimentazione della Cam tramite pulsanti foto video.comprato in offerta restituito in garanzia una volta Poi che non funzionava mi è stato rinviato un prodotto nuovo funzionante anche se non mi funziona nella videocamera e neanche l'headless mode. la videocamera non funziona in Italia poiché cellulari non riescono a riceverla ed la funzione headless Mode non funziona quindi bisogna guidare con la modalità a testa
One of the best quadcopters I bought the last 2 χρόνια. Good quality material. Nice design. Sturdy manufacturing. Good final quality check. Very good FPV camera with wide range. 1080p/30fps video. Good and clear video feedback up to 200-300m. Control range up to 600m. Able to carry a heavy payload. Powerful brushless motors. Very accurate GPS. Fail safe geofence RTH. Flying time up to 13min. I wish this would be longer. No gimbal, just caméra mount. All the features of a 1200$ quadcopter This is not a racer. Short flight time.

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