2.. Okay, theres some stickers, it comes with, and what i did was i buy my own case. This is gon na come in a box. Okay and all you have to do is theres two layers, just looking exactly what ive done here as far as cutting it right, it doesnt have to be picture perfect in there. Okay, as long as it holds everything and protects everything heres a perfect example. This end here just got to push it in like that. Push that down there we go okay. I had to go underneath to get this to show you, okay, i keep it underneath the box here. Okay, anyways it comes with this remote, okay, theres, the protectors for it i put the little arrows on it, so its nice and flat theres. Your drone itself in here comes a little wrench and some screws some extra screws. Okay, when it comes in the box theyre in the same place, theres the battery, it comes with all right: 1500 milliamp, 14.8 volt, 75c, 25 watt for cell okay. That comes with it. What we got in here, some landing pads. Okay, some tie wraps another battery mount wheres. The other piece in there ill show you what else is in there. Oh, yes, thats a european plug, okay and theres your plug for the uh battery. Okay, it comes with us with a one eye order. Make sure you order, for whatever you need theres your charger? I use my uh really good balance chargers but thats for emergencies in case i need it, and this is your gopro thats good for a gopro, six or seven ive got an eight but uh im.

Sure i can make it fit uh. What else is there yep? This is your antenna comes with a really good antenna. Uh number three lollipop: these are your screws, okay to mount this down ill? Show you something in a minute about the props, too um. What else is there here well think about it. This whole set. You get your battery, you get your radio. This is a damn good radio, its a really good radio ive got an older one like this. Ive never had trouble with it. Ive got a fry sky. Fr sky and ive got the flys guy and ive got one called the eye range. It does all protocols anyways it got its got the battery straps here too theres, two of them sorry theres, two battery straps. So this comes with everything: okay, um! Let me show you something here, though, for people who are just getting into this fpv stuff and youre confused about which way your props go and everything you can go into betaflight and you check your motor directions. Okay and whatever way the motor direction is going to go, youll see an arrow on here. I dont know if you can make that out, see that arrow there trying to see if we can, maybe there you might be able to see it. The arrow okay or this curve just think of this curve in these thats the direction in which its going to move with the motors.

Okay, so see these curves thats the way its going to go. If the motors were not going this way with the arrow, then youre going to be switching this around right. Okay, what always is going to happen is this curve is going to move with the motion that curve has to go with the motor okay. What i did, for all intents and purposes here i put front, left front right right, rear. You can see that there and right left. You can do that too at first, and i always do it actually still now, because when i grab a prop, i dont want to fart around thing. You know what i mean i just want to put it on there im going to make sure theres no mistake. Now these two here, two black ones – i do believe a black one, goes here here and the silver goes here here. You have to do that, because these are going to rotate in a different direction. One of them is going to tighten. Two of them are going to tighten counter clockwise and two are going to tighten clockwise okay, so weve got that just covered the antenna im going to put that on there um. Let me see uh i could we can actually go through everything about this now about this drone ill. Just read you a bit of stuff on it. You can keep looking at the case there as i go um this things made for power, not efficiency.

It goes to the battery really fast, okay um. I would call it a beast from what ive been looking at its a little mighty uh, throw for begin its good for beginners, though i think im just getting into this too, like ive been flying for years. Other drones, but im just getting into the fbv hobby too ive been playing around for the last year and a bit but im getting seriously into it now, um its very fast, okay, very fast, so dont do anything that you do not think youre capable of doing Your flight times are going to be three to four minutes flight times. Theres escs on the arms here see the arms. Those are 30 amp, escs thats, like the old school thats, the way they used to put them on there now theyre up inside near the controller and stuff like that. The motors are really big: okay, um the frame itself underneath, as of is a five millimeter carbon fiber arms on okay, just the arms, the arms detach, okay from the from the frame, its just really cool, so you dont have to replace a whole frame. So just the arms down there see those screws, theyll come off and the ones on the bottom there, too, okay um. Let me see its got: an f 405 dji, dual bec flight controller. Okay in here uh fox here, camera in the front right here: um 600 tbl, pal ccd and its a 976 h times 494 and then v in brackets again, pixel 1 3 inch super had two so ccd next chip, 2040 dsp analog, okay.

