This thing is pretty simple: it flaps, open and all the magic is inside. The magic is inside guys, look at this lens thats in here, whoa thats, it im using android, so its usbc, you just plug it right in boom, good to go close the flap bring the zipper right up, bring the zipper right up and that locks it in Place got the mini 2 controller over here powered up already. I just pulled the plug out the original plug and just popped the other end of the cable. In there you got to get the right, cable, ill leave links in the description section for all the different types of cable, depending on what type of phone you have, because this does not come with the cable. Now my phone has the fingerprint unlock on the front built into the screen, so that makes unlocking easier if you have a coat or whatever you can punch it in. Hopefully your fingerprints, not on the back, but i think most of the new phones have the fingerprint built in. I just take off the lock on your phone and then you see how hot the sun is. Its like. I cant even see my screen properly. The sun is just you could see the reflection of the sun. Here, click the dji fpv app open it up. Once you got video, you close it up, zip it back up theres a little button like a knob under here that you can twist to loosen you loosen it up.

So, if youre not seeing well, you can either slide it in like that or slide it out. Until you get the best possible image, so thats really cool that its adjustable. You might think. Oh, this is big and its just extending out. I dont feel the weight primarily because my phone is light, but if you have a really heavy phone, then thats the only time you really feel the weight im using a oneplus 8t, its not an old phone, its not a new phone either, but it gets the Job done so im gon na adjust mine here to where i see clearly just forget the whole fpv thing, its just not being bothered by the hot sun, its just amazing. I got my spotter here right. I got spotters all around. I got charlie and i got a whole bunch over here, so i dont want to hear about no spotters, okay, sticks down and then to start push left. Stick up. You got a nice clean image. Inside of here you can fly between trees and stuff. You get that fpv feeling real nice here we go see if we can fly between here, wow nice – i like it here, we go very nice wow. You want some cinematics in your life gosh. This mini 2 is a champ boy, its a champ. You can open up the goggles easily, you dont have to punish to pull the phone out or anything, and you can make whatever adjustments you want in your screen, zipper back and youre good to go.

So what i want to do is go into fpv mode, but i hit the three dots at the top right and then ill come into control. I think it is to switch it to fpv mode, so you can switch it to fpv mode, but what you can also do on the controller you can double tap see. I have it here, set double tap the function button to go in fpv, so i dont even have to take off the goggles. Now i can double tap the function button to jump between fpv mode and standard mode, depending on. If i want cinematics or not so lets, try that out, we have follow fpv on double tap. Lets, go back to the main screen, easy, quick, zip, nice flip it on nice and easy to use easy functional. This is it. This is your all. In one fpv experience here, i will double tap this button at the top left and now that will put me in fpv mode. This is as close or as good as it gets. If you want that fpv experience without spending the fpv money there we go is that a line whoa go on to that line. Whoa yep there we go wow whoa whoa almost hit that tree whoa, keep it down guys. We keep it down. All right am i in i was in cinematic mode. Let me go in standard mode. Oh theres me. I could fly right over me.

There we go. You see how the screen kind of tilts now its like thats as real as fpv as youre gon na get. I like it, can i go through this? Oh whoa. Do not do this, should your mini two i always get carried away so yeah and um yeah nice all right go into regular mode, double tap to go back into regular gimbal, which is better for landing. How close am i okay, pretty close? The little mini that could lets go, try it out on the skydio next open it up, select the skydio app on your phone and the same cable that works for the mini 2, actually works with the skydeal, which is usbc to usbc, plug it into the back. Here, boom thats, it turn on your skydio drone. This doesnt have an fpv mode as far as i know where the where the camera just locks and it tilts with the drone cant take off with the sticks. Like you, cant pull the sticks down and out. You have to hit the launch button on the screen and you hold it and the drone takes off there. You go the drones right behind us over there somewhere once the drones taken off you close up. I like this, the easy, zip kind of a thing now the skydeal has this turbo button right. There you hold this down, it goes into turbo mode and even in turbo mode, it has full obstacle avoidance turbo inside, like you can fly this drone like its not going to crash even in turbo mode.

You could push it. Oh, it pushed over the fence. Im gon na full throttle into myself. I want to see what its gon na do. All right were pretty low here lets full throttle, whoa whoa. This drone is sick, ive, never seen obstacle avoidance like this. In my life whoa come on x. You can hit yourself. You can do it. Do it flat out im. Even pushing down lets go sideways. Oh man. This thing just refuses to hit me thats. It im done im done only way to land, it is to hit the button again. You got ta unzip and then just hit land press and hold it and itll land, and you dont have to worry about the skydio. It finds its way in lens im, going to try to get some nice cinematic footage out of this, because this one has the best camera out of the three, at least for cinematics im, actually using the same cable for all three drones. So all we need to do is plug it in right here and bam, and my phone carries usbc. So its like a perfect match power on the drone. You can have the setting that boots the drone right up to the screen, so the screen appears right away and then you dont really need to do anything. You dont really need to touch anything on this. You just zip it up. You pop it on right when im doing cinematics, i always like to readjust there you go.

I could see clearly here and then we take off autel doesnt make a smart controller yet for this uh particular drone, so flying in the hot days. Unless you have a a phone that can you know, get really bright, you want to make sure your settings are in normal before you put it. If you got to keep jumping through settings like if youre in pro mode, obviously you have to take off the goggles theres, a nice shot with the poles and the lamp poles and freeze and the playground and stuff like that, there we go wow. That was close. I said i dont want to fly too crazy, but fpv. When i go into this fpv experience. I just naturally end up flying close to things there. You go theres a nice shot beautiful. This is a nice shot. You got people walking boats over there, trees very nice above the tree, love it cruising on a sunny afternoon, so this is great for getting cinematic shots too. This drone also has fbv mode, but i wont i wouldnt use it for that love it nice. That was great what an experience as long as you got a good phone and you get yourself this pair of goggles youre all set. I highly recommend this. I really like it its comfortable its easy to use the zipper type technology was really simple and seamless. The adjustability on the goggles to allow you to focus whether youre wearing glasses or not.

Oh, you got on glasses, too yep im putting it on with the glasses and and it fit perfect wow. Well, i literally could see the string on the kite. I got that closed. That is interesting, wow. What this is the problem? No like a vampire yeah yeah when you yeah thats another thing: when you take you come out of there and youre exposed to sunlight yeah wow. You feel like a vampire, literally its too much its just an all wrong good package and announced much cheaper alternative than buying something like a dji, fpv or buying and building a fpv, its a great way to touch base to get used to flying with goggles. On so when you do make that transition its a lot simpler and something that youre used to already. Let me know in the comment section what you guys think youre gon na pick this up, you like it youre scared to fly fbv. Well, make sure you give this video a huge thumbs up, make sure you hit subscribe and hit the bell to get notified when i release more uh videos with drones, im working on a hyperlapse uh class for my patrons and ill have my lutz for sale too. So if youre big on cinematics and youre looking for luts im working on them, guys be a little patient theyre all coming out soon. With that being said, i will catch you guys whenever i can make sure you become a patreon guys, big benefits to patreon get direct access to me.