Now, if you have a question drop me an email at dawndroneson, and you may see it answered in a future video, so the first two questions today are related to bystanders hi don. I have one question with an advanced certification. How close can i fly to people who are directly involved in the operation, specifically with a phantom 4 pro during a wedding? Can i fly over people? Thank you. Clearly. This person does know about bystanders based on the phrasing of the question, but lets cover that element. First, transport canada defines a bystander as a person near a drone operation who is not directly involved in that operation. You need to stay 30 meters horizontally away from bystanders if you have your basic license and five meters away from bystanders. If you have your advanced license – and this is important – your drone is on the safety certified list – you can only fly closer than five meters horizontally, including right over a person. If your drone is certified for flying over people – and very few, are the phantom 4 pro is certified for flying near people, that five meters, but not any closer than that? Okay? But what does involved in the operation mean, first of all, the drone pilot and anyone in their crew, such as a visual observer, are not considered bystanders. They are obviously directly involved and you can happily fly right over their heads and people who are who are being filmed by a drone know that theyre being filmed understand the risks and have indicated consent are also involved in the operation.

So the same thing, they are not bystanders, so you can fly near them and right over their heads if you want, but you need to be very careful. Did everyone in the wedding party agree to this? Were they intoxicated when you asked them? Did they have an opportunity to leave the vicinity now? Legally? I suppose you could have everyone sign a waiver or you could keep it simple. Keep your drone well back from the crowd and honestly, five meters isnt really very far, and dont fly right over people. Keep it safe better yet enjoy yourself at the wedding and leave the drone at home. My second question today is also about bystanders. Is a person in a car a bystander okay? This is yet another subtlety about bystanders. A person in a building or a covered vehicle is not even really considered to be at the operation. Essentially, they are protected as long as they stay in the building or vehicle. So a person in a car, a covered car is not a bystander and you can assuming youre doing everything else safely, of course fly near them or over them. But you know were probably talking about cars on roads and, of course, there could also be motorcycles on the road or cyclists or people driving convertibles. For that matter. Those people are not protected and would be considered bystanders which, of course, you need to stay clear of, and you need to be flying in such a manner that you dont introduce a distraction to the drivers on the road as well.

So if youre inclined to fly near or over a roadway, please be very careful and better yet stay well back from the road and be considerate and speaking of vehicles. We come to question number three hi don. Can i fly a drone to film myself while riding a bicycle? Well, thats, an interesting one. A couple of things come to mind here. First of all, regulation 901.3 says that you cant fly a drone while operating a moving vehicle vessel or manned aircraft, but is a bicycle of vehicle. Well, according to the canadian motor vehicle safety act, a bicycle is not a vehicle because that act excludes things powered by muscular power alone, but the ontario law, just as one example, is exactly the opposite and explicitly includes muscular power in the definition of a vehicle. So clearly, whether or not a bicycle is a vehicle depends on where you live. It is a vehicle in ontario, for example, but, more importantly, it doesnt really matter whether its a vehicle or not. You need to be flying your drone with your full attention. Your wits about you and keeping the drone in visual line of sight, can you do that and ride a bicycle? At the same time? Probably not, and if you use a follow me feature to track your bike, it. That kind of feature is considered an autonomous form of operation covered by rule 901.32, which says that you must be able to take immediate control of the drone at all times and again, this is unlikely if youre biking, so my recommendation, if you really want footage of Yourself on your bicycle: have someone else, fly the drone and keep yourself and the drone safe? Well there we have it three more interesting questions and answers related to people and drones in canada.

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