They are pretty much giant drones that can transport people or logistics things of that nature. So, in short, they have the technical definition where it’s, essentially autonomous aerial vehicles, which is store for aav, and then you can even check out the little summary we have here, but once i show you some more pictures and videos of what they do, it’ll make more Sense but uh in simple terms, basically drones that can transport you, so here is actually what i wanted to share with you because check out the current stock price and the market is closed right now, when i’m recording this, but the current price is at one around 124 and recently this has seen a surge and it’s it’s quite insane. Actually, so if we were to just sit here and uh, let’s let’s just expand this out on the one year chart first just to show you like what happened so around pretty much. The average price for the pretty much 2020 was around sub 15 ish 20. Mark right so here and then recently all of a sudden, you know it started, increase now we’re reaching the 25 mark range and then all of a sudden. So if i want to sit here and just show you so just before this year started we’re right at 2020 and then right when the year pretty much 2021 starts and it’s only almost it’s less than two months right from the year. The year just starting and we’re around the 21 mark and as you can see at the last price before the market closed, it was at 124 now so we’ve pretty much seen.

A 6x increase of e hang in literally less than two months and that’s quite insane, because this company is i’d say it’s fairly low in terms of the market cap too it’s only 6.79 bill, which is quite low again that’s my own opinion, but i think that Was insane because i wanted to show you this, like insane spike in price and seeing here, it’s hovering in around 70 and all of a sudden boom jumps up to almost what yeah, 125 plus, which is quite insane so that’s, just a quick run through of the Stock price and then what the uh stock has been doing for the past few weeks and no before i get into the summary and what ehang actually does? I just remember everything i see in this video is not financial advice. Make sure you do plenty of research before making any investments, but here let’s actually go ahead and check out ehang, and here i am on finvis and i just went on there and typed in eh. You can see here. This is probably an easier view of the chart, but yeah i mean look at this flat around sub 10 ish, 15 ish and then goes crazy right here, all the way up to 125 plus, but we can check out the financials right now and that a total Revenue for the past few years, 120, 180, 60 and then uh net income, so it’s currently obviously it’s not profitable.

Yet but uh here let’s check out this, so they have a powerpoint on their slide and then uh i’m gon na go through these, because these are the easiest to show you what they actually are doing and then they have a lot more videos and things of That nature, which, if you’re interested you, can check out on their actual website but um. You can also check out this uh little powerpoint slide, show too. They have links on the side too, but uh. I want to show you some some interesting like points off from this, so here obviously they have this. Let me let me zoom out a little bit so it’s easier to see, so it tells them what they do, but i want to show you this part, so this one’s, actually pretty cool, so check this out. So here is their current portfolio. So let me actually let me zoom in a little bit more, so you can see here they have the two seater and it’s the eh 216. They have this firefighting, one which is actually pretty cool, because i’ve seen i’ve seen, videos of this in the states and it’s actually pretty cool. I don’t know how big their specific model is, but the one i’ve seen it’s like you know typical, if you’ve seen drones before, like dji’s and whatnot it’s, like a slightly bigger version i’m, not sure how big this one is, but the actual passenger c1 is.

I mean it’s quite big, because you have to fit actual people in here. Then they have one for logistics, so um in terms of uh, something that’s relatable. If you are living in america, for instance, you’ve heard of amazon doing something similar with drone deliveries. So this is something that they have under their portfolio right there. They also have a one seater now that’s quite interesting. I’Ll share some of my thoughts later at the end of the video but uh that’s pretty cool, and then they obviously have the non passenger ones. As well so these are pretty cool too and i’m sure some of these can be used for like military purposes and whatnot, but um yeah. These looks like typical, you know upgraded, i guess drone variations there and then uh here you can see like the aav operating platform and then you can see pretty much. They have in the white paper which i’ll show you in a second there’s, a central control system. So it’s, essentially they think of. Obviously, if people were just you know controlling their own drone passenger vehicles like they would do whatever they want, which is not the best case, especially in big major cities. So they actually have central control just to make sure everything you know is functioning properly, and then they have a cool video on their sites and uh, where it shows like the setup in terms of uh like how the drones can, you know, be charged, moved around And you know stored in space and then here’s like a more detailed view, so we can see here.

