This is the seagull from eachine, in collaboration with adam rc, which is also known as skyzone so it’s, interesting to see so many eachine and skyzone collaborations and skyzone is making a lot of different aircraft now fpv planes and wings and now their own version of a Cinewoop in collaboration with eachine, so this is cool. It does have the atom rc f4 flight controller on here and i believe it’s an f4 we’ll go back through the specs on the bench here after we do this flight test but i’m at the field and hanging out. You know what it’s crazy windy today. It is probably the winniest outside today in this past several months and it figures that look what i have to fly today, that’s in a whoop yeah. So this is very low profile. You can see that the prop guards on here it’s, almost like the poor man’s protect 35. Am i right. So it is a real, thin profile around the edge and when i took off i was expecting all kinds of crazy, crazy, vibes and jitters, and i thought this thing was gon na fly like crap, and i mean i do honest reviews so i have to i. I have to tell you that it flies good. It flies good. It flies better than good, it flies great and if you’re a beginner, you can start out in stability mode. When you go to acro. The acro tune on here, it’s actually really really really soft.

So i’m doing some mild freestyle with this i did some over the tree, dives back down to the grass and guess what no wash out with all this wind today. So hopefully you can see my enthusiasm for this quad. It is a three inch sort of carbon sort of hybrid plastic. I don’t even know what this stuff is right here. What this plastic is, but i will tell you it’s bendy. My only concern about this product is that this these feel really bendy and they feel like they’re gon na break. However, the price is pretty good. You do get skyzone goggles in the box. The cobras are just about out of stock everywhere right now, because everybody wants them, you get a set of cobras in the box. You also get the eachine transmitter with it. It has the switches already set up and ready to go. So if you’re, a guy who doesn’t want to play around with betaflight, you have all of this set up ready to go with uh. You can fly out 4s 850 on here with a 4s 1550 i’m getting 10 minutes flight time with this guy. So that’s also really good. It will freestyle, it will cinema, it will fly 10 minutes on a 4s 1550 battery and it will carry a gopro. So you can do all the cinema you want. It also has a screw on the very top. It has a screw point here for adding on some type of gopro mount, maybe they’re going to come out with all three, maybe a dk’s gopro.

Maybe the insta360 go, and maybe you can put your full size gopro in here, but either way this power system will handle it, and one of the reasons it has such a long flight time is check out the motors these motors are not giant 2207 or 2208 Motors or 2306, these are two zero zero. Four motors 2004 motors – i don’t, know the kv yet on them, but i’ll tell you when we get back to the bench, but adding the 2004 motors on here with the three inch prop combo makes this guy fly a long time so i’m expecting a fairly low Kb on this, which makes this more of a cruiser, but you can also use this as a freestyle, basher and and learning how to fly freestyle. This will power loop and it will tree dive. It will do just about any of the mild freestyle maneuvers that you will want to do as a beginner, so it has a lot of great stuff on here. I cranked out the vtx2 500 milliwatt in the back with my rush cherry antenna right here: xt30 ready to go top mount battery, making a nice cg point here for really nice flips and rolls, and it just flew fantastic, so uh yeah, i can say it. I know there’s gon na be some haters out there, but yeah it’s, the best rtf cinewoop three inch out there. So i can say that because there aren’t any so yeah, eachine and adam rc have uh started something here.

With this brand new uh three inch ready to fly kit, it’s, guy’s, own goggles and everything you need to fly so um great price point and we’ll see how she holds up. We will show you the flight test now we’ll come back into the bench and i’ll show you this poor man’s protect 35 on the bench here. We go all right, guys, it’s time to do the flight test. Now my first impression of this squad – oh my god – i took off and it was insanely windy. Look at the trees blowing. I thought that this was going to be a terrible flight experience and the kit to me didn’t seem impressive out of the box. I got the box and i thought: oh no here we go another cheap rcf and this is not going to be a lot of fun. This is going to be kind of chintzy and fragile and weak and it’s going to fly like crap, and when i took off for the first time and flew around the field. I realized that the tune on here is really good out of the box and there’s. No fiddling with betaflight to get everything set up so there’s. You don’t have to really set it up with the usb cable and fiddle with everything. The switches are all set up for you in multiple flight modes and it’s really stable in all this wind, which is crazy. So right here is an example of kind of how stable it actually is.

