Now. I recently reviewed ecoflows river pro and even though its on the higher end of the river lineup with more ports, more power and a higher capacity, it really doesnt come close to what the delta mini provides as a whole. The river lineup is smaller, more portable and is also modular. The delta lineup, on the other hand, still maintains a great level of portability while delivering significantly more power through more ports. It also has greater capacity too, so the delta power stations, i would say, are a little bit more pro again delivering more power through more ports and giving you more capacity to bring with you. So what i want to do in todays video is go over. Why the delta mini has been such a great power station. For me, its been my go to over the past couple of weeks, and i also want to touch on ecoflows new, updated app, because that is by far one of my favorite features that span across their entire lineup of power stations from the river. All the way to the delta, so this here is the delta mini in all of its tiny glory. It comes in at about 23.6 pounds and is easy to maneuver around with these two handles on the top side. The excellent build quality is the first thing that i noticed when taking this out of the box, because, with it being heavier, i didnt feel any give in the plastic body or the top handles.

This really is the case, though, with most products made by ecoflow theyre always made extremely well, along with the premium build quality of the delta mini. There are still two important things that we need to discuss, the first of which is the port selection on the outside of the power station, as well as the internals like. What makes this battery tick not only the capacity of the battery itself, but also the input and output wattage that this thing can deliver through the ac ports. It really is one of the things that makes eco flows. Power stations stand out, so the ports span, both of the smaller sides of the delta mini one side, is filled with five ac ports. A 12 volt dc outlet that delivers up to 126 watts of power switches to supply power to both of these ports and various inputs to charge up the delta mini from your car, a solar panel or from the wall flipping the power station around weve got the Power button a status led one, usb c port that delivers 100 watts of power, two usb a ports that deliver 12 watts of power each and another usb a port that delivers 18 watts of power. Finally, at the top, we have a small screen that displays the power in watts going in and out of the power station, the capacity remaining as a percentage and the estimated amount of time remaining that the delta mini can power other devices or how long its going To take to charge the battery inside, depending on its current usage, now i kind of wish that the front side of the delta mini here had more usb c ports.

It does have a total of four usb ports. Weve got enough room to plug in a good amount of devices here, but only one of them is usbc. The other three are usb a now. I understand that were kind of still in this transitionary period where were moving from usb a to usbc. But i would bet that most devices are now shipping with a usb c cord in the box in order to charge that device, whether its a phone, whether its a tablet, whether its a computer. So the fact that were kind of held back by having three outdated ports on this device isnt a deal breaker in my opinion, but its just annoying like when i bring this with me to charge devices on the go. I usually bring like a small bag of extra cables because i dont carry around usb a sided cords inside of my bag, theyre just outdated by now. So i kind of wish that this uh power station had more usbc ports, but at least weve got a good amount of ports in order to charge our devices on the go. So now that you know what type of ports you can use to power, your devices lets talk about the internals, because, while a great build quality is really impressive, i think that the sheer power ecoflows lineup of power stations offer is really what sets them. Apart from the rest, for starters, the ecoflow delta mini has a battery capacity of 882 watt hours pulling from their website.

Here are some of the examples of heavy duty power hungry devices that can be used with the delta mini and how long they can run. For now, while i havent been able to put all those numbers to the test, because i just dont use like a cpap machine or a circular saw on the daily, i can say that theres been two instances where ive been really happy and honestly, probably very lucky That i had the delta mini on me for portable power, so the first of which is camping. I enjoy going camping being in a tent, getting away from everything and just flying my drone or taking photographs so being able to bring portable power with me to charge. My batteries to power my grill to power, my pump in order to like blow up a blow up bed, i mean really anything that you can do. Camping bringing portable power is huge and the delta mini is great because its lightweight its portable, it doesnt take up. All that much room, but it still packs a punch for any of your high end appliances that you bring with you again like a grill lights pumps. Anything now another instance where i was really lucky to have this with me. The delta mini is when hurricane ida rolled through my area now. Luckily, we didnt get it all that bad up here in philadelphia, but we did lose power overnight and im somebody that loves to sleep with it as cold as possible.

So, with the power being out, my portable air conditioner didnt work, the ac in my house doesnt make it all the way up to my room, so i was able to hook it up to this and run the air conditioner all the way throughout the night. Now the ac drew about 105 watts of power continuously, and it only said that the ecoflow delta mini was going to last for about five or six hours, but luckily the actual ace unit itself had an eco mode. So i was able to run the air conditioning throughout the night without a sweat now, while its great that the delta mini is able to power such high end devices such power hunger devices, like refrigerators, appliances this – that whatever the thing that i use these power stations For the most, including the delta mini here, is to charge my batteries on the go for my camera equipment to power, my lights and as well as to charge my drone batteries. The drone batteries is probably the biggest thing that this battery this power station gets used for the most. So this is my drone here. The air 2s and ive got six batteries for this drone. You might think that thats overkill, but its really easy for me to go through six batteries during the day. Doing inspection work, real estate, work, photography, work, video work or, if im, just flying for fun like six batteries, is probably on the low end.