Let’S count, one two, three four five six seven looks like eights yeah. It looks like a propeller right now and that’s. Actually, really interesting is they’re showing like uh, mainly this is for the looks like the one seater or maybe that’s a two. I can’t yeah. It looks like a two seater actually and that’s cool. You have a little luggage carrier here and then this is just more detailed views on like how the actual uh, at least the passenger uh drone, looks like and then here’s. Actually some like real life pictures. You can check them out and no. This is actually already being flown and tested so like if in case, you’re thinking. These are like prototypes in case you’ve, never seen this before there’s. Actually, people who’ve been inside of these um passenger drone vehicles or i don’t know what you call um aavs and they’ve already been tested around. So just keep that in mind, like they’re already using this testing this out now here are just some use cases. Obviously, passenger transportation that’s one again depending on the city and obviously this the country you live in this might work, but right now, since it’s, mainly in china and they’re targeting european countries right now, it seems to be their main uh focus point in terms of uh Regulations in america i mean there’s, so many so many way risk, i would say there’s, so many risks involved with having you know, flying giant flying drone vehicles in like imagine in new york, city or l.

a that at least for chinese companies. I don’t see that happening anytime soon, but maybe in american companies because there’s, obviously american companies that are building something similar like actually uber. If you’ve seen they had preview videos a few years back of like uber air. So i don’t know when that’s going to be released. I stated on their site around the uh. You know 20 23 in like texas and like major cities, but in terms of chinese companies focusing back on just ihang. That was just something i want to share. They have logistics, obviously think of this, like amazon transportation type stuff for people in the states. Like i said earlier, you know central management and then there’s some cool stuff here too, and then again, here’s some use cases just to give you more of like a visual of what’s going on this is cool too, especially. I could see this big in like tourist areas, giving some sort of you know, tour and it’s kind of like helicopter tours if you’ve ever been to major cities. You’Ve seen um people on social media helicopter tours, except this way, is a much cheaper and more uh. I’D say it’s much easier to uh, set up and i’ll show you that i believe they have some more details in the white paper when i was reading it. If i was correct of the comparison of like helicopters versus these um aavs and then obviously they have the transportation too, so uh here’s, like just aerial logistics.

So if you see things in like um offshore, they need something to be transported. That’D be a cool way to do it and then heavy cargo as well, and then here you can see here just like urban places too, and then obviously we have this interesting thing, which is emergency transport and they have. They have um this use case, it’s a flying ambulance. Now i again, this is just my opinion. I’M, just sharing with it in america. I don’t really see that making sense. At least today. Maybe you know a few years from now: that’s gon na be like the norm, but uh, maybe in china, that’s much more uh feasible because, obviously, depending on how the structures are lived and based off what i’ve seen there’s much more uh like buildings and they’re, not Really, as spread out like america, where people live in like these massive, like country lands and you drive like hundreds of miles on the interstates and highways, but uh either way, it’s really cool. This is a i say, cheaper, obviously, version and it’s also uh. I feel like this would be easier if you can actually land these in um. You know tighter places around cities, then you could get to uh people who are injured or need help easier, because if obviously, if you’re a helicopter, you can’t just land down the middle of like a downtown area, because it’s gon na be insane and it’s. Just not gon na make sense, but for like, if these can actually just land in, like you know typical roadway in the middle of downtown or something this could be definitely feasible, but obviously that’s.

Some of their plans. For that, which i think is really interesting and here’s the fire uh firefighting, one so again, yeah it looks a little smaller than the passenger ones. Obviously, but looks like you actually fit somebody i don’t know i have to make sure you can see, but it looks like this is like an equivalent example there’s, the ones in the states i’ve seen where they have the uh that they just miniature drone just shooting, Like to this uh, you know the water out of the thing, but uh this one’s, actually cool use case there as well, and it seems like they have like a big portfolio in terms of pretty much any benefit of using a um, a drone type vehicle. They have usually it so it’s like firefighting, you know ambulance transportation, logistics, etc and then here’s, just like a quick um just view of like the centralized part where they control everything, which i should i’ll share with you already a little bit of that, and then they Have some financial highlights too, which you can check out and then obviously these are not in usd. So i don’t know the conversions and just some highlights the world’s first and only publicly traded urban air mobility company and obviously you can see some more content here. But i think this part, the first one is actually pretty interesting here, knowing that there are a lot of competing companies doing something quite similar, but that’s pretty cool and then here’s just more like visuals.

