1 of viewers have subscribed. So if youre subscribed, that will be very helpful and if we reach a thousand subscribers by the end of january 2022 ill do a dji mini 2. Giveaway hello, guys today were going to be reviewing a drone that e528 um drone im going to tell you everything about it, its drinking capabilities, its remote all of its functions and how it works and how to play it. So please enjoy the video and sit down and relax and watch. This drone has apparently 4k camera quality and it has free, speed, promotes and has headless mode, and it has some other good modes that can come in handy. Sometimes thing i like about the remote is its like options. The options are placed out in a very nice way and it doesnt look too complicated. Like other drone, like remotes, it has like two simple functions on the face of the remote uh, the liftoff and the landing. It also has um on the top or side buttons ill call. It like a photo function and a headless mode. But if you hold the headless mode down long, then it will and youre using the drone. It will come back to you, Music, theres, also a 360 or a 360 function. Where, like you, can flip the drone but yeah and also has a free speed function here. Music also also one thing i like about doing it is its like Music is shows it here, and you only need four way: batteries to power the remote the design.

The drone is very unique. It has a sort of dji mavic drone like um architect, but it is its still something uh when you power on the drone. It looks quite cool. To be honest, i like it and theres, also a sim card slot on on the back of this over here. Where you can put like any uh sim card im, pretty sure and its network antenna is here to connect to the remote or with the phone. As you can see here, the drone seems quite interesting and very specific. The front of it only has like one uh on button. Nothing else really like the usual drone, so you can see its a camera facing forward and the two lights that like show its power or the lights. For example, youre using this in the dark, you can like see the drone uh by using its lights and also, if you dont know, which way its going, then it can also represent twos like, for example, if blue shows the front and red shows back, and you See that red is in front of you, and that means its going forward or because the opposite, then that means its going backwards. Theres also its intro on here. If you need to know nothing really too interesting, interesting um, now, Music, well, Music, you two joysticks down Music technical difficulties: Music, wow, Music, its very loud Music gon na click on the takeoff button. Music, Music is also quite good now time for the main thing: its cowboy Music, uh, Music, Music, uh, Music, uh, Music Music to get the camera ability you need to search on the bar um settings Music.

After you see settings you have to click on connections, wi fi and you have to see some wi fi 4k with uh numbers click on that Music and you should have it. Then you have to go download the app and thats called eachine. Fpv click on that. Then, Music, Music, uh, Music, Music do Music, oh out of 10. I would say this whole drone would be seven out of ten uh drone remote looks good its style camera quality. I would say seven out ten as well or 6 out of 10. Actually because it said on their 4k – and i definitely would not think that would be 4k – probably 720 pixels hd, like the dji taylor, red um, you can buy that out of argos Music, Music, 7 or 8 out of 10, because if, for example, you ran out Of batteries like ran out of power on the remote, then you wouldnt basically have like full control. The drone will land by itself and, for example, youre in the air. You cant really toggle the stick well, its like landing. Itll just stay still on land and it could go literally anywhere, but this is a good drone. Just make sure you have to make sure you use good batteries on here, Music and uh, yeah thats a lot say really about the drone thats the end of the this review on the eachine e528 uh. I please subscribe and like and share. It will really help me im trying to reach 100 subscribers if we can reach 100 subscribers by the end of this month and ill be giving away a dji on gimbal to one of my random subscribers.