So the drone in the battery and the gopro all together weigh about 702 grams, so thats the drone, the battery and if you put a gopro on it, okay with that mount over here, uh it comes with camera. With the camera mount like, i said it comes with the receiver, the drone the battery um it ready to fly. I i would just call it ready to fly its got everything you need to go uh. You need to supply your own goggles, okay, heres, the goggles im using here. These are the eachine ev000 okay eachine, ev000. 0.300.3000. Oh my gosh theres. All these numbers anyways um! Let me see what else here. What else we need to tell you uh yeah! You need to supply your own batteries, four aaa batteries for the transmitter, okay, um um. Let me see the beta flight and everythings already set up in there. So whats gon na happen is what youre gon na have here is on this switch here right here. This is not your arm. This is your mode, so youve got acro and youve got angle mode. This is your arm switch here. Okay, its set up. You can go into betaflight and change it if you want im going to leave it like that. The longer switch im just going to know its for arm – and this is for acro air mode – is acro and the other one is angle mode. Okay angle keeps it from tipping acro.

You can do what you want. You can go wild with. It do flips and all sorts of stuff um. It flies great in the wind because its very powerful, okay, um ill, give you some of the weights again. 574 grams. Without the gopro and just the battery okay, 702 grams, with the battery and the gopro okay 416 grams, without the battery just the drone itself, okay, um its fully assembled as you can see, all you need to do is put the props on and stuff like that. That are supplied and uh youre ready to rock. You just got to know what youre doing with it and go over thoroughly and watch some videos on it and stuff like that too, i always suggest people watch some videos on whats happening its there on youtube man. Just use it dont go out and crash the thing on your first attempt take take it easy: okay, um, its got large brushless motors, as i was saying earlier, but the numbers on that is 2207 2550kv thats the size of it. Okay on the bottom of the motors down here on the other side on the bottom, its got some plastic and those you call those tpus theyre printed right protectors on the bottom, for the for all four motors um weve already said that youve got an f4 flight Controller dji, i call it expandable so that you can go. You can use dji on it. Okay, uh its got a usb um jack on the side, so you can plug in your uh, betaflight and stuff like that, which is cool its not a little mini um.

There, it is a c connector. The camera itself is tilted more upwards. It doesnt move that much, but its tilted more upwards. So you really got to angle in, i guess, with the power of the figure, you wont be looking anything else like gon na have to its gon na, be tilting pretty good when, when youre moving anyways um its got a quality antenna on there too, like the One i showed you the number three lollipop uh its got: two sets of race, tornado props, so these are called race, tornado, props, heres, the other set in there right ill show you here on the top here it says: tornado, Music, okay, thats. It comes in like that uh. Let me see here um its got four uh. What you would call it the nuts uh to uh put it down. It. Doesnt come with any more than the four, so i want to make sure you know that youve only got this four, so dont lose them and dont screw them up, dont strip them. If you strip them, they screws the motor up. Everything try not to over tighten if you do that, you probably crack a prop first anyways um dont take my word for that. You could strip it too again. You got your prop wrench your tie down your tie. Wraps you got screws, you got a gopro mount youve got uh battery uh grips to hold it down, landing leg, leg, foot pads of them.