For me, i should be carrying more, but instead of carrying more, i just bring this with me and the delta mini when fully charged is able to give me 15 extra flights on my air 2 s. It can charge 15 drone batteries off of this power station. Here, which is a huge lifesaver now your mileage on charging your drone batteries will somewhat vary, of course, depending on which drone you own and fly, but also what percent you drain them down to. I routinely land mine with about 15 left. If that helps you gauge how many charges that youll be able to get from the delta mini just think about that, though 15 extra charges of an air 2s battery, that is 15 extra drone flights all because of the extra power stored inside of the delta mini Here now lets do a little bit of math right with 15 extra flights at an advertised flight time of 30 minutes on the air 2s that gives us 450 minutes of flight or seven and a half extra hours in the air. That is the entire day. I dont care what you say: you can fly the entire day because of the extra power inside of this power station and not have to worry. That is pretty impressive. Now lets talk about price right, because this should be fairly expensive. Its really well made its a big lithium battery right and why not just buy a couple of more batteries to hold you over? Well, if you bought 15 extra air 2s batteries at what they are 115, a piece that is 1 725 to buy 15 new batteries or the delta mini – is one thousand dollars right so whats great about this? Is you can bring it with you? You can use it to power other devices, you can charge a remote controller, you can charge uh.

You know your your computer, your cameras, anything on the go, whereas if you invest a ton of money into extra batteries, youre just kind of left with something that only powers. Your drone. Another thing that i really enjoy is being able to use like the countdown timer as ill call it here on the built in screen, so just to give you the example of the air 2s again when i plug in my air 2s, it draws 45 watts of Power through that charger and from 100 i can run the power station for 12 hours and 58 minutes. Ive got a screenshot here from a previous charge that i did so im able to power my drone batteries all day long and get 15 extra flights all because of the delta mini, and that is really cool now i dont think that ive even gotten to the Best part, yet as the input and output power of this device is truly insane from the wall using the included cable, the delta mini can charge at up to 900 watts filling the battery from zero to 100 in a whopping 1.6 hours. Think about that 882 watt hours of portable power ready to take with you in a little over an hour and a half now the max power output of the ac ports is also a whopping 1400 watts, so it can power some really heavy duty equipment. Like my ac unit constantly, as i showed you earlier, amongst the other examples that ecoflow provided like power tools, appliances and medical equipment, now i might have a little bit of a portable power addiction here.

These are the three power stations that i have in my rotation. In my lineup, and they all serve a specific purpose, so of course, weve got the river pro here, weve already reviewed. This were talking now about the delta mini and then in a future. Video well be talking about this monster here, the delta max, which is a whole lot of power. I wanted to run a quick comparison here to help you understand where the delta mini falls between a more portable power solution like ecoflows river pro and a much larger, but more powerful option like their delta. Max. I find that the delta mini is really my go to, because i dont often need that insanely large capacity of the delta max. It also gives me more flexibility in terms of what i can power and charge the river pro just simply: cant power, certain high wattage appliances and devices the size and weight really isnt, all that much of a difference between delta mini and river pro. So for that small trade off, it is worth the extra capacity, the extra overall power and more ports. Now ive got to cut out a small chunk of this video to discuss solar because i think its a really important aspect of these power stations. Now, while youre, probably not going to put this out in your yard, obtain a bunch of power from the solar panel bring it in and charge all your devices, its really good to bring with you on the go and as somebody myself who isnt always near an Outlet its great to be able to capture unlimited energy from the sun and put it inside of this battery to then power other devices and charge other devices.

So the two solar panels i have are over there and theyre way too big to bring here in the frame. But basically ive got the 400 watt solar panel and the 160 watt solar panel, both of them fold up and can be taken on the go pretty easily. This 400 watt panel will certainly get you a lot more power faster with ecoflow, saying that you can charge the delta mini in three to six hours with peak sunlight. But for my use case i found that the 160 watt panel is the perfect sweet spot. Its smaller and a lot more lightweight, while providing a decent amount of power to offset the use of charging. My drone batteries now notice how i said offset, because in my case, in this situation, when im charging drone batteries off of the delta mini, i can offset that energy used by obtaining energy from the sunlight and feeding that back into the battery into the delta mini. Now fun fact, these solar panels are so powerful that they can actually charge a couple of drone batteries on their own. Now you still have to use the ecoflow delta mini here or any of ecoflows power station sort of as like an interface like you plug in here, and then plug the solar panel in. But to give you an example, i had my 400 watt solar panel out. It was actively charging my mavic 2 pro battery off of the dc outlet, my air 2s battery off of the ac outlet, as well as my 13 inch macbook pro off the usb c port.