I flew into the van and i was gon na fly out. The other side, but i realized i forgot – to open the slide door so i’m, stuck in here and in stability mode. I had enough sort of precision with the quad to be able to get back out and in other instances, with little micros i’ve gone in there and kind of got trapped and crashed before because i bumped the wall flight controller freaked out and i crashed now i’m. In acro mode – and i got ta – tell you man this little guy will freestyle and the good news is there’s. No washout with this quad, which is kind of crazy, wash out means tumble and flight controller freak out. It causes a momentary freak out of the the whole quad. It will flip and roll by itself when it has that freak out so i’m able to do flips and rolls really smooth and the tune. The rates on the tune are dumbed down a little bit. So they’re softened up for you guys as beginners when you’re first trying acro what usually happens. You flip into acro and you immediately crash. So i usually tell guys if you’re first trying out acro get way up in the air flip into acro and if you feel like you’re, going straight down to crash flipping is back into stability and it will auto level the quad, so that’s kind of a trick. Just keep that in mind.

It always looks better on paper. So one thing to think there to think about there it’s it’s hard to remember, but if you can do that flip that switch back to stability, you can save your aircraft from going in, and you know my only big beef with this whole race fly. Combo is that i feel like the prop guards are not going to be super sturdy for you guys, that’s, my that’s, my honest opinion on the prop guards uh, but i know they are replaceable, so you can get new prop guards. They’Re gon na be super cheap and parts should be available for this guy, because this one should sell like crazy and look at the wind right. Here i mean the wind is just pushing the whole quad sideways and i flip back into stability mode here and i’m. Trying to fight that wind get through this gap right here, but look how good the camera looks right there i rolled around the tree actually pushed into it so hard that i rolled around it and some of the other flight controllers will actually kind of freak out When they hit something and it’ll throw the tiny whoop into the ground, this one is much larger and it doesn’t have flight control or freak out there i’m just able to squeak through right there, so there’s a lot of precision and control in the stability mode. On this quad, so i love it in acro mode.

It feels like something like gap. Rc would have came out with as far as the tune on here and the way it flies. I i would never guess i was flying an eachine quad right here. So the sky zone exceed flight controller. The f4 aio on here is doing great, really nice. I believe there’s 35 amp eses on this quad as well so 4s all day and plenty of power with the 2004 motors i feel like the kv on them, is high enough that we have plenty of power for freestyle and boosts, but they’re, not like 2306 motors, Which will eat up the battery and only give you about a six minute flight time way more power but you’re sacrificing flight time, and i feel like cine whoops. Everybody wants them to fly a long time because at the end of the day, mostly, we want to be making cinema videos with this quad, but man it’s fast. If you want it to be, and look at that nice smooth rolls no freak out on that dive. Just then, and that that dive really should have put that flight controller in freakout mode and had it tumble with this type of airframe. Tumble is just so so common in most of those center whoops, the three inch category and again as far as loudness goes it’s half as loud as a regular three inch center whip with the super deep ducts. So this one has a super thin profile on it: kind of like the poor man’s protect 35 type of frame, prop guards they’re more like prop guards, not ducks there’s another dive toward the ground.

I should have had tumble right there, even in some of the more expensive cine whoops out there right now, you still get tumbled in a tree dive most of the cinema in the three inch category can’t do a straight vertical dive at the ground, without some kind Of blowout on the flight controller, so it tracks really well long flight times great tunes softened up beginner rates on here for learning how to fly acro. So this would be a good acro trainer as well just so much good stuff wrapped up in this. This bundle that surprised me because, honestly i i didn’t think that it was gon na. Do this well there’s a little bit of break up there between that tree and the goggles and i’m recording from the cobra light goggles they’re sitting on the ground. Next to me, and here i’m back into stability mode – and i just wanted to see how smooth and between these trees i could fly and around just to show you again how windy it is and i’m being pushed around a lot by the wind but i’m. Still able to detract quite well, it looks like there’s no wind out here today, it’s it’s kind of amazing, so with a gopro in here and some hyper smooth, i mean this is the fpv camera view and like no vibes, no vibes at all, i mean if You guys see some vibes, please like comment down below and say: hey, i see some some jello or some vibes in this quads fpv camera, but i don’t see any and here i’m kind of playing around like i would, with a micro size, tiny whoop, i’m going Under my van, it has a really low profile to this quad it’s, really small and flat, only a couple inches high off off the ground if it was sitting on the table, so you can kind of skirt under things without a gopro on there and i believe, Even with a gopro, i can make it under the van there’s this little perch on top of the van having fun so the versatility.

With this, i wish that i had had something like this when i was first starting out. This controller will also bind to other quad later. If you want to fly this on something else, the t8 can bind up to other receivers and it might have to be. I believe it has to be an fr scott trans, something like an xm plus receiver. I’M. Not sure if it’ll do the rxsr or not we’d have to confirm that, but if you know that it will make a comment down below for the community but very fun, affordable everything. All in one box i mean yeah and freestyle cinema great tunes softened up rates. This is like perfect for most guys getting into fpv. This is a great bundle and she’s fast. When you want her to be so, you can slow her down. You can speed it up it flips and rolls without washout. I mean how much better could this review have gone today and with all of this wind, the fact that it performs like this in this wind i’ve reviewed hundreds, if not thousands, of fpv race, drones and quads in the past seven years on my channel – and i Have had a lot of them have problems in wind and i’m speaking about cinema loops i’m, not talking about race, quads, race, quads, typically, five inch, race, quad, don’t care about the wind, and this one doesn’t seem to care about the wind either.

