I get sent quite a lot of screeners um and i do review quite a lot of new releases and things like that. If that films, terrible and it kind of deserves a dumpster fire movie review, i wont generally do it with a new release ill give them a couple of years to you know, get uh out of the starting blocks. If you like, um and generally, you know, if you guys have got any suggestions, stick them in the comments and if ive seen the film or even if i havent seen the film, i will watch it and if it is deserving of a dumpster fire review, then Well, go ahead with it and review it now these reviews are going to be slightly different, because i will probably talk about spoilers and things like that because we will be going through and talking about you know some ridiculous plot points and ridiculous things that happen in The movie that will essentially make you you know first palm constantly and drop your jaw at the awesomeness of these films and how incredible they are now like ive said this is a bit of fun. This is not me intentionally poking fun at films. Well, it is a bit, but its me essentially having to giggle, along with the films, because certainly this first film, that im going to review in the drone is a fairly self aware film, its a horror, comedy um. That kind of knows the whole concept is ridiculous and just runs with it and just expects you to run along with it, but it doesnt change.

The fact that this film drawn has the most bizarre concept ive ever seen in my life and its its directed by jordan rubin and it stars alex esso and john brotherton. Now this film focuses on a serial killer, called the violator. I believe hes called hes killed about half a dozen women. He basically stalks them using the drone, films them and then decides hes gon na kill them. Now he is at the beginning of this film. You see him stalking his next victim, all of a sudden, the swat teams at his door, knocking at his door um. Now i dont know about you, but generally speaking, i didnt know swat teams knocked on doors. They just generally kicked them down and dived in through the window. They dont generally politely knock, but this swat team does which gives him the time he needs to try and escape to be fair. It doesnt get very far, but he fires out this chant, as these serial killers always seem to know. You know these strange chants that are going to you know, serve their spirit and no doubt it. This works again. He is struck by lightning and the very essence of the serial killer is passed on to his beloved drone that he did all his stalking. With case closed, surely um. The next thing we get is a police officer driving home with the drone in the back bagged up for evidence talking to what sounds like his six year old son or even younger um, explaining you know basically um having a chat with his son about this serial Killer saying things like you remember this serial killer, i told you about and then the sons explaining to the father you mean this person that killed all these women and blah blah blah and you think its such a bizarre scene and then lo and behold, the drone Awakes the car crashes and he is as thrust into the world to continue his killing spree, and then we shift to the two main characters here.

This married couple rachel and chris moving into a new house theyre, always moving into a new house. Um unboxing everything the uh sleazy, pretty new neighbor comes around openly flirts with the husband totally ignores the wife um and you know hes good, probably gon na die fairly quickly because of this um and then chris discovers as hes unpacking strangely theres. This drone. This really good quality drone that doesnt have a remote control. He shows it off to his wife. She isnt interested because shes not bothered about technology. He shoots off to the local electronics store to get a remote control to take advantage of this great new drone and then things escalate from there. The drone stalks them around the house, especially rachel, because its got a connection to her um. It films them having sex. It films, the sleazy, neighbor, sunbathing topless. If it takes some pictures and it fires some emails to rachel, so she thinks that her husband is stalking the neighbor and being really pervert which she does initially uh ebit this drawn. Essentially, the violator wants rid of chris so that he can have rachel all to itself, so it keeps trying to set chris up for a fall. Um kills. The neighbor uh sends evidence to the police. That makes chris a major suspect and then, as chris is at the police station, she returns home rachel to find flower, petals and burning candles lovingly placed around the house by this drone.

Yes uh. Yes, it did it. It laid lots of petals lost battles and lit lots of candles um and was trying to woo rachel um, and then she tries to destroy it. It all goes particularly bad. He gets out of jail and they realize that this drone is a serial psychopath and theyre. Trying to figure out how theyre going to be able to stop it um so yeah. This film is definitely very self aware of what it is it constantly um you could say it lovingly plays homage to other films that have come before it. It does a real direct rip from the terminator. If you know in that film terminator, where shes got the earphones on shes pulling food out of the fridge and then um, you know she got that music on its even got the same song um as shes. Listening to music making herself a snack um, the neighbor um hes got the same music from the terminator, and this uh drone just flies across and kills her so playing homage to the terminator. It appears homage to the shining later on in a fairly unoriginal way, and you dont need many guesses to figure out how it appears on my jaw, basically rips off the shining. Yes, it breaks through a door and rather seen here johnny, it says heres ramsey. I think it is whos the name of the killer, so yeah theres this theres lots of homage, as i suppose you could call it ripping off other stuff as well.

Um theres a this full of ridiculous and bizarre scenes. The killer drone trying to reconnect with his brother and by basically turning up at his brothers house, dodging a few bullets like matrix style and the brother realizing it is his dead brother, his dead serial killer brother, because this drone plays a song saying about his thing. With brother, in the words and knocks over a picture of them and then the brother realizes who it is and agrees to upgrade the drone to this ultimate terminator drone its bizarre and ridiculous, its full of other bizarre scenes where rachels literally dragged across the living room By this drone by her hair um, the drone is able to control cars at one point in this film night, rider style um its just full of bizarreness in a wonderful way. At the same time, you know its its a really bad film in a really good way. Uh cant be denied. You know you just couldnt. I couldnt get it out of my head when they realized that this drone was the culprit. You know about halfway through the phone, maybe a little bit more a bit less just pin it its a drone for gods sake, crush it bin, it scatter its pieces. All over the you know the district bury them, throw them in the sea. Do whatever you need to do um, and what does he do when he actually suspects this drone might be acting up? It takes it back to the store and thinks it tells him its falter.

You know this is, after its been taking pictures of neighbours and pictures of them having sex and all this kind of stuff, um bizarre its full of really bizarre decisions in the film um, but you cant help in a w in a weird way, but love this Film, because it is so um its a film to watch and absolutely youll, be crying laughing at some of the stuff that go in it, its not frightening at all, um, its just bizarre its a bloody drawn for gods sake. You know what i mean just whack it with a baseball bat and be done with it. Um ive had drones in the past, obviously not really fancy ones, ive bought drones or them little helicopter drones that you can buy and fly around. They break within the first two hours of buying them, generally speaking, um the flimsy rubbish and were supposed to believe that this drone is some kind of terminator esque killer. Uh. You cant get behind the concept, but you can certainly get behind the bizarre concept of this film, so that is my first dumpster fire movie review guys. I hope you liked it. If youve never seen the drone trust me, you will enjoy it in a really weird and bizarre way, but just dont go into this film thinking its a good film. The title of this review will kind of give it away its a dumpster fire guys.