So externally they look the same. If you were to pick the two of them up, you’re going to notice that the x1 max is a little bit heavier, the reason being is inside this x1 max is more hardware inside the x1 max you’re going to find a backup battery. So you have backup power for three to four hours if the device is unplugged, you’re also going to find a bluetooth chip for future use and you’re also going to find the ability to work as a hardwired device or a serial device, and then like. I said it has an extra port for future use with the other device, so with an x1 max, if you’re going to use this as a hardwired device, so a standalone. What you’re going to use is one of the following options for harnesses you’re, either going to use the obd harness which we provide, or you can order as a separate part or you’re going to use a 10 pin black connector. This one happens to be from an alca, however, we also provide a fully pinned standard 10 pin connector to plug into the device, so these are required for a hardwired installation. The device has to be powered through the 10 pin black port. If you don’t power, this device, through the black 10 pin port it’s, going to assume that you’re plugged into a brain and it’s going to revert to serial mode, which means it’s going to look for data to data communication, not a standalone application.

So when this is done, you can just go ahead and plug in your obd, harness to the 10 pin connector on the drone and, while you’re doing a typical installation. What you’re going to do is you’re going to power the drone up and then you’re going to wait three to five minutes. Typically after powering the drone. Until you see a solid red led you’ll notice instantly as soon as you plug it in you’re, going to see a solid red led after about 30 seconds you’re going to see this red led will begin to flash twice and then pause twice and then pause and Searching for service at that point, once you see that twice and then pause and searching for service that’s when you have to wait for that solid red led. So once you see the solid red led, then you can move on to the activation portal and move through the steps of activation on that portal. So, with an x1 max, you have a few inputs and outputs, so we have one pic which is a programmable input, which would be your pink wire. This is used for an input trigger on the device itself if you’re in standalone mode. We also have three programmable outputs, the most important of which is the blue wire, which is poc3, which is default for starter, kill, which is used in many standalone operations and applications where you would connect this to your relay to trigger the relay for your starter, kill The other wire that’s very important on this hard wire harness is the green wire.

The green wire is your ignition input, so this wire is looking for a positive ignition source in the vehicle to tell the device when the vehicle is on and when it is off. This device can read ignition over, can no pun intended. However, we do recommend highly that you do connect a hardwired ignition input to the device. So, as an aside included in the box is going to be this two pin harness this is meant only for. Can bus communication for future use, so this is not adequate for a hardwired application. You have to order either the obd2 harness the standard wire harness that we make that’s fully pinned or you can use this harness, which is a leftover harness from an alca that fits perfectly in the plug on the drone it’s, the 10 pin harness and you’ll notice. The diagram that we have printed out here shows the difference between the standard harness and the alca harness with the color comparisons. You can also find this document in the file section on our first tech tech feed page. So this is the x1 lte device again. That comes packaged in our bundles and our rf kits, which is meant for data to data communication with the brain, so it’s meant to be configured and used directly connected to a brain using the four pin, gray, cable that comes in the box. However, seeing how we’re so fantastic at first tech we’ve made it so you can use this drone as a standalone as well, so you can take this device you’ll notice.

It also has a 10 pin black port and use it as a standalone tracking device. If you need to the only thing with this drone versus the x1 max is, this does not have any functional outputs or inputs, so it’s just for power ground ignition for tracking purposes.