Well start from that side, so this is the whoop section and uh well well start with this one. This is the beta fpv 75 x, hd hd, because it can record a 1080p video on an sd card, its actually pretty alright um whoop type drone. It uses 3s batteries and this one this exact one, is a crossfire version. This was bought to be used on a tv show, but this whole thing happened. The production stopped and i never had the chance to actually use it for the purpose it was bought. I have flown it a few times its its all right. It captures all right video, its not the best, but it was just enough for the type of footage i would have to capture for that tv show. This is the iashin de65. Its a 2s drone uses two 1s batteries, and actually this is one of my favorite tiny whoop drones, because it actually has quite a lot of power for the small size, and this is also a crossfire version, and the range is pretty good. I, like the power of it, you can get quite decent speed out of it and you can do all sorts of flips and rolls and and like you can do freestyle flying with it its a fun little drone, its so small, so light. Yet it uses 2s. Like two 1s batteries, a fun little tiny, indoor and also outdoor drone, because it can withstand some outdoor winds and stuff, so its all right, hey whats up cat.

How are you doing this? Is my favorite whoop drone, its amazing? I have this 3d printed gopro mount. It came with a small 4k mount with a small size of it, its quite powerful. It can lift a full sized gopro hero 10.. It does feel like a tank when its flying a full size, gopro 10, but it still cant handle it. It can fly up to two min two to three minutes with a full size gopro. I really enjoy it its almost perfect, its so small it can fit through places. You can get these really cool cinematic shots with it and well. The perfect combination with this drone is this with the action too, because action 2 is so much lighter without the screen module or battery module, which one do you have with just the camera mounted here, its uh like really really good, and if you want to get This mount, i have the link in the description for it, so if you want to get it go check it out, but yeah this. This is my favorite cine whoop drone now its time to move on to our middle segment and well start with the smallest one. This is the iflight baby, nazgul nano its a 1s tiny, tiny freestyle drone, and i just like it for the size of it. I even had the insta360 go 2 mounted on top of here and i was able to fly around one minute with it, but without the camera, its definitely much more much more fun because you can do all sorts of kinds of flips and rolls and everything.

So this is my custom built five inch, drone that i dont use very often because i tend to break it from time to time, Music and then i bring it to my friend to fix it, because i did not build it myself and i have this friend Of mine who, who builds them – and he built this for me – it uses 6s batteries, its quite very powerful, and it has these mr steely ethics motors that are quite powerful. I dont remember the specs of it, but theyre very powerful. It goes very quickly and sounds very frightening, now its time to go to the dji drones, so this is probably my favorite fpv drone. I personally really really like this drone. This drone made me feel safe flying fpv because its my opinion, one of the safest, fpv drones. There is because, if you lose the signal, it just stops in air and comes back, and i know that you can build a drone that does that, but they are not as reliable as the as a dji drone, and it was my first time experiencing a digital Uh system and i got to say that this digital system is like very high quality. You can. The image you see and and the flight experience visually is very pleasing. Yes, its quite heavy, yes, its, not the most powerful drone and yes, its, not the most durable drone. There are so many videos and posts on internet about it being broken after crashing lightly, although i have crashed it lightly.

This is the still the same drone. I havent even changed the propellers. I changed them only because i lost one. I still have those and theyre not broken its um. I have been very careful with it, although i have been getting also some pretty amazing and cool shots with it flying through places, but uh yeah. I just have been quite careful with it, and i have had only the best experience with this fpv drone. I always feel the safest with this one, although i also do feel safe with this one because of the ducts and everything. If, even if you crash it, theres a really small chance of it breaking now its time to go to the regular drones. So this is the dji mini 2, an excellent, tiny, tiny gps, regular drone that can capture 4k video and its just excellent. A small size lightweight feels like a toy, looks like a toy sounds like a toy but captures video that can be used professionally. Next we have. This is the mavic air 2.. I got this actually quite recently, just because i had these anamorphic filters for for the mavic air 2.. They give you these amazing lens flares. It gives you a quite wider field of view, but now that the mavic 3 has an anamorphic filter, i think i will have to sell this one or i dont know maybe the air 2s. I just think i have just a little bit too many drones here.

I dont want to keep them all. I like the hdr mode, thats. Actually one of my favorite things about this one is the hdr mode, its uh, its quite insane. Actually what you can get out of this thing and um. In most cases, the hdr mode looks incredible. If you know how to cut your videos before the hdr is adjusting itself, then this this video can look incredible and the dji air 2s uh, possibly the best price performance drone. There is its not very big its its actually quite small also does have these sensors, but i wouldnt rely on sensors. I would actually turn them off because they tend to mess up the shots. If you are flying really close to things, quality you can get out of this thing is like really really good, and now, for the final drone i have is the mavic 3. This is not the cine version. This is just the mavic 3, the regular one. We got it with the fly more combo why i did not get the cine version, because i dont care for the prores. I saw a comparison almost the same as prores. The sensor is insane its big. It can handle quite low light scenarios. The dynamic range is insane. I love it, its a very powerful drone, very good for some professional work. Although i was hoping that the seven times zoom camera will be better but well, it is what it is.

Also, im insanely happy for this drone because it got itself a anamorphic lens. So now the mavic 3 also has anamorphic lenses uh by ulanzi. They work really. Well. You have these amazing lens flares, the wider field of view im. Actually thinking of do. I need the mavic air 2 now do i need it? Probably. No probably i dont need it, but then again its a smaller drone. I could use it in a scenario where i couldnt use this one. If there would be one um so yeah, i still have to think of what to sell, because i have to sell something i dont want to keep it all. So the question is which one of these i use the most the dj fpv mavic 3, the power 30 and well. Actually, i havent been using the air to s. I have been using air too. The dji is sitting in the shelf, use it rarely so yeah. Basically, these three drones is what i use the most uh for indoor type fun stuff. I usually go for the eachine d65, this one i havent flown for a half a year for more than a half a year. This one i fly from time to time, but also not very often because its more of a beginner type drone and this one is a bit more agile, and this one is also waiting for its. I dont know what, but i dont use it. So the dj fpv, the power 30 and the mavic 3.

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