This is essentially a five inch cinewoop ive seen these before. I thought they were really cool and ive. Always wanted to build one, i thought it would be really cool for when youre outdoors and like the cinewop gets blown around a lot. You have a little more power with a five inch or maybe like that shot where you needed a five inch youre getting too close to people, maybe and uh. You know this keeps you safe yeah. Do you fly cine whoops much how much cinnamon whooping do you do? I know you tear it up with a five inch, but i do a little bit of cinnawoo flying, but not too much so i tend to do a lot of chasing actually with my sidewalk. We just like to fly them around parking lots and that kind of thing. Oh, so you fly, you fly your city whips outdoors right, yeah, a lot of flying outdoors out in the out in nature. Any trouble with that i mean like how do they do usually yeah i mean they dont have the agility right of a five inch they get blown around in the wind. That kind of thing, yeah, i mean my experience, is cinewops – are amazing tools when youre flying in an enclosed area like if youre flying through a warehouse or maybe a car museum. Cinemas are perfect for that. Where the subject is the environment youre flying around and its contained and its not going to be too agile and youre not going to have a lot of wind because those those three inch ducted drones really get blown around a lot.

They dont have a ton of power, but theyre compact and theyre very safe to fly around people. Yeah theyre like a sail out in the wind but indoors they fly really well, whereas one of our five inch drones lots of speed lots of power, lots of agility um, but you know we call them flying blenders. It can be very dangerous to fly a full five inch, drone around people or other subject matter that could be damaged. I mean you wouldnt want to fly a five inch drone like through the interior of a mercedes, because if you clip the leather seats, youre gon na tear them up a bit. So i think this idea kind of came about that. Could you get some of the power and the agility of a five inch with some of the safety of a cinewoop right im really excited to see how this does because, like i said, i havent flown it before, but i worry that bumping into something will make The prop stick and maybe itll fall out of control or its going to get blown around a little bit more than a five inch yeah. My concern is this is not going to have as much agility as were hoping its not going to be quite as good as a 5 inch im worried that this is gon na, be just like a compromise on both and that theres a reason. We have three inch cine whoops and the reason we have five inch freestyle quads.

Can you actually have one drone that does both i dont know ive, never flown anything with more blades than three and so its to me. I would think that it would fly like a heavy four inch, but then youve got the extra blades to kind of help. You know compensate for that, so just looking at it, it looks like it would rip. It looks like its got: a ton of power. Maybe you guys are right, wheat. Maybe this thing is going to shred. I hope this is everything that i want it to be. It does look cool if it flies half as good as it looks, were going to have a good time so lets get out there and see what this thing can do. All right guys, weve come up to this office spot where were going to try and orchestrate a kind of a one take shot. Thats gon na put together a lot of different types of cinematic flying into one. I want you to do things that are up in the open air, as well as having some proximity, some low speed, stuff, some high speed stuff. Have you kind of start out there come into the garage and meet up with me as im, walking up to a motorcycle like walking, thats, really slow yeah. You can orbit me as im getting on right, getting the helmet on all that stuff. But then, when i take off im gon na try and get up to speed pretty quickly so that we get that mix of slow and fast.

I might struggle to keep up with you at that point right because were gon na go from slow to a fast. Well, i mean, i think you can handle it yeah, but i think thats exactly what were trying to do push against the capabilities of the drone like. I know that when were in here and tight and doing the slow stuff thats, where cine whoops really really shine, but when you take off and try and get at the speed thats where they can be a little bit more of a struggle right. Well, maybe some acrobatic movements right yeah, as well as higher altitude, where theres going to be more air turbulence. Yeah, so itd probably be good to have you like start up high. You know, i think, thats always a good way. To start a shot is like up high, with kind of more of like an establishing wide shot right yeah. We can get a good shot of the city out there, yeah kind of like looking out of the city, and then i mean this is a great just beautiful. Building with with these glass windows, i mean, of course, like we need to dye it. You got ta dive it. You know how smoothly you can do that with each different drum Music. It definitely lacks any sort of agility im fighting it for every maneuver. Unless you know im going slow yeah, i can see all of the corrections in the in the sky and right now the wind is actually so im going to go up its pushing me sideways, yeah wow.

Oh all, right well lets try. It lets even go up really high lots of bobbles theres. The city were gon na were gon na kind of look at the city. Oh yeah theres, the eyesore on i 4 whoa that was yeah and thats some baubles there yeah. I can see it in the goggles, its just like side to side yeah. I want to try to keep it as smooth as possible. Whatever youre doing cinematic go here comes drew all right were going to orbit him as he puts the helmet on hes going to take off and exit the garage all right, oh now that is harder to yeah that im really really giving. I think this throttle now. I think this is going to be tough. All right here we go got to keep up. Oh yeah were looking at the ground totally looking at the ground, trying to keep up yeah yeah, we lost you, you actually went out of frame that time and then were going to go up towards the sky, all right, thats, true and its like. When i punch the throttle to go up its just wobbling side to side, i mean its gon na work really hard to fight it like i could have timed it better, but theres no way like it was hard to catch up. At that point, i think you know, with with a little more power, i could have just really caught up to you, quick and then had less of a you know, a distance.

