This is the eachine suvatar in case im pronouncing this correctly. Tar 120 cinewoop um its a three inch cinema with 1404 motors, and i have been um getting cinder, whoops of all shapes and colors and sizes. As of late, and to be honest, i still do not understand why anyone um would voluntarily fly these or more more lets see. I more struggle to understand why these are so popular and why our industry is pushing so much because for me, these really are something of a niche application that very few people might be interested for videography reasons, and i really do not understand why anyone would want To fly one of these things for fun because they are just not fun to fly this one is, unfortunately um no exception, although i think i think i dont want to you know, keep on rambling about how i dont like cinewoops. So lets put this aside, maybe because this basically flies, like all the other cineworks um lets put this aside and lets focus first on um this specific eachine product here, because i think there is something interesting to it, because quite obviously you can tell that eachine has Made a pretty big leap in terms of product quality. Looking at this squad here, there are a few things that really look quite different compared to other eachine products. I have seen in the past so lets take a closer look at the frame, the motors and the electronics right.

So first thing i noticed is in general, the overall quality perception of this is much better than most eachine products i saw before and most noticeably. I think i mean well, there are only you know: eachine isnt, making these products themselves and theres only quite a few suppliers in the industry, um, making these components and also a few suppliers sort of assembling these b f drones and obviously either they changed supplier or They paid an extra price, but i have to say i recognize some of the elements of the packaging and so on and um. Obviously they are going with one of the you know more high end suppliers here its also a bit more expensive to think its 150 dollars, roundabout, which is the best expensive for each product, but you can see they um. They stepped up the overall quality here. Quite if we look closer at uh what this means, i mean, first of all, the frame as you can see these. This is a hybrid construction, its part molded plastic part, carbon fiber, so carbon fiber plates on top and bottom, and then we have these molded ducts. Here this thing does come with an extra duct, which is quite nice. As you can see, this is not 3d printed. This is actual molded plastic, so that means they went for the investment of making an actual mold, which is really not cheap. But of course, its much better, the plastic, this seems to be basic abs, so there are some different sort of grades of material quality you can do with injection molding.

The highest grade is what you would find in expensive power tools, for example, which would be reinforced with usually glass fiber. This is expensive because the glass fiber over time is eroding and damaging your mold. So your mold doesnt last as long, but it makes the parts more rigid and overall, more robust. This is not um glass, fiber reinforced, so yes, its both plastic, but its sort of the on the cheaper end of what you can do with molded plastic. So i would suspect, although i cannot tell that this is just regular abs and obviously it is not fiber reinforced that you can tell quite easily by just scratching the plastic a little bit this. Usually, you will immediately notice if its fiber reinforced and this one is not um its got these. On top of that, its got these foam bits here. These are actually quite nicely made. So overall, i would say this is quite uh, quite convincing manufacturing quality here. The carbon 2, i would say nothing, fancy its not chamfered anything but still um, quite decent quality and quite decent uh machining. Here. What i especially noticed are the 3d printed parts, so these have made a pretty big jump in quality. As you can see, this is really nice print quality on many um, especially very cheap products. You see, they cut a few corners by printing. All you know all the three dependent parts, its settings that make them look just horrible, and this is really not the case here.

This is really very, very solid. Let me just zoom in on this. This is very solid, 3d print quality here it does also come with this aluminum um sort of screw handle here to put a gopro on there. Doesnt come with this mount. This is mine, but does come with an aluminum part here, which is also quite nice. So, overall, i would say the frame is quite good quality. Now you can maybe question whether its a good idea to just mount the motors here on these thin pieces of plastic, its also quite flexy, um, probably doesnt – help with tuning i wouldnt. I wouldnt think that this is very stiff, but it seems to work, and i have a carbon plate here. Securing it so overall seems stiff enough. I would say this really isnt a um, a bad frame, construction overall, and especially if you like colorful stuff, i mean i think this looks good, looks quite nice. The charcoal is here this. This thing overall looks much more much nicer and much more interesting than many previous issue. Another thing that i noticed is the motors here, obviously a very, very different thing than previously seen on most eachine products try to get these in focus properly, so you can see here. This is a 1404. This is not the same 1404 that is on the shadow fiend. This one, i have to say, looks even better and by the looks of it i would um Music, i would say probably, although obviously it cannot be 100 sure.

