So today we will be reviewing the drone x pro i got for my birthday, so it is known as a pocket drone um it has a full hd camera wi fi connect a bunch of good stuff, uh films at 720p, so let’s take a look inside. So first thing you’ll find in the box is obviously a beautiful carrying case, which honestly is one of my favorite carrying cases. I have seen on a drone, so the first thing you’ll find in the box is obviously the drone, which honestly is a lot smaller than i thought it was going to be um. If you have not seen the resemblance between this drone and another one called the dji, mavic they’re basically twins this one’s, just a smaller clone next thing, you’ll find is the remote which is honestly basically the same as the dji mavic 2 has a nice little thing To hold your phone, because this thing does actually come with an app where you can use the camera on the front, which is a 720p camera, got nice little antennas and it’s super duper compact next thing, you’ll find in the box is actually the propeller guard. So these will help you, for, if you bump against the wall um, it will like save your propellers basically, but if something is to happen, it does come with extra propellers and a screwdriver to take them off. It also does come with instructions and a charger. So pretty useful now i would say to read the instructions before mostly check out the um, how like the remote layout is and everything because it took me a while to learn that and everything as you can see from right here i tell people how to learn All about the remote and stuff that’s everything showing you about the app and what the thing uses and then the rest of it’s in chinese, because uh it’s from china, but um yeah, so that’s enough of the box let’s go ahead and look at the beautiful drone.

So obviously, as you can see, it’s super duper compact. Let me just get everything out of the way super duper compact now. My favorite feature of this drone is obviously how it opens. As you can see, it kind of opens like um like an x, which i really do like because um when you close it. Obviously it um it’s, really tiny, and i really do like that because it really does show that it could fit in your pocket um. But yeah it’s, just a beautiful nice little drone doesn’t have the sensors as the main mavic, but just take a good look at it and and it has the stripes and everything just like the mavic. So let me just take these things off that um Music came with the drone which helped to close the propellers, as you can see, it’s actually, two propellers per motor, which helps with obviously stability and everything now, obviously, tiny drone tiny battery, which i thought was crazy About this battery is that the charger actually plugs in on the side, instead of actually on the drone, like the actual dji mavic does, which i think is actually pretty crazy. That does that super duper tiny fits anywhere. You could just plug it in via usb or you could put a wall block to it or while brick and uh yeah it charges up your battery for you and um yeah super duper nice, so anyways let’s put the battery in the drone again now.

Let’S actually move everything out of the way, because you’re actually gon na need a device to um set up this drone. So i’ve got my ipad over here, i’m gon na go ahead, go to the app store. The app is called jp pro i’m, pretty sure, um, really good app or no jy ufo um. So since i already had to download it on my phone i’m, just gon na download it on my ipad, as you guys can see here, very nice, quick download and the drone connects through um wi fi, so you’ll obviously have to go to your settings and boot Up the drone first, then, the wi fi should show up, as you can see from what i’m doing here. Drone has some nice little cool lights at the front too, and a cool light at the top and a red light at the back. So it actually sorry for blinding you guys there um, but it actually blinks telling you that’s in pairing mode now the drone is going to be called the wi fi 720p and then like a bunch of numbers at the end, showing you the model of the drone. Now that just going to keep blinking until you connect to the app which is going to automatically connect the drone which you’re going to see the front as you can see, it’s showing whatever’s on the front of the drone, because there’s a tiny little camera on the Front sorry, if you’re blinding you guys there again um, but the drone actually keeps flaking, because you actually need to turn on the remote to get the drone working so there’s another nice little setup for the drone.

Let me move it over here, nice little setup for the drone got ta get the antennas out. First, all you have to do is turn it on then put the dials to the right bottom right corner up and down and then, as you can see, the blinking has stopped. The drone is armed uh. Now it blinks because it realizes that the it’s not straight on the ground, but uh yeah, as you can see, jumps really. Nice um controller fits pretty good in my hand, uh yeah that’s for the phone and everything, but since i’m, using my ipad, don’t really need that and uh yeah now i’m gon na close everything up, because i got ta get a good look at this drone. For you guys, let me turn off the drone. Real quick, just got ta hold the button and turn it off and uh. Let me clean everything and i’m gon na show you guys a nice little clip of the drone. First, let me go ahead and show you guys with the um protection it’s, actually like really weird, to see it with the protection, because when you see the main drone, it looks really cool and it doesn’t really come with a protection but um yeah. I just decided to put it on just so. You guys can see what it looks like and if you guys are interested in this drone now i don’t actually specifically have the website for this drone, since i did get it for my birthday.

So i have no idea what website my mom and dad got it from, but um yeah, as you can see, it’s already starting to look a little weird if you have seen the actual drone in real life, which i have it’s actually like double the size. Maybe even triple the size of this drone um, which is pretty insane to be honest, so it’s just a little bit of um persuasion and the protection should fit as you can see and uh the because i was like looking for it. So i um the only reason you guys can actually see all of this because there’s a huge wooden pole between my legs.