This is the ishii novice four, now i’ve flown the novice one, the novice two and the knob three, and each one has gotten better. That is absolutely the case with the novice four. Now this one is different than the others, and this is a four inch long range drone it’s an all in one package. So you get the goggles, you get the batteries, you get the charger. You can get a nice little case. So let’s talk about this guy. Okay, so let’s talk about what this is now it’s, a four inch long range drone we’ve, definitely flown these things before and that’s, actually a drone that i really enjoy flying right. This is just kind of a cruising drone kind of get out there and you cruise around, you can do flips and rolls, but this isn’t built for acro. This is built for kind of just getting out there and flying motors on this are pretty darn efficient, they’re. 1404 2750 kv motors. Now this thing is going to carry a 4s battery and you get at least two or four, depending on which package you get now. You can fly for about 20 minutes, one of these lipo batteries, or you can offer the 18 650 batteries and get 25 some people even get 30 minutes out of those batteries. Justin davis actually got 38 minutes on one of those wow flight controller is an all. In one f4 flight controller, 25 amp esc you’ve got a whoop style, uh vtx here in the back that’s switchable from 25 to 400 milliwatts.

I suggest you bump it up to 400 milliwatts when you fly, especially if you’re getting this thing out away from you now. The receiver is actually an fr sky, compatible d8 receiver, it’s actually made by radio master. You can expect to get 500 to 1000 meters of range kind of, depending on where and how you’re flying. I put the receiver antennas coming out the side here, these little side pipes weren’t the right size, so i did a little modification to get them coming out here. The camera here is a cadex baby, retell 2, and it has a really nice clear picture now. We’Re not getting hd video there’s, no dji components on this thing, but you know what it does have gps and the gps is fantastic, because you get a little bit more information when you’re flying flight speed. How far away you are. How high are stuff like that? But guess what you can also use this to return home? You flip a switch it ascends and then it comes back to where you are now it’s not going to land itself you’re going to want to get it under control. When you see the drone, but it is nice to have this gps and i tested it, it works pretty darn. Well, we also have a lost model alarm here, uh that will beep if the battery gets disconnected. So if you need to find this thing and you crash far away, that is definitely a bonus – does come with a tpu mount to mount in insta360 go which actually works pretty well.

I did that. I got some video with this. I also modified it that’s. Why? You see this zip tie here to carry the insta360 smo 4k camera, which does give you a little bit better picture now. You can fly this whole setup and you’re under 250 grams, no problem and that’s actually really nice, because you can kind of get around having to register this thing. Um remote id things like that now, if you’re flying as a part 107, it doesn’t really matter now with this camera is just at 250. So you really got to kind of be careful if you’re shooting for that sub 250 mark all right. So here we’re going to look at some cruise in flight recorded on the smo 4k. Camera is a nice little compact kind of like a naked gopro style, camera uh, really nice, but, like i said it does kind of push the weight up to about 250 grams and it is stabilized right. You can kind of choose the stabilization. You can choose the angle it’s a nice camera, but the amount it that the drone comes with is actually for the insta 360 go, which is what you see here. Also stabilized. Now you can see. I get some a little bit more props in view here. Uh just kind of the way that it sits on the drone isn’t, quite as nice and it’s, not quite as crisp, but it is lighter and it certainly will fit now here, we’re looking at the dvr video of me flying the drone i’m going to do a Little bit of acro here right, like it’s, not an acro basher by any stretch of the imagination, but you can do some flips and rolls and some fun things with it.