Probably this is made by rcm power. I think this this is quite characteristics of them. These multi color anodizations here with the blue and the black, its not easy to do, and this is sort of typical for rc and power. Also, if we flip this around, that is going to be difficult to see, but oh come on, you can see here there is this sort of um there is this sort of metal lip here. This ring securing the magnets that is shining here. If i, if i flip this, you can sort of tell uh. This is also quite uh, quite typical for rc and power motors, and this also means that eachine, here um did put more money on the table because usually rcm power is like 50 more expensive than um the other motor manufacturers. So i would say um. Obviously ishin is trying to move into more okay. You know im taking the whole thing apart, so we can take a look at the electronics here because also here um now the vtx lets say this is the latest generation of the eachine nano this one doesnt look bad, but the eastern vtxs, especially the nano, have Been quite decent also in the past, so not too much has changed here, but this one will offer you more mounting options: its a 400 milliwatt vtx, just like the previous generation ufl connector, and what you can tell um compared to Music the previous issue products.

This is much nicer here. The soldering does look way more. They put way more care into soldering, also on this board here and on the board um. Looking at the board, you can tell this also just looks different than the previous eachine electronics, which were kind of weird um, weird boards, which all sorts of they always had connectors everywhere. They would just look really cheap. Soldering look cheap. This here looks well, it sort of reminds me of the uh gap rc board, but its not the exact same thing, so all in one here is 6s capable 25 amp, so more than enough uh for for this type of uh type of quad the camera. Here this is uh. I think this is just a random nano. Two yeah thats indeed thats quite a cheap camera, but for the purpose of the squad, it should be okay, but this is not going to give you the best uh fpv experience. So i think this is the only thing that, if i would um go for the squad, this is basically the only thing i would sort of immediately uh upgrade here, because i mean its got space for a larger camera. So this is something you could improve on, but overall, i have to say: um did really catch up with the other manufacturers in terms of quality and, unfortunately, also in in price. This thing isnt considerably cheaper than uh the products the competitors of eachine are so now.

After you know, saying quite a lot of positive things about this product lets go back to me complaining about how i said it whoops before, because i mean i tested this thing on an 850 uh 4s and yes, it was extremely cold that day, but i you Know i tested a five inch toothpick on the same pack at similar temperatures, so basically know how this behaves in comparison, and it was just awful. It was just super awful it. I had this horrible feeling that ive with all city whoops that as soon as i take off my battery, is just sagging and it pulls so much amps just to keep this thing hovering, and really this is no exception here i would say this is even um. Among the worst that ive tried with you know, maybe because its got three inch props quite aggressive three inch props, so these five blade props on 1404s. It seems to make things even worse, so this thing is just um yeah. Now, the pinnacle of of all of these silver flight characteristics that i really do not like the battery sag the short flight times, this awkward um lack of predictability and flight characteristics. So yeah really not for me not for me not for me, but i dont know. I guess ive guessed ive made that point, often enough and really cinwooks are something for people who need to make specific kinds of videos, especially indoors, very close to people.

But for me this is this really are these really are a very small percentage of of users, and i dont think cinewoops are something that um we will see as much in the future, because i think people more and more starting to realize that flight performance just Isnt, where it should be for um enjoying flying lever regarding handling or flight times, so i mean you can compromise on on one of them, but not on both so micro long range. For example, it compromises on flight performance so its not as powerful its not as fast as as other quartz, but it flies for a long time. Um racers five inch freestyle, builds compromise and flight times. You could merely get five minutes, but they handled great and cinemas. Basically, are bad along all of these dimensions, the only advantage they have is they look non threatening. They are safe because the props are abducted and they have specific flight characteristics like um sort of breaking very easily or how should i put it stopping more easily and not, you know, usually quads as soon as they move, they sort of move and its difficult to Um to stop them without disrupting the video and tilting something sort of backwards. You have frost going to the front, so these just kind of inherently start to slow down as soon as you level them. This is useful for for making video, but apart from that, its just horrible, and on top of that, the noise this thing is making is just awful, absolutely awful its incredibly loud.

So i guess thats enough of a rant lets see if um. If you know if i will still get cindy whips for review after this review, but honestly i mean i – i even declined a few that i should have gotten because im just getting annoyed of reviewing them and saying oh the same thing over and over. I think maybe i should try the kebab fpv cinewood, because i know hes probably i mean i would trust him to make this work. Probably his uh sin explorer does perform differently, but everything i tried so far, didnt, alright guys um. I hope you found this interesting, useful, uh. Of course everything i talked about. All these products are, as usual, linked in the process description below um. Now, if you click on one of these links, of course, it helps my channel. It helps supports me uh to keep on doing what im doing and um. Obviously it just its just enough to go through these links. You dont need to buy the specific product that is linked, so if you want to do it, uh thats a good way to support without uh paying one extra cent.