You know we are drones and dogs bang. Welcome back to the channel. You guys. I got something really nice and neat here today. Now this is the ishii ex 5 guys bye. Can you guys tell me what that guy looks like kind of like it kind of resembles something very popular that’s been out for about two years now? Can you tell me, can you tell me i’ll tell you dji mavic mini this kind of resembles what they’re going for now. This has nothing to do with dji or not dji affiliated. This is just a look. You can tell that they kind of went for right here and it’s, actually, a pretty unique design. It’S uh got speed, control, one key return, headless mode, altitude hold hd, camera and gps. Guys actually has brushless motors and the cool thing about man. You guys know i’m, always hitting you guys up with the deals i’m, always giving you a good bang for your buck and i’ll try to find the best deal that i could possibly find online for you guys. You know what i’m saying i try to give you guys the best bang for your buck, and this guy came at right at about 99 at the time it is recording. You know what i’m saying i picked it up at on amazon for 99 bucks, guys now, that’s an amazing deal for a gps drone with brussels motors and an actual 4k camera. Now there is one downfall to that 4k camera.

It actually does record 4k, but it doesn’t have an sd card, so it’s using the 4k it’s, actually using the manipulation of your cell phone to give you that supposedly 4k image. Now it does recorded that. But so you got to keep in mind the better cell phone. You have the better um quality of video you’re, going to get back uh recorded directly into your cell phone gallery, all right guys. So you got to keep that in mind. So they cut a lot of corners to keep this guy at a really cheap price, but this is okay. So let me let me go ahead and uh just you know, uh state on something real quick, even though it looks like a mavic mini. You know i’m saying it’s not gon na fly like a mavic mini, but this is definitely going to be definitely um, beginner, friendly and it’s. Definitely budget friendly for 99 bucks. I mean you really can’t beat it. You know um and it’s not going to have any cinematic footage like a mavic mini there’s, no 3x gimbal or nothing like that. It’S, not even a one axis gimbal, just actually a servo that allows you to um tilt the camera up and down. So just keep it not keep in mind guys when i’m out there flying if it’s windy and the drone is wobbling. The footage is going to wobble, but this is basically aimed at beginners um before like.

If you was interested in getting a mavic mini, maybe you could pick something like this up and decide if you was really interested in getting a mavic mini but um with all. That being said, sorry, i got a bunch of i’m looking like my box got dirty there, what’s that on my box, we’re gon na take this guy up, so you have a picture of it. Folded up right there i apologize. Something must have got on my box. Has been stored in here for a while i’ve had this guy store it up for a while waiting to show it to you guys it has the features of what it does here: ages, 14 and plus eachine ex5 fold it up unfold. It so let’s see what we get here check it out. We got some nice little foam right there, so you have instruction manual and it’s pretty thick it’s a pretty thick like book, and you know what i’m saying so i mean that’s, pretty cool. It seems to be in a lot of different languages: there’s chinese there’s english, there guys so everything seems to be pretty legible. As far as how this guy goes, that’s pretty well laid out. I like that. I like that um, so let’s see uh Music. Here it is looks like we have a battery here check out this battery. It looks just like the mavic mini battery too. You know what i’m saying um 99 bucks. It looks like they have a two battery version that you can get.

I only believe that i got the one battery version. You know i’m saying yeah. I got the one battery version and um so yeah and keep in mind. They have a 2.4 gigahertz model that you can get and they have a 5g wi fi model. You can get and i went ahead and got the 5g it’s checked off on the box. So there you go with the one battery, and here it is it’s a um 7.4 volt, 2s 2200 milliamp hour battery 25c guys. You know what i’m saying lipo lithium polymer battery. So you should get a decent flight time out of this guy i’m, not really sure how much they said, but you should get a decent fly time because they said about 30 minutes now that um i could be wrong, but yeah so put that battery back in There look how that guy is well laid out well laid out um. So before we get the drone out, let’s go ahead and look at the transmitter really quickly here. Oh, let me show you there has to be a charging port on that battery too, as well. Here is the micro usb charging port right there for the battery has a micro usb. I should show you that, so you can charge that battery there so i’m expecting they’re going to give us a um usb to micro. Usb charger is what i’m expecting they’re going to give us with this guy. Let me get this remote out of here, so really nice.

