This is a very strange set. I feel like this might be from the way home. Maybe vulture is in it because he spoiled well spoilers for over a year old, trailer but hes in morbius. So maybe he is in this film i dont know i have to wait until the film comes out of christmas and heres, the back of the box still carry on with the infinity saga box, art which i absolutely love, shows you some of the play features so Yeah lets just jump into the set just quickly wanted to have a look at the instructions before we jump into the video. So these this is the sticker sheet for this set. This set only costs 18 pounds and 20 dollars. I believe in the united states, yeah thats a lot of stickers for what such a small set uh there is some advertisements in the back, but just for the older sets, i think they just didnt want any spoilers or leaks getting out of this wave. So here is the set all built up. Lets start by taking a look at the builds well start with the smaller bit of the two builds first. So here we have vulture from spider. Man homecoming in his redesigned form from lego. Hes got uh two stickers on either side of the inner parts of the winds and three stickers for the blade. So you have to be very careful how you apply those, because those are a pain in the butt to get accurate and if they dont look straight there, it mucks up the whole figure.

Well, take a closer look at him. In a moment. He comes with a purple gem which i think is shittari tech. Judging by this purple stud shooter as fairly similar to the build we got from 2017 and another sticker there. I like this feel, but it the winds are still just too big and too clunky. For my liking, i, like the more comic streamlined version of the winds, but yeah thats. The vultures wins another quick side build. We get these yeah, we get so you get the regular packet of web pieces in gold for the first time in this color uh. These are exclusive to the set for the time being, hopefully, theyll do some 20th anniversary minifigures with the spider man with these, but yeah really cool to get all these in gold just the regular pieces. And then this is just the normal web that you build up. Well, take a look at the figure in a moment and heres the main build. This is the drone, so its got four propellers one in each win. Uh weve got two stud shooters up the front here in yellow this is a web attachment. So what you can do is you can have your as they show on the box. Art is have spider man swinging off it and well take a closer look at the figure later on taking him off a minute. You can open this up. They use the um spider man, 10 uh, the 10 pound mechs body piece for that, which is an interesting piece to use there.

So you close that up and spider mans in there and he can now pilot his drone uh theres stickers on each of the wins, who are identical, theres a lot of stickers in this. As i said, i got three larger stickers here on the back and what you can do is you can lift this up and pop this open and out pops the little spider man drone, which weve seen quite a few times now, but with a yellow stud, a Bit different from the usual colors we get with the red and blue studs, but yet thats really it with this move. I believe this is possibly the little drone that pops off his chest in spider. Man, homecoming thats what this is loosely based on, but i still think this is a no way home set in disguise. Somehow i dont know well have to wait until the film comes out at christmas um, but yeah uh, just some other interesting pieces, so they use these blade pieces on the ends, its yeah, its an odd, very odd build, but for 18 pounds its and you get The vulture as well its not too bad, really for that price range now lets take a closer look at the physics. So here is the vulture figure. As i said earlier, the winds are very large on this figure lets just pop them off. As you can see there, he has the mouth apparatus piece that i believe was introduced in city.

Hes got a helmet which you can take off, removing these accessories hes wearing the brown fur coat like he does in the film, and he has a double sided face, which was a nice surprise when i built this figure here is the figure with everything removed. So, as you can see, hes got like an open mouth from when his helmet opens up and on the back, you get a better look at the back, torso printing and that double sided face, which was a nice surprise. As i said, um yeah, um cool figure ill do a separate comparison to the old version from 2017 later in the setback. Video, comparing all the spider man sets that ive got today. Spider man, which is like a techno. I dont know what you call it, but its very intricate detailing, like its got arm printing on both sides and the detailing print continues around the back of the head. As you can see there, nice gold shine to it very interest. We have seen this suit briefly. In the trailers so ill be very curious to see how that pans out when the film comes out what this suit actually does and why this was randomly included in the spiderman homecoming set. I really dont understand maybe its when him and ned at this, like im going for all the tech on in that scene and this dissecting the suit i dont, know um, but yeah a lot of unanswered questions with this film, but yeah thats it for the figures.

Overall, my thoughts on the set its a good little set for 18 pound and big shout out to my friends for getting me all these sets nice and early like they did. The infinity cycle sets uh very nice um set, but i dont know i feel, like the drone is a very a very weird build and the vulture weve gotten quite a few vultures. I know this vultures more accurate, but personally it doesnt quite do a lot. For me, i would have preferred a new villain that we havent gotten before like uh. Maybe the tinkerell would have been cool to get theres an extra figure in this uh.