So that’s really good. This is way up high. This is a good test for jello and i don’t see a lot of vibes even with that wind up there put this full screen on your tv and go back and look at that because it’s looking good that’s, where i usually do a jello test or vibes Test way up high just to see how much vibes are in the main, camera and that’s, mostly. What i want to show you guys too, in my reviews, is the main camera. So you can really truly honestly see what a tune is like, and this one it’s really good and i’m happy about this one. So let’s go back to the bench, all right guys there. It is on the bench and you know i’m, not impressed with the box. The box looked kind of like they could have put more time into the graphics, but they wanted to make it super simple. A lot of times. Eachine stuff does come to you kind of looking like this, so the box is not overly impressive and i thought yeah. This looks like a big box of crap, so um it actually isn’t, which is kind of cool, so the ta controller in here skyzone goggles, and this guy, which flies great so i’m, happy to see that these guys are teaming up this flight controller on here from Skyzone is just giving us a little better tune and quality control here, so i believe these are also motors from the atom rc brand so and even though they have eachine on the side of the goggles.

These are skyzone goggles. The strap in my box actually says skyzone on them, so kind of funny there’s a qr code here for going to the eachine website and then on the other side. You have a really big qr code for the adam rc website and the world’s largest spec print on the side of the entire box. Here so um cool. It does say that the drone has the atom rc f405 mini flight controller is a 20 by 20 stack 30 amp esd’s, not 35, like i thought, but two to four s, so you could start out flying this quad on 3s. If you want something like a 3s 850 milliamp battery would be great, you’ll probably get about six minutes. If you want to get a longer flight time, you could do a 1550.. The motors on here that’s, the secret sauce 2004 2700 kv. Those are nice because, typically with a three inch, i’ve seen people companies doing 2306 on there, which is great for power but seem to be causing some overpower into the frame and causing washout and tumble in the flight controller. So too much power, there’s kind of a give and take here so they seem to have it nice size, size down, and that gives us a longer flight time gives us that 10 minutes, plus on a 1550 battery. They also put the atom rc 500 milliwatt mini vtx on there. So that’s nice crank it up to 500.

You can go miles out on 500, so the razer nano is a great camera. It looks pretty good i’m not upset at that. All in 90 millimeter gym fan props. They have the cobra l goggles in there not the highest resolution, but they do look nice and bright. They have the diversity receiver in there, which i believe is the steady view. Receiver so that’s a good value and it does dvr for recording your videos down to to jm jpeg, so that’s super awesome um. Those are those are nice, quality videos that work on mac or pc, so 18650 option inside the goggles too, and i don’t believe my goggles came with an 18650. So one thing to think about there and the radio itself it will only bind to d8 receivers. It looks like so i don’t know if that’s changeable it might be to d16, but it’s not going to have miles of range on there for d8. D8 is going to take you out. Maybe a couple football fields out before 40 blue signal, but this one is set up to drop to the ground, so there’s the quad itself and low profile, like i mentioned before very low profile, prop guards there’s the 2004 motors. Those are looking pretty good i’ll, just zoom into those for you, they’re eachine branded here and it’s printed, really small on their 2004., maybe it’s over on this side. It looks like they have atom rc on the other side, which is cool.

So this is a team joint effort and look at the coils inside this motor. They are nice and thick they’re, not chinsy coils inside the stator of this motor that’s, really good news. So the motor is not a cheap motor. Two bolt configuration on that prop and these props they are good. They are really good and here is the frame itself, it’s kind of a hybrid carbon combo frame, and you can see this plastic looks a little bit rough it’s, not super smooth plastic, and it does have a lot flex to it. So this is what i was worried about, that it might have a little too much flex and goes this way as well. You can hit the prop on a hard strike, but that’s going to happen on any type of prop guard out there, but they did hold in place not quite well and don’t hit the props during takeoff. Some of the other quads that i’ve reviewed recently had some problems with that and it looks like we have eight bolt top plate release to get to your stack in there and that’s your f405 in there. It has little tiny windows on both sides. So on this side, you can get to a usbc type port, so this is a much newer flight controller with that and on the bottom we have the unibody frame, four bolts in each motor and this unibody on the bottom makes it quite sturdy and a little Bit lighter instead of having replaceable arms, but most of the center whoops i’ve, seen don’t, really rock some and replaceable arms unless they’re the smaller 2.

