Rc it’s called the seagull, and you see it comes with. This. Um looks like kind of like a protect 35 cinewoop with the three and a half inch propellers. Get your t8 transmitter, which is basically the radiomaster t8, and then you have a skyzone cobra they’re, calling this the cobra l goggles, and i i got this kit kind of incomplete. They said it’s a pre production unit sample not doesn’t, have everything it doesn’t didn’t come with a manual. I don’t have complete information. I do have a bunch of specs here that i’ll just read off real quick um, so the flight controller stack is is probably a 20 by 20 flight controller stack f405 flight controller 30 amp blhs 2 to 4s esc’s, 2004 2700 kv motors uh atom rc branded 500 milliwatt video transmitter. This is an analog system fox here, razer, nano fpv camera, i think that’s, the 14 millimeter camera and then you have the gemfan d90 uh, three bladed propellers there’s a three and a half inch propeller with the t t mount style: cobra, l, goggles, uh, 480 by 272 resolution, obviously you got the um got the steady view: diversity, receiver. Of course the dvr is the m jpeg dvr, not the h.264 dvr. So this is more in line with the cobra s, goggles, not the x, and it says that it comes with a one cell, 18650 battery or usb c for power. This one didn’t come with any batteries at all supposed to come with 4s 850 milliamp hour batteries.

I imagine it’ll come with two, possibly as many as four probably will come with three is my guess. It does come with an htrc like budget charger that just charges off of the balance leads and mine came with the wrong um plug. It came with like an eu or or asia plug, not the us plug, so i couldn’t use it ever test it. The um, the built in receiver in here is a dual diversity. Receiver it’s got two antennas it’s the receivers, probably the r8 from radiomaster. It comes pre bound. It came pre round to the the eachine branded t8 radio, as you can see here and it’s exactly the same as the iflight version and the radio master version there’s no difference. This is uh probably going to go into a lot of future bundles, so the prop guards on here again pre production, 3d printed it’s, not um, well it’s going to come injection, molded plastic in the production versions. But these are 3d printed, but you can see it looks very similar to a protect 35 very popular uh model, one that i never got a chance to review for. Unfortunately, so i can’t really tell you how this compares to the protect 35. It does come with different motors, the 2004 motors now so the 2203.5, i believe on the protect 35, so it’s a smaller motor and it comes with the t, style propellers and not the five millimeter shaft propellers.

So you may have some limited choices. Didn’T come with an extra set of props. I imagine the production unit will come with an extra set of props. This battery here is a the forest. 850 is one that i provided. It comes with an xd 30 for your battery connections, so you need batteries with an xd3 connector, pretty sure that the ones that come with it will have the xd30 connector. So you have a top plate here on the top and a carbon bottom plate. So the bottom plate and the top layer are both carbon fiber. I it doesn’t say how much this weighs on the spec sheet on the side of the box. I’Ll i’ll take a photo here of what it weighs on the scale along with the battery the front. Here has a little screw hole for some sort of a mount that’s, not included or wasn’t included in mine. It might be included in the production version, but you’re going to need that to mount some sort of hd camera and uh there’s no easy way to mount. An hd camera i can see without the the amount that’s designed for this little screw hole which i don’t have so there’s not going to be any hd video. But in terms of like whether or not this can carry a gopro, not um, i don’t think that’ll have any problem carrying full size gopro. You know here from hero9, because it’s got big 2004 motors and three and a half inch propellers.

So it’s got plenty of power, it’s, just a matter of how much flight time will be reduced by adding the bigger, bigger and heavier camera. So the receivers should be pre bound already, and i did charge up the uh battery that i have here as well as the 18650 battery that i provided in the goggles uh. So i’ll just have to record the video on the dvr that’s on the goggles. I did not plug it into the computer at all. It does have a usb type c plug on the flip controller. If you do want to make any settings changes and it’s fairly accessible here, a big hole here on the side yeah but that’s, pretty much it so i’m going to go ahead and i’ll, give it a fly and i’ll give you my thoughts as it’s flying around Music, okay, so took a little bit of time to figure out, which was the armying switch, and i appear to be in appear to be in some kind of angle mode, that’s, the angle mode out of the box. Here i believe all the switches are in standard and there’s a lot of wind i’m going into the wind right now, there’s a lot of wind right now you can see the calibration is a little bit off on the angle mode, yeah it’s, actually pretty windy. Right now, probably a good five to ten mile an hour wind Music, but this has got a big enough power set up that the wind’s not going to really affect it too much all right, i kind of suck at flying angle mode here.