It seems like you, just dont have the the headroom to compensate for anything. So if you get behind and youre playing catch up the whole time, yeah and then youre, just kind of like i dont know if you could hear us talking about the dive because you didnt have the helmet on but like he struggled when he was way up. High the wind was like bobbling. The thing all over the place was pushing him sideways. When he tried to angle for the dive, it was all over the place and then trying to get the gaps he almost missed and hit the wall. I mean if this is the only tool you have, then maybe you you could make it work, but its definitely not the ideal tool, but you its just. You want the ducts right. So if i had to choose between this and an unshrouded five inch im im going with that, just because im not saying im, not in a car, i really feel a lot more comfortable, knowing that this is shrouded so that like if something went wrong. Nothings gon na happen, but then youre youre less on power and i think thats always kind of the one drawback to cinewoops want to have that protection, but also need that high speed capability. It doesnt seem to quite hold up right and then also the fact that the ducts act as a wind sail whenever the winds blowing on it. You know thats the lack of power, cant compensate for the wind thats, pushing it sideways.

I mean this is exactly why we orchestrated the shot like this, because we wanted to kind of push up against the limits of a cinema. So i want to break out the 5 inch drone with the ducks and see if it can handle any better im concerned. Its still just going to be blowing around yeah, hopefully the up in power will be able to compensate for the the wind blowing. The ducks around hopefully well see all right all right, so we got the five inch ducted drone, and this is my first time flying it and it is locked in oh, my god way, better way way better. So im gon na go a little higher to make sure, but i do not even see any bobbles looks like a mavic shot, which is what our goal is right. Oh, okay, so whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa yeah, so its not quite a five inch. One thing i notice on this: is it drifts a little more okay uh, maybe because it has more power um. So even when i drop the throttle, it seems to wan na well, i dont see a whole lot of bobbling, though no bobbles thats for sure so thats good, oh yeah, okay, that felt good, so its weird it doesnt drop it doesnt have that weight. Im thinking. I need to compensate Music yeah nope nope, okay die. If that was uh unshrouded five inch, i would have been freaking out.

If that was, if it didnt have the ducks, i would have been freaking out, uh yeah yeah i was like i was in control. The whole time, oh sure, sure here ill give it one one last try dive in the building Music coming down onto the dive. Okay, this is way better Music, oh yeah. Now i can so he wasnt able to like get away like he was last time. Okay, so youre able to keep up really well yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, yeah yeah. I like this all right, well, im happy! Here we go here. We go Music if we went through kind of categorically some performance measurements like high altitude. When you were up there, the cinework was all over the place right. This was locked in yeah when you were chasing me as i was speeding off its way easier with this. It was a lot easier to catch up to you. So if there was any instance where you were, you know uh getting ahead of me, then i was able to just close that gap a lot faster. On the flip side, when you were in tight spaces, the cinewook definitely was easier to maneuver. You were complaining about the fact that this was a little bit more bobbly indoors than the cinework was. I think this is moving more air right, so when youre in the tight space, its kind of more subject to getting kind of blown around by its own stuff right, yeah and its got the extra weight as well its not that youre lacking any confidence its just.

You know youre working the throttle a little bit more to try to keep a steady height, which is like the opposite of what happens with the center loop right like outside, like so the center with outside youre struggling to maintain that height, because its getting knocked around A little bit, whereas this one was locked in it, felt more like close to a five inch than a than a cinewoop and was able to smoothly maneuver. Without you know the the vertical play because of you know, trying to adjust the throttle to compensate. I feel like in freestyle category like if you were to just freestyle them both. I definitely think this one had the advantage yeah. I think this wins compared to the cinema, but if you compare this to an actual five inch, you know i mean not even close, not even close so like this addresses kind of like a very like narrow, specific need exactly, but i do think that there are Studios i mean weve built these for a few studios that we work with and they love this thing. There are certain shots that they do, where kind of getting those just little advantages of having more wind resistance, being able to fly higher, fly outside and have higher speeds, while also being shrouded. I mean there are some shoots where the client just says: hey its our requirement that you have to have prop guards and they still want you to chase a car when youre hired to do a job, thats kind of the clients prerogative, if thats, what theyre comfortable With like you, you need to meet their needs, so in that case i mean this works really well for that, when we had that uh that wall bonk and this thing kind of flipped out and you know, shot toward me – you disarmed, it was no.

You did everything, fine, you disarmed and even if it was an unshrouded five inch, i would have been fine because you disarmed the prop stopped. But seeing it come at me and knowing that i had the prop guards, i did feel a lot more comfortable, which is exactly why we were using this. So in those very specific cases where you need kind of those compromises great option its a great option. So i think we will carry these ducks and if you guys want to experiment with this yourself, you can get a set of these for not all that much throw them on a 5 inch quad. You already have yeah. Try it out see what you think. I mean if youre a professional and youre in the business. This is a very small investment to have in your arsenal when youre, considering how expensive your shoots are – and you know, youve got all these things in your arsenal. Just in case you need them, cant hurt or if youve already got a five inch that you want to convert right like you, dont want to fully invest in buying a sin, whoop and youre just getting started. This is a great way to get in and if you do like it, then maybe you do end up building wholesome warper, buying cinnamon whip. Whatever right, i think we got some pretty cool shots. You made me look really good speeding off. I hope you guys had a good time if you enjoyed this video hit the thumbs up.