This is the eachine e009. Now i bought this one about a week week and a half ago and uh. This was on the banggood website. As a snap up deal – and it was only like five dollars u.s so by the time i paid for, i think, with shipping included shipping insurance all that kind of stuff it was like 10 australians. So i thought why not i’ll pick this one up. It was on special it’s, actually less than half price, so i think these ones, retail, around 22 australian, so in us it’d, be about 15 bucks i’m, not too sure, but uh. If you you know with a currency exchange, would be around that price so yeah. This came rather quickly from banggood guys, it’s 2.4 gigahertz gyroscope we’ve got high speed, switching 360 flips and rolls i have the. Let me see the green color here now you can get in blue and uh yeah a little tiny box here. Um i’ve done a quick search just then on youtube and there’s. Quite a few reviews on this in the last couple of months, so i guess they’re pretty popular little uh drone so anyway, that’s not why i bought it. I had no idea, i just thought: i’ll um get one of these and see how it performs for the price. Is it any good we’ll soon find out so let’s uh open the box, see what we get inside there. It is there a little tiny drone, as you can see: it’s very tiny, the e0.

So this is uh. The little drone here, guys very small, very rounded, off a little uh like a windshield there, tiny little props, tiny little brushed motors. I don’t even know the spec of these brushed motors, but they are super tiny, a little battery bay here, okay and the wiring for the lights. Okay, now the battery was actually in that little uh compartment there. I just took it out to charge it up, got a tiny little remote with a tiny little drone here. So here we go. This is, let me try to focus in, for you guys, tiny little peanut style controller here we’ve got the on off switch here. This is your gyroscope reset or gyro reset. Usually you can do them side to side like that, but this has actually got a dedicated button, which is nice high low speed, switch 360 flips on this one. Now i believe, to trim this one up in the user menu. It says, push that in the pitch uh roll and uh. You can adjust and then press it again to trim it up, and this takes uh three aaa batteries. Okay, so i’ll put the batteries in that in a sec, got a little charger here, usb charger, so you just plug the connector of the battery there in this end and charge it up. Didn’T really take that long, because this battery this little lipo is only a 200 milliamp hour 3.7 volt, so it doesn’t take that long to charge.

I believe it’s meant to fly for about seven to eight minutes. We also have a couple of spares there with a prop tool: spare blades and user manual, which is self explanatory. Really, okay, just shows you everything how to fly it if you’re a beginner, okay, so that’s it guys i’m going to uh. Take this out for a flight and um see how it goes outdoors, so i’ll catch you out at the field. Okay, guys i’ve got the little eachine e00 here i’m, going to take you for a flight around the pond here so i’m, just going to plug the battery in a little light, showing then i’m going to get the uh transmitter up down now to calibrate this uh Gyro i’m going to put on this uh level surface here and what we’re gon na do i’m gon na press this button here, that’s the gyro calibration button and the lights flash there. Let me just show you light slashed a couple of times so we’re taking up for a bit of a flight um. They say about we’re gon na get about uh. Seven eight minutes out of this, so let’s go it’s a manual takeoff let’s see how it flies got a pretty quick yaw, i mean rate one at the moment rate two, not much wind around today. So i thought it would be a good opportunity to fly this outdoors rather than indoors rate. Three it’s definitely got a quick got.

A quick, yaw let’s try some flips there’s, some pretty cool flips, pretty quick, try bringing it closer here, so you can see it very tiny. So hopefully you can see it on the screen. Try to stay up in the sky with the clouds in the background, rather than the trees. It does some really quick flips. It actually elevates a bit as it does it very quick and third right, and that your is very quick, too nice smooth controls too guys. This is a very smooth little flyer, let’s go back to rate one. This is rate one and it’s, pretty docile pretty slow, see. If i could do continuous flips with this, if one hold down the button, will it keep flipping? No, it just does one at a time, so you can either hold the button down or quick press it and i’ll just do the same thing i like how it elevates, though, as it uh flips come back this way, a bit away from that tree. We’Ll go in rate two, so this is perfect for uh indoors and outdoors. So, as you don’t have too much wind, i mean i’ve got hardly any wind today, that’s why i decided to bring it outdoors than fly inside there’s a little bit of wind, but not much he’s still doing all the flips it’s only got a little tiny. 200 milliamp hour lipo one cell uh. You can get this in one two or three battery uh combos.

I got the one battery version for that uh snap up deal so for 10 bucks, it’s, a pretty fun little uh quadcopter here really flies nice and smooth it’s. Still flipping so it’s still got a lot of the enough power to once. It stops flipping these little toy quads that’s. When you know they are starting to show signs of low voltage i’m, not sure of the uh rating of the range on this one. I didn’t really check probably around 50 meters or so yeah, pretty cool little fire i’m in rate 2. Here go in the sun, a bit can’t do flips, it’s still doing flips, so we’re getting some good uh flight times out of this one. At the end of the flight, i’ll just fly until it’s, totally flat i’ll put a um flight time on the screen when it uh decides to land itself, let’s have a look at the light to see if there’s any indicator of lvc, no, not yet. Okay. Now i can’t i can’t flip it now. Okay we’ve actually got an audible alarm here. Something was beeping just then so it must be in lvc now, because i can’t flip new third rate. Little funnels look at the funnels on this wow so, like i said i can’t flip see but uh it’s still going whoa where’d he go little fella nearly went into the tree behind me. Bring it this way. Winds start to pick up now, but it’s fighting it.

Well, it’s, like it’s not affected at all, so still a few little funnels here, bring it back. Sun got in my eye then got a rather long, lbc! Okay! Here we go that’s. It throttle all the way up and that’s it all right. So that’s the flight time of the eachine e009, i think it’s a cool little quad, actually for the price that i paid um. I only paid like 10 australian guys uh on the snap up deal a couple of weeks ago, and this came rather quickly from banggood. So yeah i’ll leave a link for this one in the description below guys. If you want to check it out yourself, this would make a great indoor flyer as well, obviously for its size. But as you can see out here, there is a little bit of wind picking up now. You can see the leaves in front of me blowing around, but on a pretty calm day like today. If you can get get one of these and go outdoors, you’re gon na have a lot of fun with it too all right. So, as you can see, the flight time was pretty decent from a such a tiny little battery here, it’s only 200 milliamp hour. So, anyway, guys yeah i’ll leave a link to the eachine e009 in the description below you can check it out yourself very cheap little quad and uh thanks for watching. If there’s any coupon codes i’ll put that in there as well and uh yeah guys if you’re new to the channel feel free to subscribe, like comment all that good stuff and i’ll catch you on the next video thanks very much for watching this cool little quad.