I do like the camera, it is nice and bright, pretty crisp. The colors are pretty darn solid um and, as you see yeah you can do a split s or two um it’s a fun drone to fly. It’S got enough power that you can kind of pop in and out of some moves you know. Do some rolls, but again you can also do some cruising, which is really nice thing about this, because it has gps. You get a little bit more data on the screen. Now you need at least six satellites before it’ll take off. So if it’s not taking off, you know kind of looking in the on the left side there you see, i have six outs. Actually, i think you only need four to fly, but you need six for a return to home and you have to set up the return to home it’s not set up natively right. You got to go into beta flight and go into gps rescue and tell it to come back now here i am kind of getting it out and getting ready to flip that switch to send it home and when you do that, you’ll see in the upper right Hand corner where it says air and now it says, rescue so it’s, going to rise up and it’s going to start to return to where i came from. You can kind of see it’s, currently 55 40 meters, 30 meters from the home point um, and then i get you know close enough and then i flip the switch it’s not going to land like a dji drone um, but it will come back to where you Took off so it was pretty accurate right i’m.

I don’t know if you can see it i’m in that little uh covered uh area over there by the uh park, so about 50 meters, 60, 70 meters, 80 meters – from where i am now um, but yeah. This is a fun drone, so yeah. This is a really good package for a beginner. The radio that you get the radio master is excellent. The goggles are really good. It comes in a nice carrying case, although you know once you kind of put the drone together. That’S not actually going to go back inside the case, you’re going to want to strap it to the outside or carry it along with you, but still solid beginner kit, um it’s, not over powerful right it’s, something that i’m going to fly with my son right. In fact, you’ll see us do that here in just a minute um. This is me flying and then he’s gon na take a turn, and i feel confident that uh it’s not too powerful uh of of a drone for him now this thing is actually pretty darn. Durable well, i think this is great for a beginner, you get the drone, you get the goggles you get the remote. I actually took my son out to fly this now he’s flown some drones, mostly in a simulator and uh. He actually really liked flying this. We compared this to a small toothpick and he actually enjoyed flying this a little bit more because you do have a little bit more power and you can bet he certainly crashed the heck out of this thing and it withstood some crashes now, if you’re interested in Buying this drone you’re interested in buying it because of the full package everything you need to fly.

This drone comes in this nifty little carrying case that includes these eachine ev800dm goggles. Now these are actually really nice goggles. You got diversity, you have a dvr, they even telescope out, so that you can kind of find the right focal length for you. You can put a pair of glasses if you wear glasses, they’re. Really a nice beginner set of goggles found the screens to be nice and bright, and while my son was flying, i would use these because it’s easy to just kind of look in and spot the drone. At the same time, it also comes with this. This is the radio master tx12, which is actually really nice. Radio gimbals are nice. You’Ve got plenty of switches. You can put other drones on this remote. If you so choose now. I think it’s a little bit small. Some people, like the small form factor it does actually feel really nice in my hands. It’S nice and light we’ve got this little handle that folds down for easy storage. It is a good remote. Now i typically fly with something like this. This is my raider master. Tx16 and it is absolutely bigger and bulkier – i asked my son, which one he prefers. He absolutely said he likes flying with this now he’s 11.. So keep that in mind. He does have smaller hands, but i don’t find this to be too small. I’M, a pincher works fine for that as a thumb, or it actually feels really comfortable.

Now this isn’t the full multi protocol tx12. It does have some multi protocol functions. It is compatible with fr sky, futaba and radio link and a couple of others it’s, not a full multi protocol. Radio like this, but you can still add things to it. It does fr sky, which is probably all you’ll need. It does have an expansion bay in the back, so if you want to add crossfire something like that, you can do that charges via usb actually charges via usbc, and you can connect this thing to fly with the simulator. Definitely a good radio! You get spare props tools, screws and things to help you. If you should crash, you do get a charger that can charge two three or four s batteries and, of course, four s batteries are included. I, however, didn’t use this thing because i have a nice uh balanced, lead charger that i prefer now. Would i recommend this yeah if you’re thinking about get into fpv and the idea of long range cruising appeals to you then yeah. This is a really good place to start you can use both the galas and the road with other drones. Should you choose to add to your arsenal? There are two packages: the two battery and the four battery it’s 420 or 450, go with the four battery. Unless you’re going to pick up some of those 18 six 50 cells for a little bit longer range then grab the two battery and uh throw those in the card as well.

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