Let me see i can find uh acrobat here i don’t wan na i don’t wan na like go into some weird mode here: i’m gon na try one of these other switches. Okay, there we go it’s the bottom right switch when it’s down it’s angle mode when it’s up acro mode. This is definitely acro mode. Oh yeah flying is so different, so you get a better idea. What the tune is like this is like this is the kind of interesting size you can fly this kind of fast. If you want or slow it’s a bit burst, it is quite versatile and because it’s got the bigger prop and the 2004 motor is pretty efficient. So you get pretty long flight times, uh just that with these prop guards, even with any kind of popcorn you’re gon na get pushed around by the wind it’s a pretty decent wind right now. This is the maiden i haven’t flown this before oh there’s, a some scraggle there, can’t really see it too well in the analog, barely missed it wow the wind’s, really getting pretty nasty right now. I don’t know if you’ll be able to hear that in the microphone there’s a wind muff on the mic – i am wearing these goggles with my glasses on i’ll, have links to the cobra x review and the this t8 remote not going to cover it again in This video, because i’ve covered it in pretty sufficient detail in the other videos, so i’ll link those in the description you can check it out if you want more specific information about these other two components, but these are.

These have already started appearing in a lot of these rate of flies, but you can see it’s quite controllable even in this wind, so they just need to send me the mount. So i can put like a gopro or something on here, because without that mount it’s, uh there’s, like a covering on the side, so you can’t really put battery strap around there and then there’s not enough space to stick it in where the props are it’s. Going to hinder the spinning of the props yeah so we’re at about four minutes of flight 3.7 volts per cell 14.8, so yeah plenty of flight time on this. So unless you’re trying to do like serious acura or something it’s, probably you’re, probably fine in battery let’s. Just do a little flip here i don’t really like doing acro on the center whoops wow. The rates are super low on this, so yeah i wouldn’t do any freestyle on it. So, look at that the road race really again, this is pre production, so take everything with a grain of salt they’re, probably going to tweak it a bit i’m uh heading out on a road trip here shortly. So i wanted to get this video into my queue and off of my plate before i leave in case uh. They decide to really release this while i’m out, so you guys at least get my opinion on this before uh um yeah. I guess before the information gets a little bit stale, like i said, it’s gon na probably come with um three batteries, probably four batteries.

Four s4 850s – i don’t know they’re pricing it either. They haven’t told me that information as well a lot of information. They didn’t really give me on this one but i’m not terribly shocked at how it flies. This is. This is actually pretty predictable. 2004 motor three and a half inch prop it’s a little bit noisy again that’s the bullnose d d series prop from jim fan: uh. Those are all pretty noisy, uh, not exactly sure about the kv of the motor seems okay, i’m, given the flight time, but you’re not getting a ton of power either. So i think it’s a good compromise between power and efficiency. The reception is pretty decent i’m. Just using the stock um linear antennas, they come with the package nose special intended nothing special here i haven’t done anything in terms of uh tweaking it or anything like that. I haven’t even connected to beta flight. Like i didn’t even know, which switch was the arming switch. I had to figure that out by flipping a bunch of switches around kind of sketchy, but they didn’t send the manual. I mean come on um, you know, but you know, if you’re experienced, you can probably figure it out, but you know again if you’re experienced like me, i wouldn’t be buying this. You know i would i have already. I have a lot of gear already, so i am hoping that as a beginner, someone that, if they’re targeting beginners or someone new, that they will provide adequate documentation all right, we’re at the end of the battery here’s three and a half volts per cell.

That seems like a good time to land and seven minutes of flight time, pretty pretty good, all right, that’s gon na do it.