So, okay, all right, i dont know what is the correct term of this Music um, nothing, Music, okay! So this is the propeller. This is the propeller and battery your. So next is the remote control, so its a remote control antenna. So you dont need to open that one, because it is just a display at dita, noman power button so take off landing. Okay, joysticks take off so you just have to put yourself in there. So so prop guards. It is easy to install that around on the propeller so side, so, as you can see guys, um, mero, numprop guards, young don cameron, so here lets open it open my my um lightning blink. So if its um signal or gust remote controller 10, so banyan open, yo, remote canyon, okay, you dont need to um open this signal: okay, Music, uh. Okay. I will press this button here. Okay, so again, peeping to the tina thing take off Music, oh okay, Music. Okay, Music, hd camera, but, as you can see in that video, its not 4k, so it is not really recommendable. Music. 1200 um! It is expected quality but its fine, its working after all, the drone camera and the remote control, so its fine. So here is the honest review of this product. Actually, the product is good in terms of the drone camera and the remote control. But if you are like me, that wants to take pictures like if you wanted to take birds eye view angle, then it is not really for you, because the quality of the camera, its not really recommendable.

But if youre a beginner – and you want to learn how to use a drone camera, then you should buy one and yeah its like its for really for the kids. But for me i really wanted to have a a good quality camera, so it this drone camera its not for me and the 4k hd camera its not saying at all indeed and thats it. So, thank you so much for watching and if you have more questions, then just comment, and i will do my best to answer your questions.