Now, if you didn’t catch, my first review make sure you go over there and check it out. Man uh, it actually flew pretty good. The only discrepancy i had was, i couldn’t get the um app the eachine pro app to work man, it wasn’t working with my phone, and i was using, i am using the iphone 6s and it wasn’t working with my phone. So the app that i had to download was the eachine gps app and it gave me fpv uh signal and everything like that, but it wasn’t recording my telemetry and telling me how far i was out and stuff like that. So we’re back, i went ahead and re downloaded the eachine pro app, which is the app that you’re supposed to use with this guy and we’re, going to give this guy another shot all right now this is the eachine ex5, the dji mini clone check it out. Man now excuse me: i have something uh anyways now when i dropped my first video i told you i picked this guy up for 99 bucks. Now i know a lot of you was uh. Commenting, saying, drop the link. You can find it for 99 bucks and i know they change the price, sometimes guys that’s, just how it goes. I don’t know if it was a sale or something like that when i picked mine up for 99 bucks, i even went back on and tried to look for you guys to see if i could find it at that 99 dollar price i don’t know.

Maybe i could uh if eachine is listening, because you know uh, they might be checking out this video. Maybe they might drop it back to that 99 dollar price and get some sales going out there i don’t know. Maybe i can contact them. I’Ll see what i can do, but at the time i purchased it, it was 99 and it came with a single battery. It did not come with this case. It just came with the box. This is actually my own case that i kind of just got custom that came from one of my other drones, so they didn’t come with location, nothing, but you can get one with the case and extra batteries guys and that’s, probably the one that they’re selling that’s Over 99 they might, they might have ran out of that 99 bundle. It was just came with the box and one single battery so that’s, probably why you can’t find it so just keep in mind for the price um you it is ranging from 99. So i’ve seen it to about like 129, all right so it’s in that price range from 99 to 129, all right american us, so we’re gon na go for a quick flight of this guy. It does look like the dji mavic mini. As i said, when i first flew it, it did fly great. It does not have a micro sd card slot, so the image that you’re gon na get is recorded directly back to your phone and it actually is 4k.

The image is 4k 20 frames per second, but you got to keep in mind. There’S no gimbal and it’s, like it’s, all being recorded back through wi fi to your phone, so there’s gon na be some jittery and choppiness to it. So it’s not gon na be smooth 4k like you would expect, but also keep the price point in mind. This is like a a real lightweight under 250 gram, drone 229 gram drone and for the price point you really can’t beat. It has brushes motors, really cool leds up front 4k. Camera 4k photos 4k videos battery bay in the back that resembled the dji mini as well so we’re just going to go for a quick flight of this guy guys. This guy actually is supposed to have a 30 minute flight time. I didn’t get a full charge on this guy today, because i wanted to get back out here just to see if this guy will actually work today, for you guys – and i did state in my review – that it has one functioning antenna. I believe is this one and i believe this one is a dummy, so it does have one functioning actual antenna. You can adjust the camera up and down with these buttons here so angle. It up angle it down. You have your compass calibration button here. You have your takeoff button here, return the home button here um. I think this is headless mode here.

Of course you got your joysticks. You have your speed button here. You have the press of a button. You can use circle mode for this guy here, um photo. I mean video and photo button here on the sides and then on and off switch here. You have fpv mount here, you’re gon na stick, your phone at so we’re gon na go to get this guy set up for the review. Give me guys give me a quick moment guys. Let me get this guy set up all right. We’Ll. Do this all right guys so let’s go ahead and get this guy set up for his flight. Hopefully, fingers crossed guys. We have a successful flight today. You know what i’m saying i got a lot of faith in this drone and other reviews. I’Ve seen and everybody’s had good reviews for this drone. So let’s see what it does. Let’S go ahead and turn this guy on i’m gon na long press it we got flashing lights, we’re gon na turn on the drone, so yeah we’re bound so we’re gon na go ahead and um connect to the wi fi go ahead and connect to the wi Fi now i might already remember it since i connect to it once as soon as i turn my wi fi huh, my fireworks going off in the got background going off on there excuse that guys, i’m sorry apologize um, so yeah it’s connecting to the wi fi, Which is awesome now i want to show you guys.

