I received this in the mail yesterday. This is the eachine e65h led drone and uh yeah. I purchased this one on a flash deal guys uh about two weeks ago and, like i said it arrived yesterday, um so yeah. I think i paid around thirty dollars for this and was on a flash deal. I just looked it up on my phone on the banggood app and its still on a flash sale at the moment for 21.66 us, which is equivalent to what i paid for 30 australian um and that was shipped to my door. And it looks like the sale ends in three days: three hours, so uh yeah at the time making this video anyway guys so yeah. This one came with two batteries you can get. The one battery version might be a couple of dollars: cheaper, probably a little bit less than twenty dollars. I guess um so yeah. I thought ill pick one of these up because i never saw many videos on this one. I thought ill. Try it out and see how it is as a fun little uh flyer. Now its called the e65h. The h stands for altitude hold, so this one does have altitude hold um. I believe there is a wi fi fpv version. I didnt really want to try that one out, because wi fi fpv on these toy grades. They tend to limit the actual flight, distance and range of these particular quads, and you know the cameras arent that great on them anyway.

So yeah you can get this in blue, which i have in the box here. It is age 14 plus, as you can see here, so aimed at teenagers and uh. You can get it in green also, but i end up getting the blue one here. So uh lets have a look quickly, whats in the box and then ill take it for a flight outdoors um. You can fly these indoors as well. Um theyre gon na, not you know, make any damage indoors because theyre all ducted, as you can see here but uh yeah lets – have a look in the box and uh then ill. Take it for a flight during the day outdoors and even at night. So we can see the led lights which ill show you in a moment. Okay, first off uh weve got the instruction manual for the e65h. Now eachine always makes some really good detailed, uh instruction booklets. As you can see here, this one covers uh six different languages, and these are always very detailed and informative guys, as you can see here, it tells you it takes four double a batteries and all the controls in detail with diagrams. So a really good book to follow, especially if youre a beginner flyer of uh, quadcopters or drones. It shows you how to calibrate the gyros when you got on a flat level surface before taking off and just a few spares and as you can see its gone into the uh, the next uh.

You know language there and throughout the book, youve got all different languages, so uh a great little booklet uh from eachine. Now it comes packed in this uh little uh plastic box here as well. So there it is. There lets, take the drone out. First, we have a box of goodies here and the actual controller. Okay, so lets have a quick look at the transmitter for this particular quadcopter. As you can see here, we have this uh nice little placard here. It shows you all the button layouts okay, so we can see on this one. We got one key return headless mode, so got your your trimming buttons up here. Uh weve got the speed button. Now the long press, video and photos that is not applicable to this model, because this is not the camera version. Emergency stop 3d roll up the top here, light control and one button to take off and land. So pretty neat little uh quick, start guide there. Okay, now what they mean by a quick press on those uh one button and land, we could just got ta click it in and it should uh take off by itself and then land, and this is to turn the lights on and off. Okay. So, as you can see here, yeah your trimmer buttons, your headless one key return, and this one is not labeled, because its not a camera version, speed, control, low medium and high and those other couple of buttons there.

So yeah, not a bad little lightweight controller. This is a very common toy grade, rc controller for a lot of uh drones in the past few years. Actually, its got that dji sort of look to it, um like a dji mini or back, then it would be the dji mavic, the very first mavic they started, bringing these ones out. So these antennas are fake, guys, theres, no uh actual wiring in them. Okay, so theyre just there for looks uh the actual real antenna for the 2.4 gigahertz reception is actually hot glued parallel. Just under this face plate here, okay, so yeah, this takes uh four double a batteries as well. Okay, guys well lets have a look in this box here. Weve got all our goodies in there and we also have a second battery just here. Okay, so weve got the second battery, and in here we have our charger cable, so its just a very common uh charge: cable, okay, just like what youd use on an android phone or device. So nothing really special. It doesnt have a charging indicator light here or any uh voltage, readouts or anything like that. So yeah, very common, cable um. You know, even though they give you one in this kit, doesnt really matter um. You know a lot of people got android devices i own. Both ios and android, so ive got a whole heap of these cables and can charge that second battery up with any phone, cable or anything like that.

All right. We also have a full set of tri blade, props and a screwdriver, so weve got full set of tri blade, props, spare and screwdriver to match so lets have a quick look at the eachine e65h quadcopter here its got the eachine labeling on the top, with a Pin stripe and weve got the little on off switch up top and it runs off these tri blade props, as you can see here, and they are nicely recessed within the actual ducting itself. So i cant see you really breaking these rather easily because they are recessed. Even though they do give you the spare props down there uh, you probably wont ever use them unless you have an unfortunate accident somehow where they do break, but i cant see them breaking any time soon. This is also good for protecting uh. You know bouncing against furniture walls, even if you accidentally hit someone with it its not going to hurt anybody so thats, a really good uh plus of this quad type of quadcopter. We have the uh brushed motors underneath these arms, as you can see here its just like a cross frame, design, okay, and we have a little led light in the front here, its in place of where the camera would be, and you can actually tilt this one. Just like what the camera would uh on a like a 45 degree angle, okay, put some venting on the bottom here, okay and then on this back.