5 inch class, but nice and easily accessible flight controller for betaflight osd. You can change everything. We’Ve got an xt30 back here and we’ve got some pretty long diversity, receiver antenna sticking out back here. So this should give you a little longer range than your typical d8, since these are so long if they were inside the frame, probably a couple of football fields but i’m expecting a little better than a couple football fields with those – and this is the rush cherry Antenna i’ve seen this one before this one works great. I wish it was a little tiny taller. If i could be honest, maybe it was like this tall, but this keeps the profile, nice and low, so at your battery height you’re about the same height as your antenna, which in some instances can cause some break up when you do turn the quad around and You have the battery in front of the antenna, so that’s one thing to think about there, but it’s a cool, looking quad right and they have number five on the bottom of this quad. For some reason you can see the four bolts here and that’s for the 20 by 20 stack and the 500 milliwatt vtx in the very back. You could upgrade this to hd. If you wanted to, because this will fit the cadx vista in there, it would be cool if they had an hd version of this for dji guys. But again, if you got this one, you wanted to upgrade and go to the dji goggles.

You could absolutely do that, so this is the pair of goggles that comes along with it, and these are really great. They also come with foam that goes on the front face plate. I can’t see in these very well myself so and plus i’m kind of spoiled with my binocular goggles, so these are great beginner goggles to start out with, and look at that the strap does say sky zone on there. So this guy is on the side of this as well. Yours might come to you with eachine on the side. They might have changed this right here, but these are the cobra ls and they are cobra light. This is the steady view module up top. You can kind of bend your antennas out like this when you’re flying give you a pretty good reception. You’Ve got dial wheels here for access and menus, and you have power button on this side. The menus here and your record buttons on the left hand, side, and you should have about 48 different channels on this one. Eight different bands, but the screens look great on these um, so everybody wants skyzone goggles these days. They are also some of the most reliable goggles out there in the fpv market, and this is your t8 transmitter arm switch. I set up here on sa my mode switch. I set up here in betaflight. I changed things around. They had the arm switch on this side, which i didn’t like i wanted it to be on my index finger on my left hand, so that’s, usually how i do there.

I do switch for arm switch modes. I usually do beeper and i do flip recovery after crash that’s called turtle mode and also in the box guys you do get a charger, which is great, so you can charge up to 4s battery with this. If you have 3s to start, you can also charge 3s on here. This is htrc charger. I’Ve seen this one before a very simple charger to use. It has three balance ports here for 2s, 3s and 4s. That is cool and you can switch it from lipo to life to li hv. So don’t charge your lipos as either of these make sure that your lipo is charging to this one. You don’t want this lipo charging to lahv that will overcharge each cell and actually have it explode on the bench. So you have to be really careful with lipo chargers, but it also came with the cable in the box for hooking up to the wall. It looks like i have a non us style: cable. You can get a converter for this on amazon, for about five bucks and have it ready for the ac outlet. But one thing to think about for us buyers that just plugs in just like that and you’re off and charging your batteries now. One thing i did not get in this rtf was any batteries so that’s one thing to take in consideration: you’ll need to buy some batteries for this, so the batteries i’m going to suggest for this guy for around a six minute flight time.

You can do the 4s 850 milliamp and it fits nicely up here, there’s a large enough strap for running a 4s 1550. I had no problem putting my 1550 up there and that one will get you a nice flight time of around 10 to 12 minutes. So i feel like this one is a really good buy i’m happy with this. I i don’t have a lot of bad and negative to talk about with this one. I don’t think that the advertising is super great on the box and the design and all that it’s not super fancy but it’s it. It kind of surprised me, so this was one of the ones that surprised me and it flies damn good. So you will have fun flying this one and i actually kind of think it looks kind of cool, too fly’s good, great tune, smooth and no tumble or wash out on the freestyle, maneuvers cinema or freestyle. This thing is pretty much ready to rock out of the box and, lastly, you guys can use, i believe, there’s there’s, a built in 18650 in here as well. So this is also programmable in betaflight. You can change things around and the charge port is here, usbc charge port and it looks like you could use it with a simulator too so fpv simulator ready, which is pretty cool. So i think it’s, a pretty good kit for around 300 it’s. Definitely a better value than something like the gap.

Rc tiny go it’s, just a little more for for what you’re paying for um and three inch glass is totally different than micro class, so this little baby will rip guys. Hopefully you enjoyed this honest review on the seagull and uh it’s got to be one of the best new rtfs out there in the three inch category matter of fact, the only one that i know about in a three inch category as far as center whoops are Concerned, but thanks again for watching my reviews, guys i’m justin davis stay humble and be kind to others out there and please do subscribe. I will see you on the next one.