I went ahead and downloaded the eachine pro app. I don’t know if you can see it on my phone, but i went ahead and downloaded that so i apologize for the fireworks in the background getting close to that fourth of july. So you know what time it is go ahead. Click play on the app now in my access, i’m. I’M. Expecting it to access. Now we do at least have fpv feed this time i’m going to go ahead and see if i can get it to do, um see there. It is by messing with my phone. I hate this type of phone mount um see if i can do compass calibration, so it beep because connect to the controller let’s do a compass calibration get up here like this. We might have success today, guys i’m hopeful today a couple times to a beat beep that time let’s hold it up, and do it this time like this until it beeps again all right, okay, i am hopeful guys, i am hope for today. Oh, my goodness, it says gps is normal, ready to take off guys. Oh, my goodness, we might have a good flight today, the ec ex5 or mavic mini clone guys. Are you guys ready to do this let’s? Do this let’s go ahead and see if we can start the recording, recording, started timer countdown on the app guys, and i believe we do it down and out or do we press the takeoff button? Can we nope that doesn’t do it? Let me down it out.

Starts the motor then just throttle up, so i just wanted to throttle up there see if it holds get my antennas all parallel to the quad nice look at it check it out. Recording’S going it’s hovering there it’s kind of a it’s a little bit of a breezy day. It was breezy before i came out here. Kind of went kind of died down a little bit, so it might be a good day here today. Guys look at the ec ex5 up there holy holy, keep in mind. We took off from this yellow line here so that’ll be our return to home point recorded right. There. Look at that man stable as heck. Look at that wow, so we can’t adjust that camera up. I want to put it up a little bit angle. It up yeah, get that nice horizon view man for your boy, yeah, yeah man. I like that right there right, there put it up right there and while we got a good connection, guys let’s just go ahead and go up and we’re gon na see how far we can get out before that wi fi starts to break up, holding it directly. Parallel to the quad, so right now altitude is i’m gon na put it up, let’s go about 50 feet. Oh man see there goes the app just cut out on me. Let me get back into the app yes, this has been calibrated all right, we’re back guys.

Let me start the recording again. The app cut out on me again see if we could start the recording again recording started all right, so the recording has started again. I am currently 44 feet up. Let’S go about 50 feet up all right. 50 60 feet up drop it down just a little bit: we’re 60 feet up and 65 feet out all right, recording started again: let’s go out, see how far we can get out all right. We’Re 160 200 feet out 300 feet out 400 feet out 500 feet out: 5 30. it’s going out fast 600 feet out 700 feet out. No breakup yet 900 feet out a thousand. Oh, i got a b coming don’t get me b. Don’T get me b! Oh guys, we’re going pretty good coming up on 1500 feet out we’re still going, they got a little choppy there we’re still going, though, can we make it to the water it’s getting a little choppy getting a little bobbly there see if i can raise it up. All right, i lost connection about 2 000 feet guys if you can see it on my phone. Wi fi has completely broke up at 2 000 feet up, we’re back we’re, back we’re, back kind of came back for a second open up is all choppy again. So let’s go ahead and return home, so let’s just say it got out to about 2000 feet and we’re returning the home here from 2000 feet, guys 2000 feet that’s, not bad, considering no no sd card strictly wi fi guys, my app is still froze so hopefully We’Re still it’s there, it is so i got wi fi signal back check.