We have the modular little uh, one cell lipo here so lets have a quick look at the milliamp hours on this one. It is a 3.7 volt 550 milliamp hour. So this should be good for around seven to eight minutes of flight time and, as you can see, we have the uh micro, usb uh inlet uh for charging. Okay, guys now ive got the battery uh hooked up to a power bank here. So when charging, because this doesnt have your typical uh, you know led light on the actual charger cable itself, you can see that youve got a red light on the actual battery itself. Once this is finished, charging that light will turn off and let you know that its fully charged ready to go now being such a small battery too 550 milliamp hours. This will probably charge up really quickly like in half an hour and youre good to go flying again. Okay, so i just slid the battery in the back there, where its supposed to go and well just turn it on here, just hold it down for a couple of seconds and, as you can see, even during the daytime, you can see these uh bright, led lights. Weve got green on the front alongside that white led light as well its looking to bind as you can see here, and we got this blue on the back, so it looks really good. This is going to be a great night fly, guys and youre going to have easy orientation, knowing that the green is at the front and the blue is at the back im gon na finish, charging these batteries up.

We do have two in this uh particular kit that i bought for 20 us dollars and lets take it for a quick flight test outdoors and see how it goes. Okay, guys ive got the eachine e65h out here at the field. Okay, so what were going to do im going to turn it on? Take it for his first flight up down and its bound now, while im on this uh little bench here, im going to do the uh gyro calibration, as you can see, it blinked the leds a couple of times and were ready to go so uh im. Just at the field here guys and uh ill take it for a flight. Now there is a little bit of wind here, but this little quadcopter should uh be able to um handle some wind. It does have three speed rates, all right, so uh yeah lets. Take it up for a flight okay, so you can actually start the motors by two sticks down and out like that and turn them off. That way. I want to see it how it takes off when i press the throttle, stick in it, should uh, initiate the motors and do automatic takeoff so lets. Try that out there we go done straight away, well, see what speed rate were in and then one two three or im going to stay in three, because there is a bit of wind, the little white led on the front there.

There is a little bit of wind guys it might pick up during this flight. Im not too sure well see what happens, but it seems like its got pretty good speed to it in uh third rate, that is, the ore lets, bring it down a bit. That is the yaw, not bad. Lets go and speed rate one and the ore is a lot slower, speed rate two. I dont leave it in speed rate one because of the uh, the actual wind here, its starting to pick up a little bit guys speed rate three and it is fighting the wind, bring it down a little bit there we go youre, pretty steady little flyer. Do some flips now at towards the end of this video ill, put a bit of a montage of some night flying ill? Wait till it gets dark this evening and ill show you what the lights look like at night. So it does some pretty cool flips here and you can actually turn the lights off. Cant really see them during the day, only the front one just there so ill press the pitch button in the pitch stick button and i turned off that light. So i might leave the lights off so its not uh having to the battery aint having to power lights during the day yeah. So it does some neat flips. You can just uh tap that button and just go what direction you want really cool so yeah.

This is only a 20 dollar quadcopter guys and you get two batteries with it and uh thats in american dollars, of course, and its on a flash sale like. I showed you at the start of the video for the next three days during this vanguard september sales. Oh, she uh flipped in and descended a bit, but it held its own is getting a bit windy out here, guys not really ideal for these types of uh ducted quads. They do fly a lot better indoors or with no wind at all outdoors, but as always, it was pretty calm on the way here and now, its starting to pick up a bit, but it look its holding its own. Its got good altitude hold, keeping the altitude pretty well considering it is. The barometer is reading the wind as well, but, as you can see, im not uh throttling or anything its staying pretty level really good. Now they do state uh im going into the wind there. As you can see its slowing down, but uh, they do state that this has around 80 to 100 meter range go with the wind now, and you can see the speed behind it. The tailwind lets bring it back, bring it a bit lower shes fighting that wind guys the winds, picking up as im getting further into this flight lets, try actually the one key uh descend button which was pressing that button again. So it was a good idea to uh test that out now what ill do, because this is such a light, quadcopter its not really going to get damaged ill test out that emergency stop button, just put it back up in the air, its safe, for instance, youre Flying around – and there might be something that you want to miss – maybe youre heading towards a tree or a person just kill it with that button, there guys up the top okay guys lets take off now, once again, okay, im gon na put in third speed rate Uh winds really taking it now, yeah im gon na have to land.

It probably again see how we go. Fortunately, the winds really picking up come on little fella. You try go sideways into it. No im going to land it well, it looks like the battery has depleted its uh, showing lvc lets, try to take it off again. Yeah thats a battery over guys so thats why it was um not actually having enough power to get back, because the battery level was uh getting low. So, anyway, guys what ill do ill show at the end of the video here, um some footage from some night flying okay, once the uh sun goes down ill, take it up again with the second battery. I do a bit of a montage of what the lights look like at night, so yeah, obviously windys going to affect this uh little quad. You know because um during this flight, the wind was getting stronger, its much more stronger now than what was when i started, but uh yeah. This would be a ideal indoor fly for sure, with no wind or one of those days where theres completely no wind outside. So for 20 bucks, not too bad guys! Well, you know you cant expect much for 20, these days and uh. This is pretty decent uh little quad. I think anyway, just to mess around with. I wouldnt go for the uh, the wi fi fpv version, because theres no point youre gon na get um less range. Youre gon na have interference with the 2.

4 gigahertz wi fi on one of these. So if you do decide to get one of these um yeah id opt for this one, the one with the two batteries uh and no camera for 20 bucks, Music, Music, so Music Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, hmm, Music, Applause, Music. So anyway, guys hope you enjoyed that quick night flight clip there uh its got very bright, led lights, doesnt it and uh. This is a great little night flyer, even if you fly around your backyard or, like i said indoors, is pretty cool all right guys. Well, i hope you enjoyed this review of the eachine e65h thanks very much for watching and ill catch. You on the next video guys.