They have like a layout over the remote and it’s labeled, letting you guys know its operations and functions. Look like we have some antennas up here up top now, i’m, not sure if any of these antennas are real or not have to look – and i see i don’t see a wire going through that one – and i do so. This is our actual functioning antenna right here. This is a real antenna. This is a dummy, there’s, no wire going through this one, but there’s a wire going through this one. So this is your actual a work operating antenna right there that’s pretty cool button layout calibration instructions on the back, which is nice. You know i’ve seen this transmitter style with a lot of drones, so there it altitude hold. I mean one thing: this transparent workshop right, like even all the buttons are labeled all the buttons are labeled transmitter works all right. The only thing that i don’t like about this transmitter. If you are team android, i know a lot of people are team, iphone a lot of people, our team android. I have both. I have iphone and android, but i use my android for a lot of my reviews. You know what i’m saying – and i happen to like android, better don’t hate me guys iphone users don’t hate me. I happen to like android better but um when you’re using an android. It has that your power button on the side and this phone mount typically likes to shut off the power button to your um android phone, so i don’t know i may have to use my iphone for this review.

We’Ll see when we got in the field i’m. Not too sure we’ll see what it does, but uh yeah all the buttons are labeled fpv foam out there, um there’s the battery bay in the back with the screws, so i’m thinking, you’re gon na need uh three double a batteries for that guy, yeah man so Kind of familiar with this style of a transmitter for the drone now let’s get the drone out very, very mavic mini ish, and this is under the 250 gram weight limit, just like the mavic mini. So you don’t need any type of registration to fly this. So here is a goodie box also underneath underneath there, underneath the drone so we’ll get to that as well, probably holding our charger and some extra props. So all the contents of the box are empty. You guys, if you guys, can see that it’s everything out of the box set that down there. Yes, this guy is very lightweight and it has like a like a rubbery like a matte finish to it, like we have some leds up there up front. That looks pretty cool, it even says ex5 229 grams on the side. There guys look at that and then it has 4k. On the other side, there looks like i have some leds on the bottom legs or the rear legs on each side. There that’s pretty nice and it has the battery bay in the rear. Okay, and we have an optical flow sensor underneath and here’s our 4k camera there and i already stated there’s no sd card.

It looks there’s a slot where it looks like they would have put one but that’s empty there’s do not put an sd card in there guys. It looks like there’s a slot right here where you can put one that’s completely empty, though there’s nothing that’s going to hold your sd card. This is completely going based off your wi fi of your phone, so let’s go ahead and take out the front arm. First, very smooth, transitioning legs. They just pop into place with a like a small little click. You don’t hear it, but it just you just feel it pop into place and it feels really good, very mavic mini ish resembling now you can manually you can’t. Oh actually. Yes, you can you can’t adjust the camera from the remote, they have buttons right there, where you can tilt this camera up and down from the remote, so you can adjust it from the remote that’s, pretty cool. I likes that where you don’t have to manually. Do it that’s pretty nice, so the battery bay is here opens up and you’re going to slide your battery here in there like. That seems to be a pretty snug fit yeah, pretty snug fit, and then just pops in, like that real popped in real nice and easy check that out check that out. Russell’S motors here looks just like the mavic mini motors, so really nice budget friendly john guys i’m not going to keep jabber drawing too much we’re going to pop some batteries in this remote get this battery here charged up i’m guessing.

This is our charger here and maybe some spare props and hopefully a screwdriver to get that battery bay off. If not, i have plenty with my toy grades on that i’ve had before so yeah you got a set of spare propellers a full set guys. No, actually, you don’t, you only got a enough to replace two, so you got enough to replace two propellers screwdriver and the hardware to replace the repellers. Okay guys – and here is your usb to micro, usb let’s get this boy charged up and uh the next time. You guys catch me, we’ll have this ex5, hopefully in the air outside. This was just a quick table review and unboxing of this eachine ex5, guys mavic mini looking drone don’t forget to like and subscribe. If you want to see this guy in the air, because i will be following up with the flight review, i want to just unbox this guy really just go over briefly. Show you guys how it look and we’ll get this guy in the air in the follow up video catch you guys soon. I’M.