Now let’s go over to the actual white paper, because this is the more detailed version and you can see the table of contents, and you know like how realistic is this et cetera and there’s some cool things. I want to skim through here, because i thought they were pretty interesting to show you that i don’t think many people are just like going in the details of they’re, more just saying like the stock price and predictions, but i think this stuff is pretty cool in Terms of like seeing like what’s what is the actual behind the scenes of these uh of these like companies right so um these? This is more like detail stuff here, but again, this is more of the um. This is like the command center thing of this is like controlling everything, because uh right now, if it’s their main goal, obviously is being automated, where they have someone centralized controlling things and that’s, just for it to make sure that you know there’s, no human error, which They state that’s. Some of the risk factors is for. Like typical, you know: airplanes there’s, the human error right, the pilot’s got tired. You know something happens to them. Then you pretty much you you there’s, not much. You can really do right. Besides the you know, the safety nets behind that, but that’s pretty cool, and then you can see uh here’s, a little structure and then like transport around – and you know these are like the ones where they um just chilling waiting and then they have the application here.

So that’s pretty cool too and some thoughts again. These are my thoughts but uh i’m thinking like major carpooling type ride, sharing companies that have you know this massive uh user base, like think of like an uber or lyfts, could either easily merge with these companies or combine some sort of uh way to where they Can just basically get those users just like that and boom. If you want to get a aerial drone transportation, you just go click on the button and there you go so that’s something interesting. I could think i could definitely see happening unless these companies obviously make like their own user base and you know their own applications, but here this is, like their main characteristics, obviously autonomous services – everything here, but i want to show you more of the uh, like the The actual details right because it’s like this is cool and all but what’s. What is the you know the use of it so here’s the flight uh, the flight range, and this is kilometers, but uh you can do the conversion. I believe one miles like 1.6 km. I mean you could google it really quick, but here’s, stating the range short to medium, so this is think of it as the uh that, like extra last few miles that obviously airline um airplanes at airports, can’t complete so it’s either you have to drive there with You know your own car or use some car pulling service, but this way this is another use case for that and then the elevation this one’s interesting – and this is just my own opinion – because i i’ve seen the amazon like videos or people uh, like the risk Of having drone delivery and it’s, obviously it’s not a thing today, but in the future, i could see this happening and uh here.

It states the the meters it’s, stating that the actual um vehicle will stay below remain up below 800 meters, which in feet, i believe, is like less than like. 2.6 k give or take i’d have to go double check the conversion, but um pretty much that’s that’s, not that you know that’s not that high right. Obviously i mean it’s you’re thousands of feet in the air, but compared to like traditional airlines when they stayed at 8, 000 and 12k meters, like you’re literally a fraction of it. So one of my thoughts – and this is again – this is just my own opinion, but uh i’ve seen videos where they there’s like little kids or like they see the amazon drone about to like drop the package off at a uh like someone’s house, and they like Throw a football at it or something and damages the drone right. So obviously these are massive compared to you know a little tiny amazon drone delivering some box but i’m curious to see uh. If anyone has resources or links to the safety of this, like what happens, if like a bird’s flying and runs into something or uh, you know what i mean like if something hits the uh one of the propellers on this drone and then next thing you know It it’s like you’re thousands of feet in the air right because it’s such a low range to where that stuff possibly could be an issue, especially if you’re like in a big downtown city and people like on top of the um roofs and they have um they’re.

Basically, the same height as the the actual vehicle, so that’s, something that if you have more research on showing like what happens, if it hits something in the air like how it reacts, i know they did show like the uh it’s safer in sense of uh there’s. Multiple uh propellers so that if one case like it fails there’s still like uh, you know it still can maintain versus. Like a helicopter, i mean you got the one giant propeller on the top. So if a helicopter fails then like there’s, nothing, you can do right. So that’s definitely, i think something i want to see more details on. If someone has resources for and then obviously they have the automated. You know the control system just to make sure everything’s going well and then everything here like prices and capacity but let’s just look at the uh. The comparisons right so uh here uav just in case you don’t know – is unmanned air vehicles, so basically drones versus passenger drones right. So here aavs, which is autonomous air vehicles. You can see you can carry both passengers and the freights, the uavs unmanned. Obviously he doesn’t have people, so it excludes passengers, centralized command, control, that’s, good and then 101 control or centralized control a little bit. The same connection, it looks like the av has better connection, uh capabilities or it looks like almost similar and then along let’s, see long remote control range globally and then mostly short range.

