I think now I've got the battery on charge. The CG will be a little bit back but I'm reluctant to put lead in it. We'Re going to win the battery charge. We'Ll give a throw you see, it flies it's. The winds dropped off dramatically, so we couldn't hook some good thermals today. If the thing flies as well as I hope it does anyway enough let's get on with the review g'day and welcome back to the channel. Have you noticed how everything's getting smaller we've got tiny little sub 250 gram models and and since the or since the miniaturization boom and electronics everything's getting small in fact it's? So bad? I tend to lose a few of my models down the back of the sofa I'm sure you've done the same, but here's something to break the mold something a little different and for all my fixed wing fliers who love fixing stuff. Look at this. This is the e sky albatross. What is it well, you can probably tell, as I walk down the box, which is quite long. It is a electric glider v tail highest bit ratio and it's surprising this, but no doubt he looks it for a little bit at the tips by the look of it. So it would fly well on the slope I would think, and in light to moderate breezes, and if we move down to the specifications in its just pull in a bit on this, you can see that this is quite a nice little model.

Motor 28 2600 kv esc 40 amps with a 3m bit for the servos and it's got four nine gram: digital servos and two 17 gram, digital servos, because it has flaps and you can use those for crow braking as well. I suppose, if you into that sort of thing, it requires a batteries. It'S, 4s, 3200 milliamp, 25 C. I don't know if I've got one of those, but I'll fly something near enough and it has a 14 by 8 folding propeller on the nose hey. This is looking good. How about we take a peek inside the box. There you go not much to see. Is it but actually really important? These days is the way things are packed. This came double boxed and if you get something that's not packed properly, then you bought it from China or wherever it arrived. It'S all banged up, it's no fun. So this looks really well paid. Let'S have a look. I have a feeling. The wings are endless. This big cardboard box in a box let's play Russian dolls. There we go yes, let's, take that out and there's the fuselage and again look it's so nicely packed because it is well away from the sides of the box. So if something dense the box it's not going to damage the fuselage and look at the size of it, carbon, spa, that's, a huge square, carbon wing joiner, slash spy, look at the size of that baby. That'S serious strength there well so we got Vera's is that I don't know.

Oh maybe it's got it. What looks like if you want to flawed as a pure glider, perhaps it's a nose cone because actually I'm a bit of a purist. To be totally honest, God is, with electric motors quite the same adrenaline as God is without motors, because the electric motor and you get too far away or too low. You can just fire it up and save yourself, but when you're flying a real glider without a motor you've got to make judgment, calls if you're in a thermal it's starting to get a bit far away. Do you turn back now or do you ride it out, or what do you do? Those are the things that, for me, make gliding so much fun bit. Ok, let's, give the out of the box and take a look, the quality of the moulding and stuff. Ok and right away I'm getting kind of excited by this. This is not like a Radian. This is not a foam model. Flippy, you know pull moodle model. This is really high density foam. This is hard as that famous beautiful, because it makes the tail doesn't know this is never gon na flex. This tail is like rigid airs. This is oh and up front. We'Ve got that big, propeller and we've got a canopy here, set this magnetic yes and that's. A it's, a plastic canopy nicely moulded with reinforcing ridges and the aesir's. This is a bit of quality. This thing, let's see, does it have your servos are nearly is all the silver leads you've got.

The ears seem that the major room for the battery and xt60 connector – i think, yep – 60, 60, 70 old XD 60. We got a vent here for the ear to get out to keep the whole thing cool inside, ah yeah and here's a another ear and let to keep things cool. So this is really and also that doubles as a landing skid by the look of it. So you went weird out on a hard surface and they've even put another landing skin at the back. So if you learn this on Tomic you and we're the foam out, although that foam so damn hard, I don't think you could tale is all clip on. So obviously, breaks down really easily for transportation: oh I've fallen in love, people I'm. Sorry, I'm falling in love. Haven'T fell in love with a glide for a long time, but this is a beauty and here's one of the elevator halves. That'S again look at fine! That is so dense. I guess my only complaint would be its black. What black and Sun no it's not. I would rather have the head this white because you know you're flying a god, hopefully usually on sunny days and so black just gets so damn hot. I wonder if this will popcorn if foam looks so dense, it may not popcorn, but really, God is why also visibility. White stands out really good against the blue sky. Black. Not so much so we'll see how we go.