You got the eachine battery 48.8 volt 75c 25 watt 4s battery lipo and you got the eachine stickers. Okay, um! I cant think of anything else. I know i repeated myself a bit the kind of radio that you have here again: its a fly sky, f s, fs 16x thats, the type of radio. So if youre going to buy any receivers, you can use this for other drones. You dont have to just use it for this. You can put up to a few. I cant remember exactly how many i think, its more than 10 anyways, more than 10 other drones. You could you can put in there. Okay, you just got to get the receivers and stuff like that and match it up for the fly sky, uh, cant. Think of anything else, im going to check the failsafe when we take it for a little fly here in a minute im going to fly around the living room, its its freezing rain outside so im not going to do anything else out there. All right that covers quite a little bit of the information i was looking it up online. There too. I just wanted to make sure. I tell you guys as much as i can about these things right and you learn from other peoples: mistakes, okay and thats. What i try to do – and i try to give you the best info possible if you need to know some other stuff just you know, question me in the comment section below and i will put a place where you can get this case for this again.

This comes in a box, these foam things come in the box and all you have to do is cut it exactly to how ive cut this here, which will be self explanatory when you get it okay and look at the top here, and everything too youll know How to put it in and then you can, you can basically put it in like that. This isnt that expensive, i think it was 40 something bucks which is its a really good case too. It comes with two other pieces of foam on top. I didnt need them theres, one piece built in here on the top, but theres two other pieces of foam that were in this box that i could have cut out for all this, but i didnt need to this was already cut out in the box. I just had to put it in its so simple. I think youre going to want to get the case. You know what i mean you can just carry it around, and all you have to do is get your goggles there. You go anyways enough. Yapping again. Remember your props, when you put them on the curve section here, goes in the direction and this here um, because it is a beginner set right. It shows you, okay, it shows you the arrow on there and the direction okay, which is this way whenever that curve? Its gon na move this way, no matter what okay, so there you go thats the way these are gon na go on, so take a look at that and then thats the way youre going to put them on your drone.

This can be the front. This could be the rear, but i for all intent, intensive purposes. Ive marked them front left front, um right a little note here. The way you can tell its gon na its gon na save a lot of hassles. The way you can tell where the black ones go see that little black dot look here. This one doesnt have a dot but directly across its always directly across theres, a black dot here, black dot here, thats, how you know where the two black ones go, and this is where the two silver ones go. Okay, just thought id ask that. Put that little note in there, so youd understand make things a lot easier. There you go and the way these are going to go on. Okay is counterclockwise. So not this way: clockwise counterclockwise thats the way theyre going to tighten these ones here are going to tighten clockwise the silver ones, and these are counterclockwise so to the left, and these ones will be cut to the right. Youll just hold the bottom of the motor here right when youre tightening youll see that stem moves with it, you just hold the bottom and you tighten it not over. Tighten it okay and use a little wrench supplied or get your own little wrench and put it on top too. Okay. There you go thats going to help you a lot. Okay were going to take this for a little fly here on the ground.

So when the switch is up okay, when the switch is up, this way, that way is angle mode. When its down like this watch, what happens to the drone when i switch the switch, you can see it there on the ground right, yeah, okay, see light, go on the red thats angle mode and when i switch it to the bottom, its off okay, red angle, Mode off down like that were going to go left were going to go in angle mode okay and were going to take a little fly. Im, not gon na, of course, not gon na do anything. Major here were gon na go flow fly. Actually, you know what i think well do well take it downstairs and do it why dont we do that scene of it. Okay were gon na check the fail safe on this and then were gon na go for a fly too. Here we go fail. Safe is in case youre out there and you lose control of your drone and youre going to turn it off im going to turn the controller off okay. Now, the way we check this okay watch the quad im going to turn this on. You can see the tx connected so to arm it, we just go and there it starts right all we have to do to check this turn this off. So it takes two seconds then itll drop from the sky thats. If its going to take off on you right and its gone, okay now were gon na turn.

