If you want to know what this product is subscribe to, the channel review, that will be coming soon, if its not really up on a channel, but on todays video. We do have an e liquid review, and this was sent to me from my good friends. Of course, its been sent to me for my good friends at bowmans. Eliquid specialist have a check on their website. They do loads of different e liquids like loads, the stupider man stupid of a stupid amount, but these are new ones from el futo and i have reviewed el futo products before theyre like a mexican inspired fruit vapes. This is a new one from them, and this is just pure blueberry. I love blueberry. I love blueberry eliquids. If you go back to all my e liquid reviews, youll know i like blueberry, so this is just blueberry. So when this arrived yesterday, i think when its arrived lets say this week i was over the moon because i love a blueberry, a blueberry. So if youve never had blueberry try blueberry and egg liquid fantastic, so they sent me this one and they sent me a strawberry one. Strawberry one will be on a future review. So thank you once again, beaumance e liquid specialist for sending out the ill fruito. For me to test brand new on the el futo line, i do have it in this device. Like i said, if you wan na notice devices subscribe to the channel its up, there me putting it in no stoogen on this channel.

We review. Well, i review e liquids that im vaping. I aint just pretending: im vaping it im vaping it im testing it im, getting the flavors and im trying to lay back the flavors im getting thats my job so lets taste this and im a bit biased because i do like blueberry. They sound like about a blueberry liquid that i just i just find fantastic like i said, if you like fruits and youve never had a blueberry, try it its really like blueberry is kind of like an e liquid anyway, its like a sweet, a sweet fruit, its A sweet fruit, sweet fruity e liquid works fantastic as an e liquid, and this blueberry from el futo sent to me from bowman eliquid specialists, which is 100 ml bottle. I think these are around a 10 pound sort of price 70. Fiji, 30 pg, 90. Nicotine im just testing this for flavor no nicotine in this, but you add your nicotine to it: 10 out of 10 im, giving it youve heard it 10 out of 10.. Now i think the only other liquid ive given 10 out of 10 is my own one. Green fruity, no, the lemon and lime slush. The green fruity fizz also probably got a 10 out of 10., but um thats completely me being biased, giving my own eliquids 10 out of 10, but i cant not give them 10 out of 10., so the lemon and lime id give 10 out of 10.

The green fruity fizz 10 out of 10 blueberry alfrudo 10 out of 10.. Well, i cant fault it. It comes down to a couple of factors. One factor is, i love blueberry, liquid second factor its a really nice blueberry and the third factor. I cant find any faults whatsoever, meaning my hands are tied. I got ta, give it a 10 out of 10. well done. Bowman eliquid specialist on that and well done el futo im going to clean that bottle up its a fruity, blueberry taste thats on the mild sweet level. So if youre gon na say as sweet easy, if i try to explain how sweet it is were not overly sweet, were not underly sweet were perfectly in the middle its where you want it on an e liquid. Oh well done absolutely fantastic, thats a 10 out of 10 there. If you want to see more eliquid reviews well, i dont always give them 10 out of 10.. I think thats, probably only the third time, ive done it. I may be corrected, but i think thats only the third time ive done it if you want to see e liquid reviews from all different companies that send them out to me, then subscribe on this video now youve seen this that was sent to me from beaumanny Liquid specialist check them out. Thank you once again, bowman eliquid specialist, for sending this one out. This is a 10 out of 10 fight.

There, youll not take care.