So this is a 550 millimeter wingspan edf jet has a 50 millimeter edf in here and uh it comes um. I disassembled. Of course, you have to attach the two wings and then the two uh elevator pieces in the back, pretty simple um the theres notches in the foam and everything so uh. Its really simple to put together not really worth putting a build, build video and all that together also theres some notches on the elevator portion in the back to make sure they line up correctly and just use some glue. I use some welders glue like uh works. Fine for foam and its a little bit flexible so ill give it a crash. Uh didnt take too long about 10 minutes. I think total build time and then, of course i have to do the setup with the control rods on the bottom. Make sure that uh theyre neutral on the radio and everything so that theres no trim needed so it should um fly pretty normal. So the cg here is labeled on the manual right here and i did balance it with a 1300 uh, 3s lipo and heres. It looks like so the hatch is just magnetic here in the back and then theres the lipo right there thats, where it balances out xd60 for the battery connection. You see my receiver is a freesky x4r, its a d16 receiver im using a free sky receiver here. So theres a bunch of wires here, the uh servo wires for the elevator and ailerons come through here, as well as the xd 60 connector and the uh servo wire for the esc and theyre all very loose.

So what i did was, i used a small zip tie here to secure that, so that it doesnt flop around and slide back and forth. Also, when you slide the carbon spar through the wing area, so theres a carbon spar that comes with the kit thats that holds the wing, gives it gives it more structure and stability. You want to make sure that that carbon spar goes underneath the wires so that the wires will rest on top. If you run the carbon spire spar over the top of the wires itll put pressure on them and theyll drag them down and they may get sucked into the edf, which is about right here. So be aware of that, as i think as long as you secure the wire, so they dont fall backwards with a zip tie here and make sure the carbon spars holding them up uh and away from the base of the airflow. I think it should be fine. Any any you know sort of crash, but i think if you crash like this part here in the front, this is glued on thatll, probably break off. Im gon na probably have to tape it or something give me a little more security and, of course, these little um missiles here will probably break off in a crash too. So it is um. The paint is like water based paints. So if you want to prevent it from flaking off, i would recommend like uh, putting a coat of minwax or something like that on on all the paint surfaces and that should um at least keep the finish of the plane.

Looking good, it is a belly lander. Theres no landing gear, so theres some plastic pieces on the bottom. That will prevent it from getting scratched up. You can see the those might break off in a crash right there and then thats the piece right here for the belly. But of course you want to probably min wax the bottom, because the paint, if youre landing on some kind of concrete or something is going to get all scratched up so probably should be trying to land in grass or something like that other than that not a Whole lot to say about this im going to be flying in 3s im using a jumper t, light radio um, hopefully itll, go well and just make sure your cd is balanced and im. I have my rates set to uh half like 50 percent um, based on the throws of the elevator and ailerons and im using what forty percent expose so lets, go to the field and see how it flies. Applause well nose broke off like i expected. I think this needs a lot more power and a lot of looks like a lot of dirt grass got in there all right. I got to full throttle this all right there. It goes hostings, fast, Applause, Music, so give it a lot of throttle when you launch it, otherwise it wont take off and you need a pretty big space to fly this in like ill just be doing circles here.

This is not that big, so i havent done any trimming other than the manual trimming when i install the control rods its a little bit of a wing waggle thats normal theres, no rudder on this one about half throttle just doing circles trying to turn around here. Its a little twitchy i need to put more expo in, i have about half rates, but i need more expo. Theres. No wind right now were very little wind and you got to keep up your air speed. Otherwise, it looks like itll stall, yeah, itll and the turns yeah. You got to keep up your air speed, otherwise youll lose altitude and it might stall – and you see you got ta. This is not for people that like to fly slow, actually come. Think of it. Uh, i prefer slow flying versus this kind of flying its a little bit more exciting. I havent flown anything this fast in a while, mostly fly small, are smaller and slower planes, so a little out of practice yeah. That nose piece is mostly decorative, i think, and as i expected basically in any kind of landing, its gon na fall off or break off, not a big deal just glue back on tighter turn nope as well as i was trying bring it a little closer and Uh yep there goes the missile thats. Another part i thought would these arent are not thats uh, durable, so in a hard landing, the little missiles are gon na break off.

But again you know not a big deal. You just glue them back on. You know its. Not a big deal just trying to bring it in closer for a like a closer flyby and uh. It loses outside pretty quickly in those turns. Oh, my goodness. I think theres theres some grass that gets in through this bottom duct here when you land im sure if i like that so much and but yeah i im looking at the air passageway and it looks like yeah somethings stuck in there. All right lets check the battery, make sure it didnt shift yeah thats, fine, all right give it one more hmm feels like its tail heavy enough for some reason. Well, yeah, im gon na land today not sure whats wrong. Now it might be uh battery shifted, but it didnt look like it shifted, always uh. I guess i should have checked, actually checked the cg. I doubt losing the the nose cone and the missile part made any difference in the cg. But you never know lets see here. Cg should be right here, its actually nose heavy thats, weird huh, okay, so lets move the battery back a little bit. Oh, i think i know what the problem is. The battery is nice and hot, so these are some pretty old, 1300 3s batteries that ive got uh several years old, but these are the only ones. Ive got that are in this size range and i think, maybe thats.

That was the limit of my flight time. Ill ill put up on the screen here: yeah the battery is super hot um. I think thats why i dont have power, but on the screen here what the battery voltage was at the end here i have a feeling that youre, probably going to want to go with a bigger battery like a 15 or 1800 thing. 1800 is what theyre suggesting, but i think yeah then 1800, you could you could youll have more. You have plenty of room for a longer battery, but i dont have anything that size but um, i would say an 1800 will fit in here. Pretty good youll. Probably just have to make sure the cg is right. Itll give you more flight time than what i got here. I think this. My battery is a little bit too old um and this maybe needs a little bit more power. I dont know if this will run a 4s or not but um ill. Look into that. Let me know in the comments below, if any of you guys think this will run on 4s um, maybe for us would be more efficient because it seems like it needs a fair amount of power to keep up the airspeed to keep this in the air.