Hi I'm Paul from trans Grom and this time, we're taking a look at a drone that really impressed me in terms of build quality and image. Stabilization for quite a low price, it's called the itch in ex4, or also known as the aurora x12 it's. Just a different brand, but overall the single, the drone is quite compact and resembles the DJI Mavic air a lot. I was quite surprised with the build quality, the arms open, quite snappy and the materials are great in front. You can see the 1080p camera and the three axis stabilizing gimbal. It has to fit in front so that they raise the gameboard clearance. In case you launch it from grass. As you can see the gimbal in action. It looks very promising and well stabilized at the bottom, we have two sonar sensors and an optical flow camera for helping with how stable the drone flies indoors or near the ground. The battery lasts up to 25 minutes in perfect conditions. I have personally tested it to fly for about 20 minutes or even more, but definitely enough to do all the shots. You actually need the drones, pegs brushless motors that are powerful and more durable than standard brushed ones, something I would have expected at this price. The drone weighs 450 grams, so it's under the 500 gram required for some countries to register your drone it's, also compact and perfect for travel and vlogging. The controller is quite small and simple, but it has the necessary buttons lag, return to home and even a button to turn the GPS on or off.

A nice thing is that it has a charging port at the top. With an internal battery, the quality is more than okay and at the top left, you can also find a will to change the camera angle and even though the camera angle changing isn't as smooth as you'd expect from a more expensive camera drone like the GI it's. Still good enough, it also comes with a solely phone holder that you can put at the top of the transmitter. The presumed range of this drone is somewhere around one kilometer. So what else could I do but test de spec myself? I got some interference at about 600 meters or so, but after I put a Joan a bit higher and managed to regain signal – and I kept going – I had admit that after a twenty meters or so the signal wasn't that good and the image was a bit Laggy, but even so, I managed to reach one kilometer at the end and that's good enough for me at this price. I press the return to home button and everything was as expected. The drone landed about one meter from the place. I launched it from a drone. Camera quality is nothing without good image. Stabilization and the Itchy x4 definitely has a well stabilized camera. With the 3 axis gimbal, i was quite impressed with what a good job it did when it comes to the camera itself. The 1080p looks a lot like an action camera quality in my opinion and i'm – quite happy with it, and if you apply some filters on it, it could look quite decent.

There is some fisheye effect to it, but only slightly a big disadvantage would be how overblown the sky is compared to the rest. The dynamic range of this camera simply sucks I'll. Let you watch some more videos samples to get a better idea of the quality. Even more I'll, let you compared with what's my favourite camera drone under 300 of the time the Hobson's Eno, indeed it's a bigger drone, not as compact, but I do prefer the xeno a bit more still. The battery life of the drone lasted for a bit over 20 minutes, not exactly 25 was advertised, but plenty to range test. It and record some more additional footage and even test some flight modes. Speaking about fly modes. Don'T get your hopes up, even though it has a follow me mode. It simply. Wouldn'T have me in the shot, as it was trying to orientate itself towards the phone. Very change at home is all that I would use, but good thing is that it works perfectly. Now, what smart phones work with this job – and this is an important question – because only smartphones that have 5g Wi Fi 802.11 AC to be precise, work with connecting this drone. We can still fight a drone, but you can connect to the Wi Fi wait. So you can see the live feed if you want to check your phone compatibility, go on GSM arena, search for your brand and then look at the specs.

If it has 802.11 AC Wi Fi, the AC part is still important. It doesn't come from air conditioning so who should buy this drone? After all, there are certainly many reasons why I'd want to buy the aurora or the etx, for whatever you want to call it. If you want to inspect your roof or a building for yourself or a friend, if you want to take videos and photos for a vacation, maybe you want to explore a town or have a different perspective on a landscape for selfies and taking videos for your vlogs. Overall, a quite versatile drone that I really like the image quality is definitely not professional level. You only use it for weddings, for example, or making money with cinematography, but it's really good quality, and the image is well stabilized, so for everything, that's related to fun activities, exploration and such this is quite a perfect room. If you haven't yet decide what drone to buy, I strongly recommend you check my don't search in troll in the description or here the table where you can go and fill the drones by price and any spec combination you prefer, including the better life you want. The distance, the gimbal, if you want image stabilization or not, if you want it to be under 20, 50 grams and so on. In the meantime, you can check my latest video right here or the next video right here. If you want me to make more videos like this, it would be a really great help if you'd subscribe and hit the biota fication icon.

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