On the front, i was drawing about 150 to 155 watts of power, while putting in 290 watts of power. That means that i was able to actively charge all those batteries while also charging the ecoflow delta mini itself. I mean that is the true definition of infinite power. When i bring this with me to drone meetups, i pretty much let anybody who is there charge off of this while ive got the solar panel kicking because everybodys able to charge their drone batteries without having to worry about running out its a really great feeling. Now i just have to mention here in this video, just like i showed you in my previous review of the river pro. The setup process of these solar panels is just not easy, and i hope that this is something that they can improve and rectify in the future. It could just be me there could be people out there that arent perfectly fine with setting up the solar panels, but the way that they have it set up, where you use the case to kind of prop it up on, like a single sheet of of what Feels like a hard plastic, it just doesnt cut it for me, especially with this 400 watt solar panel. It is really big and to prop it up in this way, just really doesnt make sense. Now, of course, there is a better way. I could have done this. I could have had like a second person help me set it up, but i think that they just need to go back to the drawing board with these solar panels and give you a better way of propping it up by like integrating feet into the back.

That just kind of slide off of the back, i mean look theres plenty of ways they could do it, except for this one, because this way of setting up is just really cumbersome, okay, so to wrap this video up. As mentioned in the title, i want to do a quick walkthrough of ecoflows application that is used to control and manage the delta mini now its not only limited to this power station. Its also able to be used with like the delta max, as well as the river pro. There are a couple of power stations that it doesnt work with, because theyre a little bit older, but just make sure that before you purchase one of their power stations, it is able to be used with the application, because this really is a standout feature. I sound like an absolute broken record at this point, but there are a lot of things that make eco flows. Power stations stand out, and this is absolutely one of them, because i cant think of any other power station on the market right now that youre able to control and manage from your phone using an app. So this app recently got a pretty big overhaul that cleaned up the ui extensively while adding features and making it overall easier to use the way that you connect to the device like the power station itself is really seamless. So basically, this is able to connect to your wi fi network.

You dont have to worry about like a short bluetooth range or like having to connect to your phone and if you walk away disconnect. So, basically, while this is connected to the internet, you can access it from anywhere in the world right as long as you have an internet connection, and as long as this has an internet connection, you can tap into it. Monitor the power monitor the energy being used, see the capacity and also see which ports are active so getting back to the app here right on the main screen is all of your devices that you have linked to your account. So if you have multiple running, you can check in on their status at a quick glance now selecting the power station that you want to monitor and control brings you to the central hub. That gives you a glance at how much power youre using your charging speed, which ports are using, what power, literally everything and anything that you could want to know at the top. We have a visualization of the power station that were using with that estimated time remaining right in the middle, like we saw on the screen that is built into the power station itself on the left side of that, visualization is the battery temperature and on the right Side is the capacity remaining displayed as a percent moving down. We have the current input and output power in watts. Underneath of that is the section that gives you a breakdown of how much power a specific port is using.

It even gives you a graph of power usage from the ac outlets over time and allows you to turn on or off groups of ports like the ac power outlets, the dc 120 outlet or even the usb port, so that there is no phantom drain from any Unused outlets now something that im really impressed with is the responsiveness of the application command to the actual power station itself. So as soon as i give it a command to say turn on or off one of the ports, it reacts almost immediately and something thats cool about these power stations is that they hook up to your wi fi network at your home or wherever youre at, and You can control it from anywhere in the world that you have a cellular or wi fi connection. So if you can connect to the internet and youre, not home youre able to monitor your power stations at home as theyre powering, whatever devices you may be using now moving on into the settings well tap on the gear icon in the top right corner. This is really how were going to fine tune our power station to fit our needs working down the list. We can rename our device. We can set the charge and discharge level so that the battery only charges to a certain level and stops supplying power at a certain level, which is really good for maintaining healthy battery. We can also choose the max charge, speed from an ac outlet from 200 watts.

All the way up to the devices maximum of 900 watts, this could also be good for prolonging the life of the battery, so you arent always charging them up at such a fast speed. Under that you can choose the max input from your car and amps. You can choose if you want the device to beep, as you give it commands, you can choose how long the unit will sit in idle, for you can choose how long the screen stays lit before dimming you can choose when the ac outlets will time out. If power is not being supplied through them and towards the bottom, here are some miscellaneous options for firmware, updates, tutorials and specifications about the device that youre using at the end of the day, i feel so spoiled being able to use the delta mini here. I think that it is the perfect blend of like portability again its pretty easy to move around and carry with you. You can carry it with one hand, you know, put it inside of the back of your car, bring basically unlimited power with you. If you also have the solar panel, i think that its the perfect blend of like portability and power, because it is able to power those high end appliances and high end devices, while also being able to charge a ton of batteries on the go. So if youre interested im gon na leave a link down in the description to the delta mini here, i believe that currently, there is also a promotion going on with the delta mini.

You get a hundred dollars off, so thats really great. Go ahead and check out ecoflows website down in the description below again, the delta mini its great in terms of portability. Its really well made its got a lot of power inside of it.