The version that was provided to me didn’t come with a storage bag, but it does include two extra batteries, that’s pretty much more than enough for flying the squad, which is supposed to give you a flight time of 30 minutes anyway. Let’S go ahead and dive right into it, so this is what it looks like inside of the box, and here is everything that comes included inside of the box. It comes with a user manual, the remote controller, which has a template cover, showing you the basic button, functions and operations of the controller. It also comes with a small box that contains two extra propellers with screws, one miniature phillips head screwdriver and a usb cord for charging the batteries. Now looking at the drone, we see that it looks a lot like the maverick mini in design. I have held the mavic mini in my hand before, so i can tell you that the ex5 is definitely a tad thicker, but it’s still quite similar in appearance and size. Now, when it comes to weight, the ex 5 is actually a few grams lighter and is listed at 222 grams but i’m going to go ahead and place it on a scale to see what the actual weight is all right. So let’s unfold it to get a better visual of it on the front it has two blue led light indicators and on both front arms, there’s, two cool, looking stickers that make it more appealing to the eye and on the back arms there’s, two red led light Indicators as well now, the drone shell and casing material is uh quite similar to the eachine e520s in texture.

It feels like a rubber type coated finish which i like it makes it feel less toy grade, even though it does fall under the toy grid. Category the camera, unfortunately, does not have a 3 axis gimbal, nor does it have eis, electronic image stabilization or any type of vibration, dampeners. So basically, you’re gon na get jerky video when filming with it, especially if there’s wind, the camera, can also be tilted up and down electronically via the remote or app, and the video is recorded in an interpolated 4k, which means that it’s, translated or upscaled to a Larger size to mimic 4k, but you can still take photos in actual 4k resolution now. The only downside is is that it doesn’t have an sd card slot to record the video onto, and the video is recorded directly to your phone, which doesn’t always give you the best of video quality, so that’s, something you want to consider before buying it. As for the image transmission range, the one that was sent to me is the 200 meter version with the 5.8 gigahertz wi fi option. But there is another version that has a transmission range of a thousand meters and you can choose either the 2.4 or 5.8 option. But don’t expect to get dji ocusync ranges from it again, it’s a toy grade. The motors are 1406 brushless motors and they do have a good amount of power to them very similar to the zlrc sg 108, which is another mini clone that i featured recently on the channel on the back is the battery bay, and it opens similar to how The mavic mini’s battery door opens, but this one feels a bit plasticky and toy ish in quality, so you might want to be careful when opening and closing it.

The battery itself can be removed by pressing down on this button like this to unlatch it and the battery is a lithium polymer. With the 7.4 volt 2200 milliamp power, uh that’s supposed to again give you 30 minute flight time, but i’m thinking more like 25 or so now on the bottom. It has a grille with small holes for ventilation and an optical flow lens for altitude hold positioning. The controller is pretty basic and looks the same as the one that came with the eachine e520s, with the exception of some minor changes that they’ve made to it, which, by the way, was the first drone that i started the channel with a year ago. Now the antennas are not real antennas and they’re. Just for looks, though it does have an internal antenna inside these sticks are spring loaded and they do feel better than the ones on the e 520s. So let’s go through these buttons. Real quick here in the middle is the on and off switch. This is the headless mode. This is the one key takeoff. This one is the one key return over here. You have the compass calibration button and these are the cameras up and down buttons on the top is the speed adjustment, the orbit mode and on the left is the photo and the video button? And these here are your power indicator lights? The controller does require four aaa batteries, which are not included to turn it on.

You press the button for two to three seconds until you see the front and back lights, blinking turn on the remote and it will automatically pair to the drone when paired the front. Blue lights will stop blinking to manually arm the motors. You slide both joysticks like this, to connect to the app first. You want to make sure that you allow all app permissions on your phone now open your wi fi settings and connect to the drone’s wi fi. Once connected, you can now open the eachine pro app. If you haven’t calibrated the drone’s compass you’ll be prompted to do so. If you have then skip it now, let’s go through all of the basic app functions here is the optical flow lens button: Music, Music, the camera button, the video button, the camera up and down buttons here is your intelligent flight modes like waypoints. Follow me in orbit this here is the mv mode and your digital zoom button. This is the one key return your one key take off. This is the virtual reality mode for goggles and your photo and video folder and over here this wheel, is for your overall settings for the joystick parameters, maps and other. This is your battery voltage level, the wi fi signal and all of your telemetry anyway that’s all for this video. Thank you so much for watching. If you did like this video, please do add a like to it and also feel free to subscribe to the channel and don’t forget to hit that notify bell as well, so that you’ll know when i upload any new videos in the future.