It out check it out, it’s, coming on back Music, coming on back it’s kind of just hovering there and it’s dropping down real slow here’s. Our return to home point that yellow line. Look. How close it’s coming i’ll say it’s going to return within like three feet. I will end up cancelling it. I just want to see how close look there’s the line right there there’s the drone so not too bad cancel it throttle up and it’s just hovering. There check it out check that out guys that’s, not too bad turn over here face me. Look at that there’s me. Drones and dogs go ahead and stop the recording recording stop see. If i can take a photo, i don’t know if it took a photo or not let’s try to take another one. So we took a couple photos. I believe now let’s try to test some of these app functions. While we got it still let’s see if we could do a follow so i’ll, just click on follow me and the drone is backing away check it out back in the way doing all all that on his own. So essentially it should be following me: you guys let’s go ahead and start the recording and hopefully it’s following me. Is it following me, i’m, not touching anything, it is yep. Look at y’all all on its own it’s following me, see about turn around like this i’m. Not touching anything, look at the drone check that out, so it actually is following me.

Not touching anything let’s go this way see if it followed me. This way check it out. Follow me is actually working. That’S, pretty nice let’s take off the follow me. It has orbit let’s check out the orbit. Look at that it’s going to go up it’s going to find north it’s going to go to north it’s gon na turn around. I believe i believe, it’s gon na turn around oh yeah it’s gon na turn around, and then i have to pick a direction. I want it to orbit so i’m gon na pick a direction and it’s going to orbit so it’s doing an orbital on his own. Doing a little small orbit too so that’s its orbit right there guys. So i think i can cancel it by going the opposite way or do i got to click on orbit inside it? So click the orbit button and it stops pretty cool, so let’s see if we can try waypoints here so i got my maps coming up. I can’t really see it right now. Let me scroll into my maps. I got a waypoint all right. I could see myself on the map i’m going to click draw. You know what i’m saying i’m gon na tap on one tap on two three: four: five: six and i’m gon na hit submit and i’m, not touching anything. It should do his little waypoints, guys, let’s see what it does go. Another waypoint mission i’m, not touching anything at all, it’s going up pretty high too.

I don’t know what my weight point thing is set at, but it’s going up to do it check it out. I’M, not touching anything, okay, that’s way point one should get ready to go to waypoint two at some point, yep turning around on his way to waypoint number, two, all on its own, all right just now, making it to weight point number two should be getting ready To hit waypoint number three here in a minute, jonah’s working perfect, you guys absolutely perfect on his way to way point number three i put in six way points i don’t know if i wanted to go to all six because it’s going along kind of slow there, But it’s actually working there hitting all this weight points pretty nice within 30 minutes of flight time. I still got 7.4 volts of battery life, so i can still probably get another 10 minutes or so a flight out of this so it’s that way. Point number three should be turning around for waypoint number: four. We know the waypoints work, guys let’s go ahead and cancel the waypoint out. Let’S, get back into a flight, got three minutes of recording going i’m gon na go ahead and stop the recording, save that recording let’s take a photo from up. There should get a nice photo from up there, guys so let’s bring this guy on down for a close look guys. So i just it’s working today. The app did crash on me.

One time but hey i just backed out of the app went right back into it and everything it seemed to be working. Fine. You seen ex5 guys it’s a budget banger so i’m glad i actually did a follow up for you guys. Sometimes you got to do a follow up because sometimes the first flight is just a hiccup, and but i have to do an honest review. I’M glad i recorded the first flight for you guys, because i wanted to be honest and showed you hey. That was my first experience because some of you guys first experience might be bad like mine and then you might think it’s a bad drone and then hey. If you come back out with a follow up, you get a good flight out of it and you’re like okay, okay, now pal so check it out so yeah and it has three rates. So this is first rate flying we’re flying around at first right here. All right, second speed, it’s, a good flyer and we’re going to third speed now, so this is our fastest speed here. Look at that fastest rate right here, not going too bad as soon as i let the let it go, the brakes hit right away. So you can see everything work real good with this guy, the waypoints worked the return homework. We did have a crash for a second but hey that’s, what expected to be with wi fi guys. This is the eachine ex5 i’m, your boy, jones and dogs.

You know what i’m saying appreciate you guys for watching catch.