So i can show you that in a little bit so heres the ipad and if you im pointing the camera, you know straight, so you can kind of see the quality of it. So ill throw some images as well in here, but i just want to show you the lag times so pointing out the ipad, pointing it away pointing at the ground, not that much lag so really doable. Like i said, the camera is nothing spectacular, but uh. We will ill give you some shots of it later so lets just start flying and there it goes, as you can see, im just tilting this ipad back and forth and thats how im flying this drone its a beautiful day out here, nice nice park that i Found so um, you know im literally just its altitude hold im, not even adjusting it. Um like bring this there. It is Music, so i am doing this all with one hand, so bear with me on the controls, because i could not figure out how to attach this camera to my head as of right now, but look at that. You know you can just see a nice little drone right there very stable um. You know im just like using the gyroscopes on my ipad, so uh real, quick ill, just show you how this works. So watch me tilt this way. There goes the ipad. I mean there goes. The drone watch me tilt this way.

There goes a drone that way im gon na tilt. It back bring it back into view and im gon na tilt it forward and its gon na go away from us, and then i bring it back here. So we can all see it really easy to control guys. I would like highly recommend if this is, if youre thinking about buying this as your first drone, this actually might be one of the better purchases. You know its a pocket drone, definitely im learning how to fly still so im, not the best, but this is very easy to control, especially with altitude hold. Alright guys. I can fly it around a little bit more again, sorry for the shaky video and lets just try to bring that back to us, nice and smooth.