What do we got here? What are these servos? These are MX servos Daedalus, if it's a nine gram, nice, simple, solid linkages, there's no slot in those elevators or whatever and it's a lifting section on the tail that's. Oh no it's, symmetrical it's got a bit of droop notes and these obviously have the connectors built in so as I plug in it together. Don'T have to worry about, leads and so forth. It all seems to click together, so yeah and that's not like. I don't weigh that because if I'm is so dense on this thing, that it's not like, I don't, think this is gon na, be the lightest of gliders. So look that's got away: yeah, that's, 60 grams 60 grams for that piece of tail, so yep. But there does mean, since this is right down the back end, you can have a big battery in the front end and for all those you like. Looking at manuals, here's the manual that's, the it's got it's got tips. The wing is tips about that fantastic and reads the instructions. All the you normal stuff is not a toy breakdown, blah blah blah. This not many bits to go together. Your center of gravity that's always important. What else have you got over the page? Spare parts list parts numbers, yes, part numbers that are high. I mean this looks pretty simple. Super important excuse, my tank tightness, yeah I'll put it together. Shall I I'm not gon na film it because it's gon na be pretty easy, but I will time it see.

Longer takes like having Kenna my first problem now. I gather this is a pre production unit, so we can forgive them for this, but the little connector doesn't actually line up properly with the socket in the tiles like I get the tile halves on, because the connector is is just hitting and won't go in. So we have to do a little bit of a little bit of jiggery pokery. I might loosen the screws off on the connector, so it's got a little bit of wiggle room and then it should line up properly, but as they it is a pre production. I'M. Pretty sure pre production prototype so I'm, hoping that they would fix that in the versions that they sell. Okay, I've got the details and just quite a bit of jiggling and poking around, but there was no reassuring click and it's always a worry when you're plugging things and there's no reassuring click what's holding that in there just friction. What happens if I do a dive and get a bit of aerodynamic loads on there? We'Ll find out we'll find out, but yeah would have been nice if there was just to click. Just to tell me, I've got it seated, because there's there's still a tiny little gap here and I'll push this out as I can, but it doesn't seem to be going in any further and on this side, yeah it's still a little tiny gap there. So well. Let'S hope hope, of course, our fingers see what happens so now.

Put the wing out of the box and it's the same, really dense foam. Look with look at the flaps I've got a piece of the top and on the bottom there also sealed look at there. The flaps are sealed, so that's fantastic means you're going to get no leakage of air from the top to the bottom section. Either ends they. Actually, if you look carefully it's it's got this simi, rounded back of the wing, so the oiler and sort of fits in past there again very little chance of any air from the lower surface getting through to the top surface, because remember with the wing you get A high pressure on the bottom, like pressure on the top, so the air is always trying to get from one side to the other. Look at the shine on there time. I wonder for the popcorn I'm gon na leave this out in the Sun for a while, which is one sure way to find out, but this is not a light wing either. The foam here is is heavy, which does dig, which probably means that's quite strong, not a lightweight model. I got ta say it's, not a lightweight model and let's just see what the wing weighs the wing on its own ways. If I stand it up anyway, I'm gon na do this look at six seven hundred grams, roughly it's, not too bad it's, very similar degrees for a wing, but the two of them I'm gon na.

Take it outside to put it together, because just too damn big to put together in the studio, okay I've got to tell you if you're a sissy and you don't work out you're, not very strong. You have endless trouble getting those wings on if there are that tight in the production unit. That was a bloody nightmare fact. I'Ve actually dented the foam in a couple of places, because I just just the amount of force I had to put on these to get it together is ridiculous. They do need to, I think, in the production make sure things are not quite so tight, it's, good, Evan tight, because I won't come off, but man this is a bloody nightmare to get together and everything is just a little bit too tight. It also use a screwdriver just to line up the connectors on here. There'S, not there's. None of the connectors on the tile on the wing have any slop in them, so you're never going to get them perfectly lined up. So you have to then sort of just if they make it up. So one of the one of the connections has a bit of slop. Then it will. You can align it more easily when you're putting it together at the moment. It'S just it's, too it's everything's locked in place and it's just doesn't line up closely enough to get an easy assembly and disassembly so popping, not yet so yeah. But I do have that together now, I've got I'm set this up on the jumper jumper 216 I've set up the v tail I've set up the oiler, and so you have to set up the flips now.

So I will do that and then we'll look at finding a battery for this thing. Okay here goes: nothing: Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music.