My name is jacob, and today i have an early review for you of the new spider man no way home set spider man versus mysterios drone attack. This is um inspired by marvel studios, spider man 4 from home. So its not based off new film, but this could potentially be, but i dont think nick furys gon na be in the film uh so because were free, minifigures, the red and black suit for spider man, nick fury, who weve gone quite a few times now, and Mysterio in his new, more accurate look for the film its a very small box, but this box is very small as 18 pound and it is a junior set or four plus set if you like so heres the set all built up. So you get two extra discs for the disk shutter and lets just start by looking at the drone. So we have so. This was a very simple build, but it is slightly more accurate to the film in white compared to the old versions in black that we got ill. Do a separate comparison on the older versions of these figures and builds but yeah and the all printed pieces. As with any arduino set, youve got disk shooter on the back, which you can fire and not too much to this build over. Here we have the uh shield police, car suv. I have no idea what this is meant to represent its a bit of an amalgamation of two things, but what you can do is and attach them to this size.

Oh god, this build. Is there dont like it peel down without it um? You also get a web piece for spider man, yeah theres, just not a lot here. Lets just get straight into the figures, so here is nick fury and from the mcu weve gotten this figure quite a few times now, hes becoming very, very common uh. Its a good figure ive got quite a few of these down. Personally, myself, not really too much to say, is the red and black suit spider man, my favorite suit that he actually wears in the films. Personally, i just love the design of this and its even got some silver highlights on the legs. Dual moulded boots no arm printed, unfortunately, but i dont think it really needed it: uh great back, torso, printing and head printing, just very very glad that we finally got this so weve been dying for this suit for so long and it wasnt didnt think we were Going to get it with all these new suits, they seem to be getting in the new film, but no lego went back and managed to provide um. They seem to be sent giving marvel a lot of love lately, which is nice, its mysterio. So hes got a little walkie talkie with a print on it and a red gem. Dont know why hes kind of legend uh, the fluorescent, um fishbowl piece – is just a blue head underneath its using the junior style cape yeah, just more accurate with the gold.

As the base color for this figure and lifting the cape up, you can see the back torso printing, there very cool figure, so there you go guys thats. My very short review of this set uh, probably my least hyped set out of the frame, because its four plus, and apart from the red and black suit its not super interesting to me again, i would like new villains by understanding going back and doing the older Films, but i dont know maybe include a new character like maybe one of mysterios henchmen or the guy from iron man. One would have been called together instead of nick fury all the time, but those are just my opinions. If you guys really want this set for the spider man, um yeah, i would say, go for it um its only 18 pound or 20 dollars a year. So you could probably get it on sale eventually, just be patient like theres.