Okay and then you can see here the uh payload 200 to 600 kgs and then small payload, only 10 kgs, so that’s a big that’s, a big difference here, like the weight that they can carry now here’s. What i want to show you, because i was talking about helicopters earlier, like i said, so they stayed here. The higher safety led by distributed propulsion system dps, because they have multiple propellers and then helicopter has one right. So obviously my helicopters seem to be doing quite well, but uh that’s, something i’m interested to see because it’s uh, multiple, so it’s like what happens if let’s say like 20, so let’s say like 20 of propellers, obviously, depending on how many are on the vehicle fail. Will it still be able to maintain it, and those are just some of my thoughts i’m thinking of this one too full automation, so that’s interesting, so that’s like a pro and a con right if they get the technology to work where it’s like for sure it Doesn’T have any issues then. Yes, that makes sense. But if you follow tesla automating uh, the um self driving that’s taking years to perfect and it’s still there’s, not you know, it’s, not perfect right, so that’s. Definitely what at least a tesla, for instance, self driving cars in general you’re on the road and like worst case you can just you know you can steer the wheel if something happens right, but when you’re in the air – and you literally are just sitting in a Vehicle right, like a passenger drone and something goes wrong like i don’t, really see how you you’re.

Basically, you can’t do anything about it like either something happens bad or it fixes right reasonably priced, so they actually show price which i’ll show i’ll. Show you in a second because they show their prices too, which is um, it’s, interesting it’s, not super cheap, obviously, but it’s much much cheaper than you know. Helicopters and airplanes, and obviously the additional cost is having pilots right, whether it’s helicopter or just a normal airplane. Pilots, you mean what’s, the average salary like a six figure range, give or take literally it’s, just a centralized automation, slash the person controlling at the system and then low repair maintenance costs. Again, we have to see like how that works and it’s low noise, that’s cool, zero emission that’s. Definitely a good selling point here versus you know like gasoline powered things and then uh it’s swan sized too. These are good features to have comparing it to obviously helicopters, and then you can see here some more key advantages to cars so again fully autonomous human drivers. Safety concerns uh the negs negatives for cars. We obviously we got the ground route, so you can’t, you know just fly over like a forest or a lake, less stable, negative, low product margins, okay, so that’s pretty interesting here and then uh. Let me see if i can find the particular part. I was looking at so this is two. This one shows the like economic losses by traffic congestion, and this is comparing like u.

s um, at least the major cities in the us, and then obviously additional countries. And you can take a look into here. But i want to show you more of the uh. Just like the actual vehicle purposes here and yeah, these are some interesting points to actually consider, and these are just you know, like historical things like uh, well, 1950’s estates, but yeah. Let me go. Let me scroll down the bottom, because i want to share with you just some some more parts down here that are, i think, really interesting to know so. Here’S, the actual uh cost right. So this is just for the i believe, it’s the two passenger eh 216 and rmb, when i converted that to usd it’s around like a 300k ish give or take a price. And then you can see the comparison so that’s that that two passenger drone vehicle is around 300k give or take, which is not that’s, not that much compared to you know like luxury sports cars, which is actually quite interesting, and then obviously you can see here, like The um driver pilots r b a year, so i mean that’s that’s, actually interesting pricing here, but in terms of like domains, cost is low here and then there’s no emissions, so that’s, a big selling point is the emission part and then let’s see. This is more showing like how big the market could be. It seems like logistics tends to be the one that has a bigger share transportation, it’s like again it’s it’s there but it’s.

I don’t see it being like massive because it’s how many people are actually gon na, be flying around these massive drones in cities and if it is like, how many can you even keep in the air before it becomes like insane and there’s, not enough uh, like There’S, no, no, no more room for these uh people to like just fly around without colliding and whatnot and then obviously there’s some more uh stuff here but uh. Let me show there’s one. I think there’s a couple things i want to show near the end that i think we’re actually cool, to see. Let me just scroll down here and check it out so yeah. One thing too you’re probably wondering like how these are power. This has battery technology, so that’s, another thing too: they show in one of their um videos on their youtube channel like how they actually charge it up and stuff, so it’s, pretty cool there. So that’s actually interesting to see again – and this is just more some design stuff here, but yeah it’s pretty much like a little summary run through of their white paper, and since you made it this far in the video, i want to give you guys this reward. So if you want to get two free stocks valued up to 1 850, then you can go ahead and description below and click on that first link and then sign up with an account on weibo and once you deposit hundred dollars minimum, you will receive two free Stocks that could potentially be valued up to one thousand eight hundred fifty dollars, and if you decide to use my link, i will also receive two free stocks as well, and that benefits both of us.