It back on okay, youll find itll take a little while too and youre gon na turn it back on here. After doing your test right, let me just get this camera set up, so you can see everything here there we go. That should be good, pretty sure there we go that way. I dont want to touch it again later. Okay, here we go, you got to go like that. Its on up is angle mode down. If you watch into the top left im going to have a picture in picture. So if you look at the picture now im going to hit that you can hear the drone too, it goes different, thats acro. This is angle. This is angle – and this will say air mode for for acro and thats angle, so were going to fly an angle which will go like this itll. Stop it from doing a complete rotation and everything here we go. Im gon na go for a little fly. Music. Very nice little flyer dont try this inside if youre a beginner ive been doing this for years right, so i just want to see how it works here, how it feels very stable. This is like trimmed and everything when you get it its fantastic, just fantastic, so were going to try and go down that way. Okay, like that and well come back this way, im just checking the stability of it and then well go like this look at that.

Eh isnt that sweet very nice unit very nice unit. I hope youre getting this there very nice. Look at that, eh, okay, well, go back down! This battery will be dead in no time it lasts three to four minutes. This things a beast man but im not killing it right now, so it might not die youll, be able to see inside there what the uh what it looks like Music. Oh, look at that eh very nice, very nice indeed again, im just getting a little fly to see what it feels like there. We go im going to try and come in fast and then break there. We go and go out and break yeah. It breaks nice. Great there we go yeah again: dont, try this stuff im, just showing you how this works. Okay, im getting the hang of all these before i take them out and give them a real good test, my ones with crossfire im, gon na. Take it a really long. This ones here for close by look at that look at it close to the ground there look at that footage must look really cool and you come back out like this. It wont show much that way and then well go like okay. One more thing. I forgot to show you there: i did it from the top, so i didnt show you from the bottom. These are the tpu printed uh motor guards that they put in right make sure you tighten those screws down there.

They can be loose. Okay, they just come loose, they tighten them, try not to crack it. You know they assemble. They have to assemble a lot of stuff anyways. As you can see, these arms can come off here with these screws here and theres theres, some on the top. There too, yeah theres some right there, so that arm will come off if you bust one of these or crack it for some reason or screw up your esc crash to one side, you can change one arm when you order the motor youre set and theres parts For this now, a year ago it was hard to get parts. You can get parts galore for this. Now, okay, um! You can look on ali, express um, alabama, banggood uh, i dont know gearbest so much anymore, but uh banggood for sure anyways, uh thats. All i wanted to show you was that and theres the antenna, what it looks like when its on there, okay, really nice antenna, theres the camera angle. I was telling you about the angle how it doesnt move that much watch this thats as far down itll go and up thats it thats, where youre stuck with so see that angle on you got to be flying like this and, as you can see down there, When i got going, it was flying like that, so thats how that camera needs to be angled. I think. Oh, you can see the receiver here too, see that little thing right here, its strapped on thats, the receiver that comes with it cool eh plugs in.

Oh man, its like its soldered in the other end or plugged into thats really nice. I really like the build on this and i like that, thats a c connector, not the uh, the old mini usb. It shows that theyre trying hey thats more new stuff on there, anyways again its really nice. I really like it if i dont know, if i can say thats for beginners, though okay um just be very careful, very careful. Take your time and youll be fine, but dont go out tearing it youre gon na youre gon na end up having trouble or youre gon na hurt somebody. These blades can really take a chunk out of you plus. This is over the 250 grams right, so youre gon na have to be careful what youre doing youre gon na have to get licensed, depending on where you live in the world. Okay, again, i use these goggles. This radio came with it. These are the eachine ev e b: three: zero zero, no e v, three yeah: zero: zero, o okay thats. What theyre called the eachine goggles? These are as close to fat sharks as youre gon na get theyre nice. I got another attachment that goes on the front too its pretty cool theres. What i used to fly with. If you want to get the goggles theyre about 500 and something dollars you can buy a battery for it thats the battery. I bought 2.2 milliamps right 2200.

Milliamps, okay and the battery is an 11.1 volt, three cell, okay, three cell thats, the type there you go. I always squish my batteries like that to feel them. If theyre bloating, changing anyways just wanted to give you a little more info there beautiful little setup. Again short fly times, get yourself another battery and give it a break in between give it at least five ten minutes before you fly again: okay and um yeah.